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Monday, February 28, 2005

was trying really hard to study.. bleah dunno whats the stupid thing about independent events and mutally exclusive events X__X

Anyway read something very worthwhile in my classmate's blog =P

You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.
You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.

Change has a considerable psychological impact on the human mind.
To the fearful it is threatening because it means that things may get worse.
To the hopeful it is encouraging because things may get better.
To the confident it is inspiring because the challenge exists to make things better.

For the lesson is not always carried in the words of men. You see, many believe that the nature of the universe is to hide itself from mortal eyes. That we must search and meditate upon all around us to see and grasp the simple truth that is enlightenment. However, perhaps the answers are being told to us all the time and we have just forgotten how to hear them.

I think the last quote is sort of the most meaningful I guess we just have to fall and fall till we get our things right =X and maybe sometimes hearing advice is useless because humans just fail to acknowledge the truth and live in denial ..
WE need to go through it..
Yup life is cruel.
but I like the sanity of life at times.^^

Anyway so thankful to my past exs. now i have a happy life ^^
Heh heh WW was right in breaking up with me. =D

8:52 PM

Hmmz.. felt that i had been too evil these days.
Shall go back to my angelic ways LOL.

Maybe I should chill.
It's hard being a hUman at times.
When you are too nice you get taken advantage of. Like what Val say in her blog..

But i guess I rather be taken advantage of at times than be evil.
Life is just too tiring when i think too much.
Okies. I shall have nice thoughts of everyone and be nice to everyone =D

Just in case GOd was offended when i was my Evil Ling..
*crushes the Devil's fork*

Ha Ha =P

Erm. By the way before I forget.. I dreamt about Xiaxue yesterday which was pretty weird cos I haven been reading her blog and looking at her narcisstic pictures on it these days... SO why did I dream of her?! 0.0 And in the dream she was like a new, cool friend of mine but we were chatting about stuff... LOlz.. Maybe Something is trying to indicate to me to go read her blog. lol

After scanning through her blog.. of comments on her being an ambassador of some brand.. scolding complaining about some guy ... freaked out from Valentine's Day from kissing couples... Expletives all over.. I finally saw one topic which seem well interesting =)

It was about how some girls act all slutty around guys but have no regard for the their female pals.. I have to agree there are such girls who behave like this but luckily I tend to "dissociate" myself with someone who potrays such behaviour..

Either they are way too desperate for attention. or Like what Xiaxue said...*ahem.. dun want to elaborate.. is kinda rude =X"

Oh well.. I guess some girls are just lonely and maybe deep beneath all the make up and dressy clothes, they feel inferior? maybe that is why they seek for so much attention.

LOl.. she mention one point about guys being oblivious to this fact that some girls act like so friendly, super girly... to them but was completely like ice with girls?
Lolz.. guys... HOrmones =X I guess we can only blame god yah =X

And listen up... If you want to make a point being extra nice to guys all whinney and sweet.. make sure you are that sweet to your gal counterparts too. If not you might just end up on on the HATE list of your every gal friend.

I used to have a close friend who had the "FLIRT" title condemmed to her cause basically she strikes a conversation with every guy she meets up in class and Yah she is kind of touchy laughs a lot .. But I have always defended her in front of my other friends when they talk behind her because she treats girls nice too.. I have always thought they were unfair to judge her because they do not know her well enough..

Geesh talking about judging People.. I think I judge people too early at times now.. maybe i should take a back seat. I should just judge myself =X I dun want to turn into a horrid Wendy... >.< I want my soul to remain CLEAN lol...

And yah by the way I am not a christian. ^^

10:04 AM

Sunday, February 27, 2005

You Are Sensual Sexy

You exude a luxiourous sensuality in your everyday lifeTurning heads every where you go, it's all about your sexy attitude.You're naturally hot - gorgeous in both sweats and stilettos.Your biggest problem is that your utra sexy self sometimes scares men away. What Kind of Sexy Are You? Take This Quiz :-)
Find the Love of Your Life (and More Love Quizzes) at Your New Romance.

Ha Ha =P got this from my classmate's blog =D

You Are the Girl Next Door!

You're caring, warm, and the girl that nice guys want to marry.Uncomplicated and simple, you've got an easy going attitude guys love.But this doesn't mean you're dull - far from it!You're a great conversationalist, and you're an expert at living the good life.

What Kind of Girl Are You? Take This Quiz :-)

Find the Love of Your Life (and More Love Quizzes) at Your New Romance.

X__X really?!

10:01 AM

What kind of a girlfriend/boyfriend are you?
Favourite Color
You are sexy and keep them coming back for more
When your g/f-b/f thinks you are perfect
Your g/f-b/f thinks your kiss is like a warm sugar that makes them want more
This cool quiz by xbutterfly96x - Taken 155767 Times.
New - COOL Dating Tips and Romance Advice!

9:07 AM

Oh well.. Maybe I had a few erratic moods these days =\ Pms?
I am sincerely apologising to the one who had "heart attacks" while I was in my other weird self =/ *hugs*

Did not meant too.. but was previously exposed to too many sad experiences and i guess my heart had somehow became defensive =\ I want to say more but you should know how i feel about things =) Maybe I do care that's why I worry.

And i Guess I am complicated =( I dun really know myself at times. ToO much of things had happened and caused me to be a complex girl ha ha. Yeah I enjoy simple fun =P But when it comes to thinking maybe I think a lot. Really. But maybe alcohol caused me to think less.. haha Brain damage.... = /

Oh well enough of my nonsense. =P I guess I should just be contented that things are like this now? =P Yah I am a lucky ger to have my life like this ^^

Anyway I went out yesterday with yandao =P
We ate and ate X__X
A very nice sushi buffet at Lot 1. I guess the salmon and swordfish is yummy. SO were the fried Soft shell crabs, octopus, tofu =D~ Yah and we had Chawa Mushi.. the steamed egg? =P

Oh.. sinful = But i enjoyed the delicious meal =P

And later we went on to CLementi @@ to have a few rounds of arcade! Was kinda crowded.. But we managed to play a few games =P too bad My crazy Taxi Machine spoil le =~( Cannot play =
Afterwards.. we headed onto Orchard.. Had a nice bus trip there ^^

Was at Devil's Bar around 11? =P I did not drink much.. guess our resolution was to stop clubbing and not drink =X. Yeah Alcohol is so fat. Girls should take my advice and drink less of it. You can become much slimmer without all the alcoholic content.

Hmm free entry before 9 =P woOoo.. The songs were okie.. They had a dj who can remix Rnb genre songs to dance and techno kind of songs haha 0.0"

I had fun dancing with yandao =P anyway With him it's fun always and nice ^^
Yeah =p We did not stay too long.. we were 2 zombies le.. guess we did not really have much rest durin the week before...

Was home around one plus =P and was hugging my cute sleepy eeyore in my dreams.. ^^

8:21 AM

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Sagittarius in Love
Love is wonderful for many, but it's a bit of an enigma for the Archer. What, after all, is love? To libidinous Sagittarians, love is often sex, plain and simple. These straight-shooters want a partner who is a mental and physical equal, yet one who understands "love" on their terms. This means mutual independence and an ability for each partner to do, and be, exactly what they want. Love can be hard for the Archer, since a fear of intimacy often swirls around them. For this reason, a friendship first is often the best way to encourage a love relationship with these folk. If this can be achieved, it's splendor between the sheets.

Sagittarius and Romance
The game of love is a straight ahead affair for the Archer, one where the rules are laid down from the start. A good time is important to Sagittarians, so playful dates will be the right appetizer for this zesty lover. Those born under this sign are intuitive, and as a result, have a good sense of what and who they want. The one lucky enough to get in their sights is in for a wild time! Possibly the sexiest part of the game for the Archer is maintaining a sense of independence in the face of a blooming relationship -- there is nothing sexier for these folk. One possible exception might be honesty, which is often why a Sagittarian lover is also a best friend.

Sagittarius in Relationships
Mental fireworks will surely fly in a relationship with the Archer, for nothing seems worthwhile without them. This eagerness to learn can make for one very curious lover. Sagittarians love the idea of a companion, a friend/partner who can share in their quest for truth and knowledge. This relationship will be active and spirited, filled with adventures to faraway lands, as well as exotic fantasies in the bedroom. Traveling has never been more fun than with the Archer! This enthusiasm comes with a keen sense of loyalty for a deserving partner, but the Sagittarian's lover must be careful not to make the mistake of becoming boring or possessive. If so, they'll be vanquished from the lair (minor rifts, though, are gladly patched up in bed). The ideal Sagittarius soul mate is well-read on everything from Philosophy to Sex, and is not afraid to practice what they preach.

What Sagittarius Needs
A true friend who can go toe-to-toe with the discerning Archer, while not making any serious demands spells pure bliss as a partner. These independent souls also prize a lover who understands and embraces the value of alone time. Mental stimulation can be as exciting as the sexual kind for Sagittarians, and if conversation is honest and open, things will continue to develop and grow. An equal in the bedroom is also a delicious reward. Foreigners, or anyone fairly exotic, are often an irresistible lure to the Archer.


2:56 AM

Friday, February 25, 2005

Morbid thoughts.
Kidney failure. Or Diabetes.
Geesh I dun want to die of either.
It is so expensive to be suffering from either of these two.
I rather die from puking alcohol. :D
or maybe smoking?
I rather use my money on some worthy cause then burning it away.
yes I am stress
But i still have my brain on my head.

hating fats and fats and some stress in my school.
I still wanna live =(
I haven do so many things with you yet >.<
I dun think i want to die so young X__________X.

Anyway... I am starting not to like BL so much.. dun ask me why okies... I sacrifice my time to be their subject in their bloody project and each session of training is ard like 45 mins three times a week for THREE BLOODY months..

And guess what?! I think during ITP time still have to go back school be "TRAINED" FREAK LA. WHen i gave her the HUH?! must we? X__X??! besides our ITP confirm is from morning till night time one what... optical shops leh what you expect ..zzzzz

ANd she gave me the " BLack face" attitute.. geesh I know your project is tedious BUT FOR GOD's SAKE. People sacrifice Their own personal time FOR YR PROJECT FOR nothing IN RETURN. AND YOU GIVE ME THAT FREAK FACE FOR WHAT. SHOULDN't I BE THE ONE SHOWING YOU THE FACE?! @^#%&@#&@^#%&

GEesh. Hao xin Mei hao Bao. NO wonder XY dun really like her bleah -.- Attitute Problem.

Okie just had sudden outburst. Too stressed up doing freaking BV report. zzz

Feeling a bit better after ranting out crap lolz...

*goOd Night*

1:22 AM

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Hmmz.. lolz.. just had a sleepy day =)

Anyway my friend sort of composed this on Msn while I was chopping trees in Maple world lolz... Hmm... not badly written.

dont have to stay with someone that makes u cry

u end up killing all the love u have inside

cant hope to see the sun if u dont open ur eyes

Sounds quite chimz.. lolz but I guess when i had love problems in the past he used to know bits and pieces maybe that's why he thought of writing this down haha.. =)

And seriously this advice is good.. to those who are very lost... maybe it is time you took a break from everything.. just chill and be yourself for the moment.. Maybe things will be better if you can let things relax a little while for now..

Life is seriously pretty... Much more then how we percieve it to be..

Haven you thought about it...
Whenever there are problems we just keep looking at them and the whole world just seems to become so dark you cannot even pull yourself out of this little black hole you created ......your view is hindered underneath the veil of shadow you created from the rest of the world..

No wonder we take things for granted.
Whatever is there we just dun know how to treasure it till it is gone.
Guess humans are sad creatures after all..
We just dun learn..

As for me... I am trying my best to appreciate the people and life i have now.. especially that one... =P
Well.. those closer to me should know what I am talking about ^^

I am no expert in life too and always been learning.
I have fell and fell and managed to get up somehow eventually..
so i hope my friends will be able to do the same too...
especially to B.. we all are just looking out for her...
Hope she realises everyone's care for her =)

ha ha so much for feeling melachony =|
I level up in maple 0.o

Here's a picture of me and Void =P

Finally I level up so I can wear nicer armour and take pictures with his cute mage!
The one below is me wearing the =| hat

ANd i toOk a picture with cute Junnie too =D Both of Us in bathrobe weee... lolz

Heh Heh.. and by the way I like Candies a lot even in Maple??! 0.0

Lolz... oh well.. i told you I am an immature kid in a 21 yr old fat body =X

8:47 PM

Oh Oh.. gers gers.. Yesterday i was feeling so hyper today i felt like a dead fish dunno where has all my motivation gone...

Dunno someimes feel that things are getting a bit dready at home.. dun want to elaborate..

Wanted to start studying but find myself slacking away.
Dun know what is wrong with me anyway.
Somehow lost a lot of motivation to do anything at all..

Maybe it's PMS. -.-"
Dunno time flies...
I still dun believe it going into year three so soon =| Then it is off to graduation and work .. not that I mind it
But everything is like flying I suddenly feel so out of place.
If only I can stop time.. for just a moment.
But i guess not.
Geesh I am starting to feel sleepy dots..

Maybe it is time to have a new plan and stick to it.
Since I have to go for the Neuro Vision every freaking Monday at 9am when my class starts at 1pm. I decided I can mug in the library while waiting for my class to start should be quite okie...

I dunno when exactly My exam starts but should be around third week of March? ha ha i Am guessing around the 20th I should be stressed to death by that time lolz.

Okies.. so
1) Jog! ( i dunno but maybe i should stick to jogging two times per week )
2) drink More water .. Less alcohol
3) start studying lol.

Anyway think my exam time table is coming out soon =
Cannot wait to fly away from horrid books.
Yes I am still an immature kid stuck in a 21 year old fat body =|

10:18 AM

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Today was quite an exciting day lolz..quite different from what i expected...from the usual long Tuesday...

Happen to hear latest news about my frined HN and her new Admirer.. so throughout the walk to school.. we were kinda like " tell me so what happen?"
heh heh..... =D

The guy so sweet sia.. it happen to be her ex bf ooohHHh and he actually sang her a song to proclaim his love for her :D he sang True by Ryan Cabrera.. oh my god I am hearing the song now the lyrics GOSH SO ROMANTIC :D LOLZ... You guys should check this song out if you haven't heard it yet.

I wont talk
I wont breathe
I wont move till you finally see
That you belong with me

You might think i dont look
But deep inside
In the corner of my mind
Im attached to you
Im weak
Its true
Cuz im afraid to know the awnsers
Do you want me too?
Cuz my heart keeps falling faster

Ive waited all my life
To cross this line
To the only thing thats true
So i will not hide
Its time to try
Anything to be with you
All my life ive waited
This is true

You dont know what you do
Everytime you walk into the room
Im afraid to move
Im weak
Its true
Im just scared to know the ending
Do you see me too?
Do you even know u met me?

Ive waited all my life to cross this line
To the only thing thats true
So i will not hide
Its time to try anything to be with you
All my life ive waited

This is true

I know when i go ill be on my way to you
The way thats true

Ive waited all my life to cross this line
To the only thing thats true
So i will not hide
Its time to try anything to be with you
All my life ive waited

This is true

It's so sweet lor.. Lolz HN is one Tao hua Yun gal =P got so many guys chasing after her recently heh heh....

And after all the commotion about her and her new admirer... Contact Lens fitting again... Lolz.. My cornea got scratched again.. almost had a chance to take a picture of it... but due to lack of time Mr R had no chance haha..

I think my cornea was scratched pretty badly.. Mrs Y was quite concerned and asked me not to go touch or rub my eye.. she said there was one cut quite deep.. but should be healed by tomorrow.. heh heh not going to risk anything... going to wear my ugly specs till they healed by Friday. 0.o"" At least that's what i think so for now :D

And i Managed to complete all the signatures needed for RGP lens practical Phew... Thought I couldn't make it in time... and I just realised my pract test marks were kinda low also maybe due to the fact my tester was Mr R... dunno leh but hear Mrs Y gave much higher marks =\ Lolz... Oh well never mind..

Then heard even more gossip... That ZX welcome competitors for HN damn funny lor lolz...Yah ZX from next class likes HN too weet weet... He gave her a bag of sweets with chocolates for Valentine's DAy heh heh....

Oh well.. the day ended quite well.. and after class we had a small project discussion =P we are going to do something about how Myopia can be caused by near work and the effects of it... heh heh should not bore you on the details =P

Anyway went home with B and the rest B seem kinda happy today =) I hope she will be okies.. guess she is lucky to have a crazy les AL with her =) Guess wounds heal with time yah... yup all we need is a little time..

By the way realised so many slim ladies around me this morning while going to school... finally feel the pressure of slimming down again geesh =(I just want to get rid of my fats =| I wonder do they dun eat or they work out like mad everyday... lolz.. i was admiring so many slim body ladies this morning...=X shh...

7:13 PM

Hehs Hehs..

Oh well..no mood to really sleep but will go soon.. was looking at past logs.. yes i am that bored.. then i realised last year i did not do very well on my tests too haha... A sign of comfort =\ Cos i did badly for my practical test on contact lens fitting =( kinda disappointed.. and my test today kinda sucked geesh..

Not such a good term after all =/

maybe I have been playing too much bah and study wise i did not do that much =|
Oh well this term sucked But next term i will Work harder!!

I guess all I can do now is to try my best le left like a few more weeks before my final exams come in.. and after that it is the holidays with ITP... should be happy la.. at least i got job during the holidays but with feaking low pay that's all.lol..

I finally talked to B on Msn... Seems like she is really sad ... all her entries on her blog were that saddening.. i feel so sad for her.. really wished things wouldn't be like that for her..

She and her Bf were that sweet... haiz but i think the Bf got some difficulties.. still They were that good together.. somehow I wished that just this once she and her bf would be together later somehow... Surely cupid got an arrow to spare =(

Sometimes Life is so meanz.... I know we got to take the ups and downs of life.. but she I know she loves him that much really... I always see the spark in her eyes whenever we mentioned about her bf... =( I really hope things will be okie for her.

*god though i still think you and satan are betting to see who gets more people to listen to either of you....I still hope you can help B and her bf be together again.. or just grant B One nice guy... (maybe my senior?) but... I guess R was still the best for her =\

I dunno Suddenly just feel kinda melachony... so many sad things especially in love going around... It is making me feel =~~|

Haiz.. and finally i dug up some straws from my handbag and even though the heart XN taught me was like loosened I finally managed to fold one complete heart out hehz hehz..Thanks Gal for being patient with the teaching =P

SO many things to do so little time.... if only they knew 24 hours was never enough ....

12:35 AM

Sunday, February 20, 2005

It's turning out just another day
I took a shower and I went on my way
I stopped there as usual
had a coffee and pie
when i turned to leave
i couldn't believe my eyes

standing there i didn't know what to say
without one touch
we stood there face to face

(And) i was dying indside to hold you
i couldn't believe what i felt for you
dying inside i was dying inside
but i couldn't bring myself to touch you

you said hello then u asked my name
i didn't know if i should go all the way
inside i felt my life have really changed
i knew that it would never be the same

standing there i didn't know what to say
first time looked away when i whispered your name

(And) i was dying indside to hold you
i couldn't believe what i felt for you
dying inside i was dying inside
but i couldn't bring myself to touch you

(And) i was dying indside to hold you
i couldn't believe what i felt for you
dying inside i was dying inside
but i couldn't bring myself to touch you

one hello changed my life
i didn't believe in love at first sight
but you've shown me what is life
and I now i know my love (i know it's coming right)

This song brings me back such sweet memories~~!! I feel so lucky to be alive =X
Feeling Nolstalgic =D

Seriously I wish my life would always be like this =D *hugs hugs hugs*

9:54 PM

saw something bad in my classmate's blog =(
I seriously hope she will be okie...

Why are there so many people's hearts getting broken.
I wish there was some kind of angel around to heal their hearts =/

Even though most of the time we seen gers hearts getting crushed.
I know guys have the terrible experience too.

For those players out there.
Just scram.
Don't do things just for the fun of it especially in relationships.
If you think this is fun i dun think you are mature enough to start a relationship.

Just a note to people..

Heard of bad Karma?
If you are a player... go on never mind..
If you are breaking people's relationship and enjoy being a third party go on never mind..
If you think it is fun to two time or three time people go on never mind...

you know why?
Cos what comes around goes around.
carry on doing what you do.
God is never fair but he is not blind.
You will experience what you put others through.
maybe life is fair after all.

Think this is all crap?
Maybe you ought to think again.

>.< I sound so serious =/
I hate it when i see my friends get hurt.
But seriously people's hearts can be the most fragile things in the world.
Just think about how hurtful it is for the other person before doing anything.


never take things for granted and appreciate people
Life is just too fragile at times =|

2:42 PM

Just woke up -____-""

I cannot believe myself lor.. i actually went clubbing last night when actually i told myself i cannot go clubbing geesh so much for sticking to my plans =(

LOL.. but i had a lot of fun =P dancing heh heh..
I was in DBLO..... and before i even got in to dance... while at the queue I talked to a nice gal =P woooo gals =X... by the day i dunno why but we just started to chat after she asked me some questions =D

she seems kinda nice and friendly too.. I think she was hoping i go in with her, she was afraid she could not locate her friends by herself... but =\ Oh well too bad the rest had not arrived yet so I was pulled away from the queue by yandao

Yandao and P were sitting down... probably due to tired legs lolz....

We were all waiting for J, B and XJ...... oh well so much for clubbing.. see I was so enthu about it till i forget to mention we were at Chingay pathetically trying to squeeze with millions to catch the "hua che" (flower cars) 0.0??

Luckily J managed to catch some clips of the Chingay on her PDA phone if not we would have made a wasted trip.. My hp was dying so I had no batt left to take pictures...

The Chingay was not that bad =) FOr a moment the Dragon going up the pole was pretty cool.. (lolz.. the dragon head got caught up in one of the tree branches while moving but they had it untangled in no time 0.0 The audience was clapping madly =P)and some of the costumes were intriguing...

I guess we were very fated with the Indians =| We tried to catch up with the rest of the other performances .. somehow wherever we went most of what we caught was a glimpse of the Indians performing.. =|

Lolz... heh heh Well before that I had a "nice" meal at Newton's food centre =D~~ I said "nice" cos i sorta was very blurred and actuallly paid for a bowl of fish porridge that Yandao did not ordered.. and it was freaking 5 dollars for a bowl of xi fan ( yea rice dipped in soup) -.- Geesh even my mum can cooked it.. the only worthwhile point was that at least the fish slices and soup was nice... BUT 5 dollars... geesh..

There was hokkien mee.. and Hokkien popiah rolls.. though i duno what is that unique about the rolls.. they have won some award before?! It tasted normal to me 0.0" Popiah lor. LOlz... Maybe it only tasted kinda nicer cos i had yandao with me =P lol
We also had sugar cane drinks which were very nice!! Not too sweet and not too dilute... Hmm =P~

Wooo food and food fatness =|
haha And yeah before we got into clubbing we had some roti prata first while waiting for the rest to arrive..... lolz...

We were supposed to go Corner but i guess P's Bday was arriving so we decided to go elsewhere instead of dok dok dok pring =P so we headed onto clubbing which was fine with me cos.. oh well ^^

We had too many drinks??!!0.0
J was pretty good in holding her liquor and she kept ordering tequila shots OMG.. =| I actually did not want to drink that much de... I wanted to dance more the drinks are so high in caloric content =| Lolz.. P also had waterfall ( a kind of drink where the bartender pour blue flames into the drink while u give it a try)... and it was not a very good idea cos he was puking while we sat at the coffee shop after DBLO ended at 4am... =/

I was pretty drunk too by the time i got home .. I puked after getting down from the cab zzzz...

I feel that J is kinda a nice gal =P at least she speaks from her heart not fakey people =D and I like to talk to people who r down to earth =P when so many others are wearing masks these days..

Hehs... oh well before i go try to squeeze facts into my head....
want to wish P a VERY HAPPY BEFRONTED BIRTHDAY! Dun want to reveal his age in case he sensitive :D

Oh yah before i forget *Ahem*... I think It is time to stop clubbing for the moment right .. remember your memory loss?? Yandao =\ We should take a huge break from clubbing le! I will try not to get tempted.. >.<

12:40 PM

Friday, February 18, 2005

My Valentine's day roses =D finally =P can get the pic on blog It's so sweet!~! Thanks yandao ^^

2:05 AM

Stubborn and hard-hearted. Ambitious and serious. Loves to teach and be taught. Always looking at people's flaws and weaknesses. Likes to criticize. Hardworking and productive. Smart, neat and organized. Sensitive and has deep thoughts. Knows how to make others happy. Quiet unless excited or tensed. Rather reserved. Highly attentive. Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds. Romantic but has difficulties expressing love. Loves children. Loyal. Has great social abilities yet easily jealous. Very Stubborn and money cautious. _______________________________________________

Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract. Intelligent and clever. Changing personality. Attractive. Sexy. Temperamental. Quiet, shy and humble. Honest and loyal. Determined to reach goals. Loves freedom. Rebellious when restricted. Loves aggressiveness. Too sensitive and easily hurt. Gets angry really easily but thoes not show it. Dislike unnecessary things. Loves making friends but rarely shows it. Daring and stubborn. Ambitious. Realizing dreams and hopes. Sharp. Loves entertainment and leisure. Romantic on the inside not outside. Superstitious and ludicrous. Spendthrift. Tries to learn to show emotions.

Attractive personality. Sexy. Affectionate. Shy and reserved. Sensative. Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic. Loves peace and serenity. Aggressive when provoked. Sensitive to others. Loves to help others. Not easily angered. Trustworthy. Defends others. Appreciative and returns kindness. Observant and assesses others.Varied interests. Loves to dream and fantasize. Loves traveling. Loves attention.Strong belief system. Hasty in trusting others. Loves home decors. Musically talented.Depends on friends. Loves special things. Moody and easily hurt. A giving lover. Very loyal. Deep Thinker. Feels deeply. A romantic. Loves to be loved. Thrifty. Loves down time alone. ________________________________

Active and dynamic. Decisive and haste but tends to regret. Attractive and affectionate to oneself. Strong mentality. Loves attention. Diplomatic. Consoling, friendly and solves people's problems. Brave and fearless. Adventurous. Loving and caring. Suave and generous. Emotional. Aggressive. Hasty. Good memory. Moving Motivates oneself and others. Sickness usually of the head and chest. Sexy in a way that only their luver can see. _________________________________

Stubborn and hard-hearted. Strong-willed and highly motivated. Sharp thoughts. Easily angered. Attracts others and loves attention. Deep feelings. Beautiful physically and mentally. Firm Standpoint. Needs no motivation. Easily consoled. Systematic (left brain). Loves to dream. Strong clairvoyance. Understanding. Sickness usually in the ear and neck. Good imagination. Good physical. Weak breathing. Loves literature and the arts. Loves traveling. Dislike being at home. Restless. Not having many children. Hardworking. High spirited. Spendthrift.

Thinks far with vision. Easily influenced by kindness. Polite and soft-spoken. Having lots of ideas. Sensitive. Active mind. Hesitating, tends to delay. Choosy and always wants the best. Temperamental. Funny and humorous. Loves to joke. Good debating skills. Talkative. Daydreamer. Friendly. Knows how to make friends. Abiding. Able to show character. Easily hurt. Prone to getting colds. Loves to dress up. Easily bored. Fussy. Seldom shows emotions. Takes time to recover when hurt. Brand conscious. Executive. Stubborn. _________________________________

Fun to be with. Secretive. Difficult to fathom and to be understood. Quiet unless excited or tensed. Takes pride in oneself. Has reputation. Easily consoled. Honest. Concerned about people's feelings. Tactful. Friendly. Approachable. Emotional temperamental and unpredictable. Moody and easily hurt. Witty and sparkly. Not revengeful. Forgiving but never forgets. Dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things. Guides others physically and mentally. Sensitive and forms impressions carefully. Caring and loving. Treats others equally. Strong sense of sympathy. Wary and sharp. Judges people through observations. Hardworking. No difficulties in studying. Loves to be alone. Always broods about the past and the old friends. Likes to be quiet. Homely person. Waits for friends. Never looks for friends. Not aggressive unless provoked. Prone to having stomach and dieting ! problems. Loves to be loved. Easily hurt but takes long to recover.

Loves to joke. Attractive. Suave and caring. Brave and fearless. Firm and has leadership qualities. Knows how to console others. Too generous and egoistic. Takes high pride of oneself. Thirsty for praises. Extraordinary spirit. Easily angered. Angry when provoked. Easily jealous. Observant. Careful and cautious. Thinks quickly. Independent thoughts. Loves to lead and to be led. Loves to dream. Talented in the arts, music and defense. Sensitive but not petty. Poor resistance against illnesses. Learns to relax. Hasty and trusty. Romantic. Loving and caring. Loves to make friends . _________________________________

Suave and compromising. Careful, cautious and organized. Likes to point out people's mistakes. Likes to criticize. Stubborn. Quiet but able to talk well. Calm and cool. Kind and sympathetic. Concerned and detailed. Loyal but not always honest. Does work well. Very confident. Sensitive. Thinking generous. Good memory. Clever and knowledgeable. Loves to look for information. Must control oneself when criticizing. Able to motivate oneself. Understanding. Fun to be around. Secretive. Loves sports, leisure and traveling. Hardly shows emotions. Tends to bottle up feelings. Very choosy, especially in relationships. Systematic.

Loves to chat. Loves those who loves them. Loves to takes things at the center. Inner and physical beauty. Lies but doesn't pretend. Gets angry often. Treats friends importantly. Always making friends. Easily hurt but recovers easily. Daydreamer. Opinionated. Does not care of what others think. Emotional. Decisive. Strong clairvoyance. Loves to travel, the arts and literature. Touchy and easily jealous. Concerned. Loves outdoors. Just and fair. Spendthrift. Easily influenced. Easily loses confidence. Loves children. _________________________________

Has a lot of ideas. Difficult to fathom. Thinks forward. Unique and brilliant. Extraordinary ideas. Sharp thinking. Fine and strong clairvoyance. Can become good doctors. Dynamic in personality. Secretive. Inquisitive. Knows how to dig secrets. Always thinking. Less talkative but amiable. Brave and generous. Patient. Stubborn and hard-hearted. If there is a will, there is a way. Determined. Never give up. Hardly becomes angry unless provoked. Loves to be alone. Thinks differently from others. Sharp-minded. Motivates oneself. Does not appreciates praises. High-spirited. Well-built and tough. Deep love and emotions. Romantic. Uncertain in relationships. Homely. Hardworking. High abilities. Trustworthy. Honest and keeps secrets. Not able to control emotions. Unpredictable

(told you le i a bit complicated haiz -__-" I also dunno what the hell i am thinking at times lor... i feel like slapping myself at times.. )

Loyal and generous. Sexy. Patriotic. Active in games and interactions. Impatient and hasty. Ambitious. Influential in organizations. Fun to be with. Loves to socialize. Loves praises. Loves attention. Loves to be loved. Honest and trustworthy. Not pretending. Short tempered. Changing personality. Not egoistic. Take high pride in oneself. Hates restrictions. Loves to joke. Good sense of humor. Logical

12:20 AM

Thursday, February 17, 2005

wahahaha yeah i went for a jog??! why??! simply cos i cannot force myself to go study zzz.. pathetic i was staring at my notes for like half an hour with my mind in LALA land... hey hey tomolo i will know my test results from Miss D...=( I think we did not do very well... geesh better pray hard for me k haiz =|

Surprisingly she wasn't late today lor LOLZ.... and the funny thing is most of us came in late... lolz i forget who but someone stroll in at half an hour later lOlz.. I think it was JH... Wahahahaah Everyone thought that Miss D would be late lor lolz...

While running a lot of things whizzed through my head ... haha My mp3 player died out on me... jamie Yeo's voice was suddenly cut off... lolz.. she's quite flirty even on air ehz!! LOL.. no wonder Glenn Ong is so crazy over her.. lolz Hot ger =X

Hope G will be okie bah
Maybe she is smart no need to pay so much attention to her school work... feeling that she gets kinda defensive when i talked to her these days.. haiz maybe she felt everyone kinda is talking behind her back dotz...

Dunno what to do also.. PS was like treating her like invisible on the way home today lor =| I was kinda stuck in between .. i mean yah i dun like G's attitue to her school work but after all she is our classmate yah we cannot just ignore her =/
Haiz dunno... zzzzz

PS quite cute lor heard some guy form KL chasing after her heh heh Hope they get together bah.. lolz...

Ohz... I think i go bath le =P I feel kinda liven up after a jog weee... LOL =D

9:59 PM


Heh heh Yeah it's so early and i am BLOGGING??!! 0.0"
Haha... yah crazy me -__-"" I slept ard 1plus and woke up at 5 plus ehz around 4 hours of sleep =| I hope i dun fall asleep in class today lolz..

Went to Lot one and had dinner with Yandao and YH and XN.. maybe cos i had only an hour plus of class was feeling kinda hyper and decided to go out?! lolz...
Played a bit of pool... at least I managed to hit the balls this time round lolz... but i am very poor in the game =/ ha ha maybe i can practise more next time...

lolz.. I took a picture with the gers.. wanted to put it up in here but somehow my blog cause the photo to look ghostly >.<

sOmehow some of the pics sent to my mail is not recieved yet =( cannot show you the nice roses I got on Valentine's day =/

Okies gotta go school now...

The LuO hAn guO driNk is Nice ^^ *huGs*

6:11 AM

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Bleah another half an hour before i get my butt out of the house... yah another boring lesson at school today especially Maths I feel so lethargic and fat these days geesh whatever happen to my new year resolution man....

But anyway I manage to kick my tea addiction... haha I haven been drinking tea since a long time le which is pretty good cos i drink water like a horse now.. maybe it is due to the fact i am kinda sick?!! Haha I drank so much water till my throat is way better le ^^

I know i have to catch up with lots of revision..but somehow I am still pretty dazed.. in LALA land geesh.... but anyway i got back Miss Lek test.... got like 44.5/50 supposed to be good? But most of my friends did better -__-""

geesh stress.. have a feeling not going to get such wonderful results this term... haa haa Been playing lots and slacking away... i want to start everything over again sometimes.. lol too bad life is not a game... You cannot restart as and when you wish..

Anyway i guess it is pretty good to suffer from falls in life =) after all it makes you a stronger person right =P Life shouldn't be too smooth sailing you just take things for granted....

heh Heh.. But i stll feel fat... maybe i should glue my mouth together or something drastic.. like plucking all my teeth out.. ha ha

Yeahz.. i can jump from one topic to another sometimes people have difficulty catching up with me since i dun keep track and just go with the flow...

I guess my mind works in an erratic way? Maybe i am getting too complicated for myself even to understand... still evolving.. LOlz

Urghz i feel like i need to live healthier geesh do you know Ou Xuan does not eat Fast food haha maybe I should follow suit =|


11:19 AM

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Oh My... i feel a bit feverish =| dunno but my whole body seems kinda warm...
And my throat >.< it doesn't feel very good kinda sore and pain haha must be the Chinese new yr goodies i ate too much =|

Valentine's Day ^^...
I used to think of it as another normal day for the past few years.....
But this year was kinda different =P heh heh
Maybe it wasn't just kinda different It was different =P

Well... I was sick for a start LOL...
And for once i had a nice dinner date!~

Heh heh... Yandao was worried for me?? Cos i was feeling kinda warm =| My body i mean usually it's icy cold?? but today it's like heaty =| But i guess i am okie!! X__x He made me took some nice Luo han Guo water that his mum made!! SO sweet right =P I am touched~!! =D

We headed to Siam kitchen over at Lot 1 to grab our dinner but..... the service was kinda sucky =\ and there were like two people serving such a humongous crowd... so we ended up in Sakae Sushi instead.... which was pretty nice cos i kinda felt like eating sushi =D~ I am such a pig~!!

Later we caught the movie Seoul Raiders.. It is such a nice move lor =D really the comments were witty and actions were swift and cool... *i am awed*

It's a nice day today lor... even though i was feeling a bit pain in the throat but at least I had a nice day~!! =D

The pervious day i was out at Orchard.. shopping =) with a sweet guy heh heh =P
And after accomplishing our shopping .... we went to catch HOwl's moving Castle,a japanese anime Movie... it was so Cool.. the Howl inside was so cool and yandao lol =D~~~

I had nice Kueh Chap... and SOme tie ban Mushroom with tofu yesterday =P hehs hehs..

Oh well so much for my dieting plan =Guess i still have a long way to go... =/


Oh and before i forget.. THANKS YANDAO.. The flowers are so sweet... you remembered I like Champange ROses.. *Hugs*

12:58 AM

Saturday, February 12, 2005

LOlz.. =) I am kinda happy today lor.. my afternoon was basically spend trying to complete my Report and watching a bit of Tv...and Msning =P

I went to eat a nice dinner at evening lor =P though it was only Mac donalds...It was a nice meal =) cos it's just nice lor =D I feel happy... that's all.. simple and sweet happiness.. I wasn't eating ice-cream okie Lolz.. I was having chicken Mac nuggets..

and later guess what i went clubbing lolz.. yeah yeah i Know i said i wanted to lose weight and alcohol is a definite nono... but i cannot possibly miss out on a chance to go club during the one week holiday lor... I would definitely regret de..

It was nice lor YH and XN and J was with Yandao and me.... we had a fun time "cai quaning" lol... J was quite seh this time lor.. i think he really lack of sleep le He used to be able to drink so much Long island tea without having much effects lor...

I had WHisky coke, Baccardi (orange), Long island tea.. and i forget the name of this drink the onee with a lychee =P XN taught us how to fold hearts with straw but i very absent-minded .. most of the steps i like canot recall.. =|

AFter that i dance with XN and yandao .. lol i had a lot of fun =D

lolz.. *yawns* I am sleepy shall tell u more if i can recall tomorrow. =P

*yawns* night pple =P

3:39 AM

Friday, February 11, 2005

My inner child is sixteen years old today

My inner child is sixteen years old!

Life's not fair! It's never been fair, but while
adults might just accept that, I know
something's gotta change. And it's gonna
change, just as soon as I become an adult and
get some power of my own.

How Old is Your Inner Child?
brought to you by Quizilla

Got this from Kai Lun's blog.... =| nO coMMents.

7:23 AM

Weee.. Just home not long ago lol =D

Today i spent the whole afternoon at home lor and i did some of my report work lolz... first time like do so early lor...

I went to my Gu Gu's house at around 8pm.. heh heh her house is just at Gangsa road lor so close to my house ^^V My ELder cousin is married le.. He went ROM liao =P Only haven treat dinner yet Lolz.. My younger cousin became so pretty lor I almost could not recognise her... LOL she say i became thinner =| but she also never seen me since long time liao lor.. My elder cousin like grew thinner lor she stll say she fat omg....

Her house is pretty cool =D and nice with all the decorations.. lol (by the way now i have two beautiful fishes made by ang bao at home now.... my aunt give de )... and it has a nice view from the balcony... 11th storey heh heh....

After this i went to Yandao's house to bai nian =D... they got quite a spacious living room 0.0 His mum is so nice.. I chat a bit with her =p.. and they got nice goodies at their house too... lol I try not to eat but bo bian in the end still eat LOL.. I AM SUCH A PIG =|... Then i managed to catch a bit of the Vampire Three show =P LOl..... Quite crap lor the show but really entertaining.

Later it was down to CCK to play a few games with P and J and later YH and her friend joined us too... heh heh.... I was not supposed to drink =X But in the end i keep losing leh and I drank JIM BEAN .. kinda nice leh =D Long Island tea taste nice today too lOL.. i Wonder why =X

Oh i think i can feel my SEHNESS now lol.... =P Aww.. just lacking of something.. cool black music and dancing!!~

ANyway i caught the Last dance on VCD with my sis today .. It is a terrific show lor.. you all should watch it.. almost every scene there will be cool black songs and they dance sexy =D~~ and best of all got touching love story lol =D I think they underplayed the trailer lor the trailer for this show they make till it's like kinda boring .. IN fact it is not lor.. It is so cool and sweet =)

=P I had fun today heh heh.. hope your Chinese New year Holiday is coming along just fine too =D

2:13 AM

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Woo.... Just yesterday i had the bloody Binocular vision test by Ms M... Luckily the test does not require much memorising ^^V I did not really memorise a lot for this test or can i say I wasn't in much mood to study =X wahahahaha

And on reaching home I cleaned my room from like 1 plus in the afternoon all the way up to 7 pm plus... LOL I am so proud of myself i finally cleaned up my pig sty room.. heh heh And it looks so cool and neat now weee..... should i let u all see a few pictures of my room? =P heh heh maybe later i go take some pictures ^^

My mum cooked a fabulous reunion dinner =D
I had fried prawns... Bamboo shoots... duck... The Vegetable call "shun".. soup with sotong balls.. fishballs.. dang gui.. and pork meat in it.... and Yummy roasted duck =P

Dunno why but this year all of us agreed that it was a fabulous dinner.. though it may seem plain I dunno somehow we were all in the happy mood i guess =D i had a very yummy dinner and lol... I dumped a lot of my rice onto my dad's plate... coincidentally he spilled his plate =| Then he mentioned," fated i cannot eat too much rice!" LOl... cos he is kinda heavy le u see =X

i was kinda happy.. after all my chinese new yr reunion dinner sucked two years ago... now there was a totally different feeling from it.. =D feelings of excitement and happiness kinda gushed into me =)

I rushed out of house to go catch the movie Constantine.. It is so fantastic.. the effects were cool.. storyline was intriguing... keanu Reeves is so yan dao... and the company was great =P

heh heh suddenly i just feel like i am so lucky =)
And after the movie While seating outside the steps of Lot 1.. the very same spot where we always sat... ( I called in to perfect ten from that same spot last time to Carrie's Chong's late night show =P)

There were a lot a lot of stars... it has been long since i saw so many stars up in the sky.. they were so beautiful....I wish i dunno i wish the stars would stay there forever... i can still picture the pretty night sky in my head now =D

I think i have grown heavy leh... let's hope i can lose weight eventually okie =P My new yr resolution for the rooster year is to LOSE THE FREAKING weight and fat off my THighs. =| LOL.. May god bless me =X

10:20 AM

Sunday, February 06, 2005

oh my god....
It is already 2am plus.. an i am still not at home haha..
I am at a Lan shop call Corner lol....

Nowdays my parents dun call me or even sms me when i am not home yet even though .. lol ... dunno is good news or bad news also...

Why Why Why.. i am here and not clubbing =(
LOl.... anyway i am not supposed to drink also got so many calories.. can get fat easily = My friend told me that her mum gained ten kg just on drinking alone haha that information alone is enough to keep me away from drinking at the moment.

I tried very hard to do my report today but lol... i end up doing other things as usual....but got do until some work already consider quite good right =P

heh heh I just had a very nice meal at J's house =P

(looking back at this pathetic entry i felt like adding a few more words inside =p It was actually quite fun at J's house.. It is like 1.15am of Monday morning now)

There was like veg, some kind of sotong ball? Those yummy bird eggs.. fish meat.. YUMMY =D~ chicken meat.. beef ( i dun eat de! I only take hamburger meat LOL.. )prawns... the Jin Zhen Gu (long mushroom =X ) big mushrooms... and hotdogs some fishcake stuff wrapped in tau kee skin =P and and OH LIVER PIG's LIVER. ee... LOL
but it is the favourite of my yandao friend and his ex's favourite....

LOl... talking about his ex.. yah his ex always bully me =( Ask me to eat the bloody liver when i ask him to eat mushroom... see he hates mushroom so weird.= At least when i say i dun like liver most of the people at the table dun eat it too =X

Wahahahaha I had also some of the white wine =D Not too bad.. how can i reject a bit... Though i shake my head when they asked me whther i wanted some...Mr Yandao still take for me whahahahaa =D IT'S ALCOHOL AFTER ALL.. MY SUBCONCIOUS BRAIN WILL WANT IT =D

Haven chinese New year i fat liao lor lol =

heh heh J's house sofa was quite comfy felt like Zzzz after a while.... but it was nice to watch tv with .. =P heh heh so comfy ^^

And met two new friends as well =P B and another J lol... =PpPpP
Everyone was quite cute lol.... dunno how to say the things they talked about make me laugh a lot :D such cute people heh heh Life is pretty fun when u got humourous people ard u yah =P

I feel thankful just dunno why.. it is quite fun to have some people ard joking and laughing and J's mum and dad were quite nice too.. the atmosphere was nice~!! I guess i have to thank Mr Yandao a lot for always bringing me out to play =P I wish when i am married.. my kids will have funny friends they bring over to my future house too =PpPPp Guess it will be quite fun!!

maybe i was isolated for too long for a certain period of time le.. heh heh

Ha ha i quite brief on every detail hor.. i think my brain quite dead le... lol writing this boring entry alone is putting me off to sleep le


2:31 AM

Saturday, February 05, 2005


拥抱的时候 心情有点痛 也去提早感受到寂寞

离开的时候 只听见沉默


别对我抱歉 别总觉得对我亏欠

现在他在妳的身边 就对他好一点


既然遇见了永远 就不要说再见


我们经过那么多考验 最后还是回到了原点

总有那一天 相遇的瞬间

确定那些冷漠的从前 已走远

别对我抱歉 别总觉得对我亏欠

现在谁在妳的身边 就对谁好一点

我应该 就走开 就算感情还在

我应该 就放开 对他不再依赖

忘了曾有过的片段 这是属于你们的未来

不要看到你们的爱败给了时间 我能愿选择离别

没有一句怨言 直到你能若无其事聊起了从前

我才发现彼此都了解 默契是最宝贵的语言

It is such a nice song ^^ sung by our local talents Sun Yan Zi and Tanya Chua.. you all should go hear it =P

Oh well.... My test on Thursday was quite sucky... Miss D was late as USUAL. But seriously i cannot believe her it was a test day and the test is 20% of our module marks and she still can be late.. and never mind... come into class still can say "your test will be two hours".. when we left like one hour forty five minutes.. WHAT THE..

Zzzz Dunno why she every Thursday morning will late one.. but my friend has quite a good memory.. ever since Miss D told her she went to pub to drink with friends(last year thingy) J always have the thought that she is very happening night life one lol.... she always say must be la.. she go chiong on Wednesday nights.. Thursdays always late =\..


Erms trying very hard to lose weight right now cos realised fat le haha -___-"" but today going to eat steamboat somemore zzz... lol dun ask me how am i going to get any thinner.. i need to go as far as North Pole to really slim down.


And yesterday i was so clumsy... i fell on the bathroom floor on my bloody knee.. it is so freaking pain lor. On one knee nia my whole heavy body fall on one knee nia.. heng i got a bit fatter.. if not i think my knee cap break liao...

Today i wake up still can feel the bloody pain lor.. freak. fall on butt also not that pain zzz...

talk about being careful. SUAYNESS..
I wonder if i should go to temple and pray.. dunno heard that Rooster year not quite a good year for pigs... Zzz

10:52 AM

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Erm.. i just realised if i want to become 43kg = 96 pounds means i will have to consume like 96 x 11 = 1056 calories only a DAY.

Is that possible zzz..... dunno... dun ask me life as a ger has always sucked >.<

8:11 PM

You Have A Type B+ Personality


You're a pro at going with the flow
You love to kick back and take in everything life has to offer
A total joy to be around, people crave your stability.

While you're totally laid back, you can have bouts of hyperactivity.
Get into a project you love, and you won't stop until it's done
You're passionate - just selective about your passions

Do You Have a Type A Personality?

LOl.. i dun want to do this.. but i have difficulty forcing very technical facts into my head right now and i think i need some form of relaxation before i go crazy and stuff myself with cookies -__-""

Maybe i should just study geeze i hate my life at FREAKING TIMES.

Firstly perimeter tests... got =( Confrontation, amsler charts.. Medmont( pattern Nomenclature), tangent screen (bjerrum), Humphrey Visual field analyser.

Bleah been bloody stuck at this topic since yesterday JUST KILL ME PLEASE~!!

10:28 AM

Your Heart is Red

What Color is Your Heart?

Oh.... all along i thought my heart was black =X Wahhahahaa....

10:11 AM

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