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Saturday, April 30, 2005


I hate going to work... zzz

More dumb admin work today lol... I cannot wait for seven O clock to come... dunno what happen to me yesterday... my off day but I spent sleeping like a pig... anyway my dad bought me new pc!! haha And my uncle had to fix the cables or something and in the end I could not really use my pc oh well...

=\ SO much for having my off day on Friday.....

I want to go watch the sunset =(

I want to go watch sunset with Yandao and eat my vanilla cone while doing that..


I want to do so many things other than go to work hur...

7:46 AM

Friday, April 29, 2005

the boss is mean..
One big freaking retarded meanie..
When my manager told him that I want to claim money definitely from him la... you know what dumb words he said?

" Oh Lenny you mean claim from you?"
Hey you the bloody big boss lor YOu mean you cannot even afford to return me ten dollars?

Geesh he is so retarded I cannot wait to get my revenge on him..
He was mentioning to Lenny the water in the ultrasonic cleaner is dirty..

what the hell just changed few days ago lor and the day before I arrived the water was absolutely disgusting... and like it seems unchanged for years.. and the water is still like quite clear dare to say dirty really I machiam is your maid IS IT!

Anyway the ultrasonic cleaner is used to clean spectacles like you dump the spectacles in it with water and it removes all the algae and grime on it.

Shall not bore you on how it works like how my dumb boss ask me to write a report on it... my other optometrist friends were laughing their heads off.. did not understand why I was assigned to write such a dumb thing when i was supposed to write in my log book about what I learnt.

Urghz. DUMB boss I already planned my revenge since his water bottle is always around the ultrasonic cleaner I shall pour some of the water from the ultrasonic cleaner for him to drink on my last day of attachment. Yipee ^^

Caught the Infection with Yandao last night It was pretty scary =\ Especially some scenes.... It was like more of horror fiction for me.. cannot really believe it happens... and some scenerios look pretty weird.. but I was trying to hide behind my hands for a few scenes guess it is quite successful =X

Before that went to have dinner at Jade crystal... had fried rice, wanton soup and pork dumplings.. oh man =\ I ate my own kind... but the fried rice was yummy =D Thanks Yandao ^^

Oh and we managed to grab a vanilla cone before we went into the cinemas... I think that momentarily lifted my spirits =D lol....

Well so glad he came to find me after his work =D kinda touched.. I know he is already tired =PpPPp *hugs* *hugs*

By the way something is wrong with my internet I cannot leave tag messages.. cookies being deactivated anyone help? 0.0

8:18 AM

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Work work work and more work.....

It's not that I mind you know in fact I am glad when there is work to do becuase time flies with work... but haiz.... not retarded work.. -___-"

All i did was to glue the freaking idiot company address to the remaining snellen charts again and did repricing .. geesh really is machiam free labour.. and I haven got back my bloody ten dollars tsk...

And today worst of all... there is this mad woman apparently call Junita an ex colleague in My idiotic company who came and make trouble .. after all she was the bloody one who got me in deep trouble with the calulation of conversion of powers from spectacles to contact lens.. and this time it was worst.. My manager in order to avoid her ran to hide upstairs in the clinic with my colleague Hazel..

And she came in the shop like a mad woman demanding to see my manager... not knowing what to do I call my manager upstairs and they told me to try to stall time like say my manager had something urgent and had to go out... and she started shouting so freaking loud and later went upstairs to complaint to my colleague that I was rude to her and said I ask the security guard to prevent her form coming in ....

FIRST OF ALL I WAS NOT THE ONE WHO CALLED THE SECURITY GUARD. It was my next door shop mate Mint who go complaint to the guard... so that mad woman call Junita thought I was the one who called the guard and say I was very rude and will make a complaint to CASE... I WAS LIKE HUH?

What did I do lor.. I did not do anything at all and all I did was to call my manager what to do next and how to handle her and I end up getting all the crap.
FASTER CLOSE DOWN. ANd hor it was my bloody supervisor not around that wanted the security guard to stop her from coming in.. what the hell.. I did nothing and got blammed with all the shit.

I was so pissed and fustrated.. during my delivering report time.. called yandao to tell him... and I was really pretty upset that time.. just could not understand how come an attachment student like me can get into this sort of freaking trouble when I did nothing at all..I never used my bloody Hp once all the while in attachment.. today was different I had to say something if not I was going to burst out already.

Paid like hell.
Work like hell.
Learnt nothing but how to wipe mirrors and empty bins.
Now had to tolerate this kind of shit.

I am so glad I kept my cool and did not go crazy.
If not for hazel and me and her laughing and being crazy at times when the supervisor is bloody hell away... (he is going off earlier and earlier these days because more people are in the shop now....) I think I would have probably killed myself in the shop....

My my since when did I get so dramatic.... geesh
I figured since I cannot get to be serious in my workplace because they gave me shit work....I might as well laugh away..

heh and now i feel like i sound so pathetic. god.. cannot wait for my supervisor to get poisoned and the company take one week of holidays.

ha. Really in my dreams.

10:03 PM

Sunday, April 24, 2005

i am so upset right now...

dunno why my tears just dropped...

Very stressed out over?

I dunno I just cannot get it why my classmates are learning such useful thinga at their shops while I am learning stupid stuff like how to staple leaflets and fold brouchures.

And the freaking idiot company still owe me ten bucks and fifty cents that incorrigible supervisor still dare to mock me say I bought too little envelopes not enough to use. FREAK YOU LA. I dun have enough cash with me lor.. and now my missing two dollars.. from trying to return to the customer the money because we haven really learnt how to operate the cash register..and I had to use my own money first..

L0L.. I guess it was my last straw....all the sacarstic remarks like "Wendy is very free ask her do lor"... please la you supposed to let us learnt things on refraction and stuff not do your shit adminstrative work which is so intent on promoting your bloody company only lor.

I seriously cannot wait for this shit company to shut down. FASTER LEH. JUST CLOSE DOWN AND DO ALL HUMANS A BIG FAVOUR FROM DISAPPEARING FROM THE EARTH.But that probably will not happen cause the boss is freaking rich... lets hope they make losses all the time instead and will be forced to disappear...

and guess what I worked straight from Monday to Sunday. FREAK lor. zzz I really hate him man.. how to tahan another like five weeks... they better return me my ten bucks tomorrow or i will scream at them and I am not supposed to use my own money lor dun they have petty cash in the shop. THEY JUST WANT TO MAKE USE OF EMPLOYEES TO PAY MONEY TO THEM.

I already thought up of an excuse to say I got cousin's wedding on Last week of my attachment that Sunday.. so that I dun have to go for the last freaking bloody screening. Actually J's gf helped me think one... heh she is good at this man...

I am feeling slightly better le... Yandao was very sweet to me I know he was trying to make me feel better and he bought me a very nice formal top... Maybe I am really lucky to have him with me now.. if not I will probably go crazy..

We ate sinful Kfc with the vouchers I had =P free meal!~~ and then we walked around Lot one and I guess I am really stressed out and hate work so much that I bought two shoes.. ha...

Saw ZY at the optical shop he was attached to.. he is so lucky =\ The people there are quite nice and he has been learning things too.. unlike suay me, haha... heard from him LL was even learning more... and suddenly my heart really sunk.. ha.

Not only did I learn nothing but I was paying the company money... geesh.. I really feel like adding poison to my supervisor's lunch. Hope he dies earlier man... good riddance from earth.

urghz.. i dun feel like going for work tommorow.. haiz =(

10:51 PM

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

lol i think i grew fat =\ must be the lunch my manager bought me.... i think i will just eat half of the items on the rice and dun eat the rice 0.o must do skillfully dun let them know later they =S and i think i shall skip dinner when i come home... =\ maybe limit myself to one bread or something.

wonder if yandao will dump me of i grew fat =|... haha >.<

8:23 AM

heh haven blogged for 2 day but just 2 days and it seemed so long...

If you guys have already guessed it.. yup I am having my attachment =\..
Oh well... have been browsing through my friend's blog and everyone seems to be happy with their attachment? then again maybe everyone is trying to sound happy =X

As for my attachment... I will just speak the truth.. it sucks to the core...
Nope It's not the manager.. not the director... nor the customers.. it's the job scope and working hours topped with miserable pay that had me cringing everyday before i go to work...

Oh well Mr Y.. was quite okie... he seems pretty nervous when he saw me the first day 0.0.. why I say that? while he was asking me questions his hands were like trembling..=S shouldn't i be the one trembling? =| So far so good he's been quite friendly to me.. let's hope it isn't all an act -.-""

heh he bought us lunch the first day.. mutton and curry veg.. ugrhz... i politely refused the chicken wings he bought haha.... ain't i fat enough zz....

the first day was pretty relaxing.. he spend some time explaining to me what their shop does and showed me a few forms that they fill in....

and MOST IMPORTANTLY... HE LIKES TRANCE TOO =P lol.. so while he was around I had nice trance music to listen to... heh the cd was replayed over and over again nice heh =X

the only thing I did not do really well was cutting the silly coupons bah.. a bit hard ma using pen knife in the end he cut for me haha.... anyway who would pay five dollars just o register for an eyecare forum -__-

what's shocking was I had to go for the screening programme they had on Sunday wonder what i can do there sia.. yup means no off day this week.. haha now you see why I am pretty upset? =(

Anyway tomorrow 2 new optometrist will be joining us... H and Y .. my year three seniors...hope they are friendly bah ha ha....

2nd day was pretty slacky... chatted to my manager for quite a while.. she's pretty okie.. and she bought me nice lunch too haha drumstick and tau hu and cabbage 0.o... fat fat fat zzzz.....

I think i got the kind face heh I think most people find it easy to bully me hmmph... doesn't mean I dun say a thing or be humble means you can take advantage of me and scold me..zzzzz oh well Whatever just make sure you dun become my employees next time ^^

Anyway I am sure if I were ever a manager of any shop my shop will sure thrive well.. dun ask me where that thought came from but i am pretty confident of it =X

heh now that I start to work....I have weird thoughts ..wonder is it cos working is so tiring you just want to see yr loved ones at the end of the day... everytime I am going home by mrt.. I somehow think about yandao walking past the mrt escalators as the train zoomed past...

12:40 AM

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Sagittarius =D

This Sun sign is probably the most delightful and charming companion that you will find. People born with Sagittarius horoscope is not only out to enjoy life, but is imaginative and fun loving. One of their best traits of a person with Sagittarius horoscope is a good sense of humor. Always filled with new ideas and enthusiastic about each of them, this sign of the archer is ambitious, generous, and most of all freedom-loving.

Drawn to the excitement, passion, and the adventure of romance, this free spirit might find domesticity to be boring. People born with Sagittarius horoscope considers love a challenge, as well as an adventure. Planning a date with a person with Sagittarius horoscope is easy. You don't have to go out of your way to impress them. They will enjoy almost anything, anywhere.

While on a date with a person with Sagittarius horoscope you shouldn't have any trouble striking up a conversation as they have a variety of interests.

People born with Sagittarius horoscope is intellectually stimulating and fascinating to talk with. Although you may soon discover that they can be direct and straightforward. On the most part, they say what they feel, regardless of how it may sound. No harm intended though, they wouldn't hurt anyone on purpose.

Their main objective in a relationship, is loyalty to their partner. However, if you're looking for a homebody, or you're the jealous type, then you might want to look else where. People born with Sagittarius horoscope will not tolerate being trapped into a relationship that will infringe upon their freedom of adventure. Once they find a compatible partner, the deep passions that are hidden beneath the surface will be unlocked. Life will never be boring from this point on.

Interested in your love horoscopes?
heh remember to scroll down .. it's on the left hand side column...

6:50 AM

"step by step..."

Ha this song is great man.. in case you all dunno which song this is.. it's Eminem's Toy soldier.. heh I can still remember the tune cleary in my head.....

Yup I heard this at Phuture... haha =X Yah I know I just went Chinablack on Wednesday.....Heh cos yandao is so nice... I guess he wanted me to feel happy =P but I must stress this again and again.... No matter what we do...even if it was just lying on the sofa watching tv.. I will still be very happy cause I am with you ma and nothing beats that ^^

It's not mushy right?... it came from my heart okie =D

Had a whiskey coke and lychee martini ( so sweet ^^).... the whiskey coke tastes so different from Chinablack.. haha I think in Zouk they try to get people drunk.. the alcohol is always so strong X____x

Oh they were having a Levi's showcase 0.0 A lot of slim female models and well-defined bodies (guys la!) strutting around on the stage which was dissembled in a few minutes.... and Randell Tan was the host 0.0 but his hair sucked.. too beng lol... he looks better with his previous black hair..

Was dancing Ah~!
long time no dance with yandao le...
and even though it was so freaking crowded....
and even though most of the songs I never really heard of...
and even though some moron spilled some drink over the back of my new black top...
and even though there was like a bunch of very drunk gers dancing very close to us..
and even though we were clouded by smoke.....
I still find it so nice to dance with you =D
*hugs hugs*

Was having a major head giddy before meeting with yandao.... =\ I still think it must be the rain that caused it.. was jogging halfway this afternoon and it started to drizzle..

and guess what??!! After drinking a bit and dancing a bit my giddiness was gone...surprising hor 0.o Maybe it's yandao.. haha my medicine =X

And when you said that Tiansheng part =D I also hope you meant it!!~

Wee~ haha I feel much better already =P

5:02 AM

Friday, April 15, 2005

heh heh It's been such a tiring two days.. lol

CLubbing in chinablack on wednesday (ladies night) with my poly friends was definitely and eye opener.... =P

Nope it's not the crowd there that amazed me after all it was always bunch of guys bunch of gers....it's my very own friends that can dance so well I was like : " HEY I DID NOT KNOW YOU LIKE CLUBBING SO MUCH MAN...." lol ^^

Pam was so crazy about dancing too heh I did not knew that man.. and I recalled she told me last time she hates clubbing =\ lol....

Bev danced so well lol... she danced on platform really nice =D not like those people who dance till too slutty I think she did the exact dance moves at the exact beat of the music.. heh I am so impressed... =D

Oh yah and Irene was the one who kinda pulled me up to dance on platform too 0.o She really small lian lor hidden in her lol.. the moment we reach there ......

Irene:" I wan to go platform dance leh.."
Me:" Really?"
Irene:" Yah I am like that one...."
Me:" wa ah lian..."

And she gave me a wide smile ... and before I knew it I was somehow pulled up to the platform with her...

and I think maybe we all are guai kias... The guys at the platform tried to talk to us after seeing how like crazy we were and laughing and dancing... but we all bo hiew bah I think in the end they malu cos it was like they talking to air haha =D

Then Hao Na another one lor dance till so crazy one.. lol and she is guai kia face OKIE..... lol... as Wu Zhong Xian always say:" Ren bu ke mao xiang .. hai shui bu ke dou liang..."

We had several drinks... like Vodka orange, Vodka coke, Vodka sprite, Whiskey coke...and even played hei bai cui...gosh I suck at that game man... I need more practise and We also played 007 lol... and five ten =P

Oh heh and Hao na brought her guy friend there they were sec school pals and I just found out not too long ago that guy is very rich I think he is the son of some CEO of timber..l something that brand!

Heh I guess he was quite attractive lol.. you should seen the way Pam was kinda glued to him always chatting =X At first when I see her talking to him I thought she had the same concept with me... " eh better tak to him bah he like so ke lian ma chiam left out..." cos Hao Na also quite cute like abandon her friend one....

Then later realised from everyone... " Eh you dunno meh Pam likes KC leh...."


He was quite interesting and gave us tips on how to capture guys heart... lol.... Then he also asked me some questions about my bf.. and lol... yandao you are so lucky lor..... I think I was full of praises for you.. even he was impressed... =P

The songs at chinablack was okie really very mainstream I guess... lol there was some trance music which was hard to dance to X__x and during some nice music... The ang mo guy behind us was kissing his girl friend I guess.. =(.. LOl and i started to miss yandao !! X___X

Hmm..we left around four plus and rotted outside far east plaza the tables there and started talking again till around 5.40am we started walking to MRT station....

Heh and within a few hours of sleep..I was out shopping with my sis... OH my god I think I suppressed my shopping urges for too long le.. I spent more than two hundred... >.<


12:24 PM

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

LOL... I haven sleep since last night heh I watched finished my naruto till episode 129 le =X SHIKAMARU Is such a genius ... My idol =D

I went to jog 0.o Incredible feat =P Lolz..I guess I am getting old... either that or my stamina really sucked lol.. I guess i did not work out for too long le....

After running one round around 2.8km... My head was trobbing real badly really... I wanted to stop so bad haha but it was like since a million years since I jogged and i did not want to give it up just like that...

and by the time I reach third round.. my feet was dying practically.... My knees were like about to give way and by the forth round I was jogging slower than all the old uncles.. they were like flying past me haha...X__x


I used to like run four rounds without that much problems.. even listening to my techno songs on my MP3 did not spur me to run faster.... but I guess 2.8km X 4 rounds = 11.2 km is good enough for an old lady like me le ^^

Heh tonight chinablack~!! Hope it will be fun with my class gers haven been to clubs with them yet 0.o I promised myself to like drink 2 glasses maximum... too much calories le LOL i dun want to jog this morning for nothing man....

9:46 AM

heh heh I am back lol.. It is like 2.20am le =P and why haven I slept? dunno maybe just too excited haha

My exams are finally over really want to spent every precious moment I have living my life to the fullest =)

Lol.. It is weird the way how my body works.. whenever I was revising and studying for my exams each time I look at the notes.. I fall asleep lolz

Yi Hui you said u got the sleeping bug.. mine must be sleeping dinosaur man bite me and i never seem to be awake enough to memorise my notes... X__x

Last night was terrible tried to keep awake to study but keep on dozing off in the end had to cramp all my topics into my puny head this morning and i could like only wake up and I mean really awake enough to memorise around 9am =/

Heh god is kind I think most of the questions I manage to answer.. Lets pray for an A X__x though hard =/

Had sinful Mac donalds again Let's hope the skinny ger can put on weight while I try to keep mine off and lose some =\ Yandao if you go swim tell me okie? i go gym lol...

Caught the Samara with yandao, Yi Hui and Pat just now... Lolz the show was okay la was not really that scary but YiHui funny sia she mentioned something about the scene of the movie that made me burst out laughing heh....>.<

Heh and made a really nice cup of coffee for myself just now eh 0.o 70 calories... whatever I should try to jog it off tomorrow X__x

Hmm.. time for my favourite anime Naruto ^^ yes I love my life especially when exams are over =X

2:17 AM

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Heh finally the idiotic contact lens complication exam paper is over... I was doing very last minute study but i guess the paper was okie =X Hope god can bless me get an A LOL... Hope he got short term memory also ^^ Did not meant to scold him the previous day....

Later going to have dinner with yandao, patrick and Yi hui =P
heh =PpPpP

I have to say this one more time man.....


OVER~~~!! WEEE~~~!

5:48 PM

saw this very upsetting post from my friend's blog =( HOw can they do that to cookie monster =(


1:20 AM

Monday, April 11, 2005

heh heh I copied this wholesale form someone's blog but it is very important to spread this message =P on tips to how to

maintain and liven your relationship


Always celebrate! Whether it's the 1st or the 50th, each year together is a triumph.


Let each other know how much you appreciate each other. You may already know but hearing it from each other is always better.

Best Friends

Be best friends preferably before being boyfriend-girlfriend. Take time to know each other so the relationship will be a deep one. Tell each other about your crushes, dreams and problems. Make sure he/she is your best friend before getting engaged. The strong bond of friendship will help you both survive tough times.


Make it a point to spend time together often but leave room for each other. Also spend time alone with each other, so that at the end of the day you could both share your experiences. This way, you stay interesting with your partner.

Changing Each Other

Don't marry an asshole, a jerk or a bitch. You'll never change each other.


Always compliment each other. This will prevent feelings of resentment and thinking that one is being taken for granted.


Keep doings things that you both enjoy, do them together. Make time (and love) and continue to date to keep the romance - look good, smell good to maintain physical attraction.


Celebrate differences. Never force your ideologies down each other's throat. Give up trying to turn your partner into you. Accept differences, appreciate them.


Fight with the aim to resolve the issue. Don't outdo each other. The longer you extend the fight. The more chances that you'll say something hurtful that you don't really mean. As mad as you were with your partner, he/she is still the person who laughs at your jokes & thinks you're hot.

- Hear each other out, don't dig up old issues.

- Choose your battles. Make sure the fight will be worth it & that something will change in the relationship as a result of the fight.


Know that the perfect person does not exist. Know that just as there are things that you love about him/her, there will be things that will make you go crazy. We are only human with our own flaws.


Have fun together! This means keeping the fun and spontaneity that was there in the early days. Allow yourselves to get silly - shower together, pee with the door open etc. Being able to make each other laugh and see the lighter, crazier, absurd side is the best way to get through all the differences in personalities, adjustments in lifestyle & opposing viewpoints.


Make sure you have similar goals. It would be difficult to keep your bond intact if your views are complete opposite.


Quit tabulating grudges. Let it off. Discuss it, then trash it, don't recycle it.

Keeping It Hot

Keep it hot by traveling to different places together. A new setting will do wonders. Always have skin contact - be it holding hands, a massage or just plain leg rubbing.


Don't lie or hide things. The

problem will only get bigger.

(heh I thought this was what kinda made my past relationships fail.. so guys and gals NEVER NEVER LIE.. The truth will always show up eventually..)

Know Each Other

Learn each other's interest. It really keeps the conversation flowing!


A hug can be far better more intimate than a kiss.


Don't lose your personality - that's why he/she fell in love with you. Have separate interests and activities to keep your individual personality, and to be able to contribute more to the relationship.


Having your own income means you're the boss in your life.


Wish each other well. Don't wish each other worst


Speak up about the awkward stuff now, like money & sex. The earlier, the better.


Listen, listen, listen. Hear each other out especially during arguments.


Dun just say it, show it, meant it and appreciate love from your other half =)

11:46 AM

You are a Super Hawaiian Supreme Pizza!
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Which type of Supreme Pizza are you?
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5:59 AM

Sunday, April 10, 2005

3:18 PM

I am so dissapointed with the type of people living on the world these days really.... I have heard so many cases of guys like two timing girls sometimes I feel that maybe God did made a wrong choice in creating humans especially guys.. why the hell create humans and let them encounter so much problems especially in love...

Then I see cases of gers not being treated well in relationships they are in and why? basically because the guy got sick of them? No one said it was being easy in a relationship Jerks. But since you were the bloody one chasing her all this time when you finally have her as your girlfriend shouldn't you treasure them more?

I am not biased I know of guys who have their lives kinda messed up due to their girlfriends... but there are so many cases of girls willing to forgive guys even though they are like two-timing, three-timing is really starting to piss me of. Especially when the girls are so pretty...

I mean come on why dun they let go of things... why did god made woman so vulnerable?

Really god I hate you at times.Either you let cupid cut loose on work or you just cannot be bothered. Really you mean by letting them go through all these they will learn? Just forget about it, Humans are blind when it comes to love... all the advice and consolling really boils down to nothing..

I think one needs to see the light themselves.. I feel so I can't find the freaking word for this.. yah I feel so unjust for these girls. Anyway I cannot believe this is the type of guy you would entrust your whole life to when he is already so untrustworthy...

haiz.. dunno seems to me the faith in humans tend to get weaker as we evolve haha..

10:29 AM

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Urghz i feel like I need a diet coke.... I swear to god if my pay allows me next time i shall stock up plenty of diet coke in my house =/

I wonder is it true guys cannot stay just faithful to one person especially when they are married... lol Hmm was watching a Japanese serial just now and ha ha poor Song dao cai cai zi.. the husband cheated on her sia had an affair outside.. even though she is already so beautiful..

Sometimes dunno what guys really want sia... or maybe it's just humans in general bah when they get the things they want ( not trying to say we humans are THINGS but other aspects as well )they just dun treasure them yah?

I cannot wait for the day to really sit by the sea when the sun is setting and listening to my favourite trance music.. it sounds so good haha =)

Yah And I hope I can watch it with yandao one day =P

Or maybe clubs here should try playing very nice vocal trance instead... man I think I can dance all night if they play these kind of music.......

6:53 PM

Friday, April 08, 2005

Hmm haha I drew this sushi like yesterday while I was consoling a friend of mine haha long story ... Just hope he can get nice gf too bah Was telling him if he can get a nice gf maybe we all can go on double dates and go eat sushi...LOlz

ANyway My craving for sushi is not so hmm strong these days haha maybe yandao fed me with too much sushi le I can still recall the taste of soft shell crabs and octopus lol... and maybe it's my fats detering me from sushi craves...

And this breakfast reminds me of when someone's mum cook a very nice breakfast for me haha nostalgic memories =D I can still remember how good the meal was =P

Pat can draw nice too.. people! lol stop telling him he needs to learn from me he is going to hate me so much lolz....

had a lot of things going on this morning and just now..my sis was picking on me a lot but never mind all my mixed feelings have died down le lol..

8:29 AM

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

OH MY GOD WEeeee...

LOL just one paper over and my class gers are already planning so much outings le =X

I guess they are going shopping at Orchard tomorrow but i decided not go go because I have been there like quite a few times cannot really get the things I wanted

HOpe my sis got one off day then I can go shopping with her =P

ANd guess what they want to go CHinaBlack on Wednesday~~!

Next week yeap Tuesday will be our last paper... WEeeEEee~~!! CHinablack!!~~ so long never go liao I miss the Nice songs All the black songs and rnb YEAps~~!

I know it's bad but I am going to say this anyway...


Hey you guys should catch the seven O clock show It is very cute and sweet.. with the TianSheng and Chang Xi... TianSheng always humour the Chang Xi lor... so cute =D

Just now got this scene where CHang Xi almost hmm got into trouble with a very evil boss call Mark who wanted to force her to go into his car them bring her to some ulu moutain place..

Luckily Tiansheng came and save her.. lol maybe anyhow accepting car rides from guys are dangerous lol

Talking about this the stupid rich guy msn me that night and ask me whether want to go for a spin a not

2:46:17 AM
*PSEUDONAME*==> Arrogant pig (okie we shall call him that to protect his rights)

Arrogant pig
still awake?

*@__£iNg£iNg__@*..(*)....Sometimes....(*)...Cupid Is obviously short-sighted and needs Contact Lenses...

Arrogant pig

Arrogant pig
how's life?

* @__£iNg£iNg__@*..(*)....Sometimes....(*)...Cupid Is obviously short-sighted and needs Contact Lenses...
heh good lor

*@__£iNg£iNg__@*..(*)....Sometimes....(*)...Cupid Is obviously short-sighted and needs Contact Lenses...
exams soon

*@__£iNg£iNg__@*..(*)....Sometimes....(*)...Cupid Is obviously short-sighted and needs Contact Lenses...

Arrogant pig
hehe hectic

Arrogant pig
long time no see ah
(YAH lor so heng ^^I rather not see u man)

*@__£iNg£iNg__@*..(*)....Sometimes....(*)...Cupid Is obviously short-sighted and needs Contact Lenses...
yah nvm ma

*@__£iNg£iNg__@*..(*)....Sometimes....(*)...Cupid Is obviously short-sighted and needs Contact Lenses...
see also same

*@__£iNg£iNg__@*..(*)....Sometimes....(*)...Cupid Is obviously short-sighted and needs Contact Lenses...
i think i grow fat nia

Arrogant pig

Arrogant pig
wanna come out for supper?

*@__£iNg£iNg__@*..(*)....Sometimes....(*)...Cupid Is obviously short-sighted and needs Contact Lenses...
lol no thanks i am already fat enough

Arrogant pig

Arrogant pig
haha wont la.

Arrogant pig
nv go running ah?

*@__£iNg£iNg__@*..(*)....Sometimes....(*)...Cupid Is obviously short-sighted and needs Contact Lenses...
serious lor

*@__£iNg£iNg__@*..(*)....Sometimes....(*)...Cupid Is obviously short-sighted and needs Contact Lenses...
these days tests and exams

*@__£iNg£iNg__@*..(*)....Sometimes....(*)...Cupid Is obviously short-sighted and needs Contact Lenses...
not really runing

*@__£iNg£iNg__@*..(*)....Sometimes....(*)...Cupid Is obviously short-sighted and needs Contact Lenses...
maybe after my exams bah

*@__£iNg£iNg__@*..(*)....Sometimes....(*)...Cupid Is obviously short-sighted and needs Contact Lenses...

*@__£iNg£iNg__@*..(*)....Sometimes....(*)...Cupid Is obviously short-sighted and needs Contact Lenses...
can run till i die

Arrogant pig

Arrogant pig
really ah

Arrogant pig
(feel the coldness? =X )

*@__£iNg£iNg__@*..(*)....Sometimes....(*)...Cupid Is obviously short-sighted and needs Contact Lenses...

Arrogant pig
now studying still?

*@__£iNg£iNg__@*..(*)....Sometimes....(*)...Cupid Is obviously short-sighted and needs Contact Lenses...
damn fat now

*@__£iNg£iNg__@*..(*)....Sometimes....(*)...Cupid Is obviously short-sighted and needs Contact Lenses...
no lah relaxing now

Arrogant pig
wanna to catch a bite?

*@__£iNg£iNg__@*..(*)....Sometimes....(*)...Cupid Is obviously short-sighted and needs Contact Lenses...
lol dun want

*@__£iNg£iNg__@*..(*)....Sometimes....(*)...Cupid Is obviously short-sighted and needs Contact Lenses...
fat le

Arrogant pig
i buy food over.

Arrogant pig

*@__£iNg£iNg__@*..(*)....Sometimes....(*)...Cupid Is obviously short-sighted and needs Contact Lenses...
i very fat

*@__£iNg£iNg__@*..(*)....Sometimes....(*)...Cupid Is obviously short-sighted and needs Contact Lenses...
mai mai
(seriously la even If i wanted to go eat I also dun want to eat with u seeing u i feel like puking le =X)

Arrogant pig
wanna go for a ride?

Arrogant pig
long time nv see u.
(har.. i really dun want to see u lor)

*@__£iNg£iNg__@*..(*)....Sometimes....(*)...Cupid Is obviously short-sighted and needs Contact Lenses...
lol dun want la so late le i inconvenient to go out also

Arrogant pig
parents ah?

*@__£iNg£iNg__@*..(*)....Sometimes....(*)...Cupid Is obviously short-sighted and needs Contact Lenses...
(duh.. I lied wahaHAHAHAH)

*@__£iNg£iNg__@*..(*)....Sometimes....(*)...Cupid Is obviously short-sighted and needs Contact Lenses...
i dun want to go out haha so late le

Arrogant pig

Arrogant pig
at nite then can go for car ride mah

*@__£iNg£iNg__@*..(*)....Sometimes....(*)...Cupid Is obviously short-sighted and needs Contact Lenses...
haha dun want la u go sleep lor so late le

*@__£iNg£iNg__@*..(*)....Sometimes....(*)...Cupid Is obviously short-sighted and needs Contact Lenses...
hehe good night i go le

( I was like zzz.... Okie i better off my msn)

Oh yah he was a jerk from the past lol.. that's all you need to know =p

10:06 PM

heh i am =) now lol.. finally one paper is over..one more to go =P

I think i have to study really hard for Miss lek's exam cos that paper really really has a lot of memorising work to be done..

heh got back the test results for her module got 50/65 for my theory test (which is amazing because i did not finish studying it haha especially pretty much topics behind =X) and 24/40 4 my slides test which i tried to freaking hard study in the end also do badly lol....

But anyway majority of the people did badly in slides test so ahem... anyway even though my theory test got 50 many of my classmates got 50 and above oh man lol i should have studied harder =X but I guess I am lucky le =D

I calculated the percentage needed to get an A for this module and is ard 84? what the lol...... means I must freaking study like mad lor for the final paper.. haiz Try my best bah =X

Lol.. my Bv paper today was okay bah I studied last minute again so stressful >.< was like cramping one topic for fifteen minutes... and geesh my friends are really clever lor you should hear the way how P study... she woke up today sua sua go see tv one hour .. then eat breakfast one hr slowly study two hours then close notes liao DIONK.... heh i must be really dumb sia =S take so long to study...

PS even more Li hai lol she go study Miss lek Exam she thought today is her paper... in the end at around 10am then she realised that today is Binocular vision exam wa and she also took two hours to study ... okies I admit I am pretty dumb...X__x everyone took so freaking fast to study finish haha -.-

0.o The rain is so heavy now... wonder if yandao got bring umbrella X__X

6:27 PM

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


9:15 PM

I am so out of synched with all my plans ....

okay I have started to study but somehow I cannot keep thinking sbout other stuff.. my mind is restless.....

And weird dreams keep on coming to me...
Yesterday I dreamt of having to take one more diploma before my optometry diploma is completed.... what a dream and i recall asking myself why did i take another diploma knowing that I already had one and obviously where was i going to get so much money to pay for another diploma..

okay I remember going around barefooted and there is this weird part of the dream where I walked past an area with broken glasses, many glasses were cut deep into my right foot. My left foot was saved cause it had on it a sandal of some sort.

The weird thing was I did not really feel any pain.. but it was gruesome I was actually picking the glass out from my foot... ewww and there were like nearing 20 pieces?

oh my god.. some pieces of the glass were embedded so deep in my feet, I had to really dig it out...and viewing at it from the outside view such a small piece but when i pulled it all out.. It was an extremely huge piece of broken glass =|

Dun ask me why I recall such vivid details of my dream....

9:21 AM

Monday, April 04, 2005

haha obviously something is wrong with me?
I dunno but I know I am just not my usual self

ANyway.. I been like snacking always ever since sometime ago...
guess I need to identify certain problems but i just ignore them and sort of like running away in denial..?

I guess that is why I am so lethargic these days.... keep on sleeping and snacking.. Cannot seem to be bothered by what I am usually really enthusiastic about these days..

In order to curb myself from eating.. geesh I am not even hungry I dun know why I am searching for food in the first place... I drink lots of water yah really plenty of water...till I feel always bloated 0.0 yah I feel like puffer fish now. haha not funny.

And I just used to be more enthusiastic about anything last time geesh what happen to my enthusiasm nowdays I just feel like hibernating again really just stay at home.. maybe is the exams blues... dunno maybe its how I am going into year three that's like affecting my moods these days..

Maybe it's just my fats haha... yah maybe haha
Being a girl is so bleah at times so many things to think about..

My sis was just like scolding me again this morning for no reason?
I was pretty =I didn't reply much did not find a reason too...
Sometimes I just felt maybe I should just dun talk seriously maybe it would be better at home.. just u know let them talk i will just be silent..

Heh mY thinking has gone all hay wired..
Sometimes I feel my mum is biased too.. haha she always side with my sis even though she knows that she is in the wrong... ha bo bian dunno...
felt wronged at times but BO BIAN

I should just focus all my thoughts on study
geesh Maybe i will try to do better in year three this year really sucks.. I can already predict my term results = sucky

I want to do something more meaningful maybe I can force yandao to adopt new hobby go library with me instead of arcade =X
I used to love reading story books maybe it's time to go back into that old hobby..
Besides I find out I like reading information on crap to anything...

SO many things in life I want to achieve but they feel so far away from me now lol yah one thing I want to achieve is slimmer me haha =P actually all i got to do is stop snacking lor.. haiz -___-"

Once I start my working life maybe i will get these stuffs....

another pc
( so I dun have to fight pc with her i dun know why she is earning money yet always have no money -_-" I dun even get money from her lor I dun even ask from my mum for money I DUN EVEN ASK MY DAD. geesh I am just using my bank money till it goes ka put.. what more do they want man... cant they even let me be at home in peace at times.. my sis still dare to say "let me use pc" that time when i freaking using it for my homwork lor.. and she still can reply:" I want to play game.." pissed... dun know what to reply her gave her the pc and shut myself in room.)

guess these things like what i feel really necessary bah..
cannot think of anything much maybe got time try to bake stuff? like cookie? but that is kind of hard cause my mum sort of forbids me to enter the kitchen haha and cook she always feel it's messy and dirty...

SO many things i want to do...
wonder if they will come true...
anyway It is better to have at least a dream better than none at all...

I miss my childhood days like mad.....
I wish i can eat ice cream without worrying about fats...
Can have Macdonalds everyday and toys to play with..
Watch cartoon each time I am home from school and just rot in front of the TV..
Indulge in my seris of bookworm short stories ( heh each book was five bucks freaking expensive sia....)
Play my nintendo and enjoy watching my mum make poh piah during the school holidays...
Eat yummy cake for my birthday and happily unwrap my presents my dad got for me..
( heh talking about Birthday.. my sis didn't even get me a single thing for my 21st bday =/ bleah )

haiz life seems so different when you grow up I really miss those days.. =(

I feel so different...

Usually I will not write to much stuff on how I feel maybe cause I dun want people to read my blog and maybe worry for me...

I am okie la I just need a channel to straighten out my thoughts that is why I need a blog haha...

Eventually I will be fine ma.. after all I gone through so many things i know I can do all these de..

Wendy Wendy... haha

4:21 PM

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3:28 PM

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Take the quiz: "What color are you?"

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=P heh Went to Watch HOuse of fury =D okie la not bad show got yandao Daniel Wu and chio bu lol.. she so slim *envy*


Had Long John Silver's with yandao..
lol poor thing... he wantd to eat at food court but i think i could not make up my mind in the end i say have dinner at long john silver >.< sorry yandao!

Caught First Fifty dates with him also =P at his house heh comfortable afternoon =D
*hugs* =PpPpP

lol i sound like my exams are over haven leh .. lol Binocular vision on Wednesday lol.... Wish me good luck people =P

Anyway I hope all couples make up soon and dun let the one u think u can made it with you in the end go so easily.. fate does not come easy yah?
Good luck to u all in love life too =P

11:49 PM

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Heh Heh


lol Miss Crazy..
Heh anyway if got her looks and figure lolz I will be over the world.. serious =p

Today was kinda fun =P
Met up with Yandao and we walked around Lot one for a while before heading to meet up with his friends...

They were very nice people... the girls all quite friendly... and Jian zi is nice to talk to as usual.. heh YH actually he is really nice lol you all probably need to know him more before u all can judge him really =D

We had pizza.. OMG FATTENING FOOD AGAIN X__X and We went to a rich ger ger's house heh her house is huge 0.0 Like four storeys... omg...

The best part is watching Miss Singapore with them lol.. I never had so much fun watching Miss Singapore before.... Maybe this type of shows really need to watch with a lot of people lolz it's kinda funny and at times I couldn't stop laughing..

Cheryl tay won heh heh... Not bad but i thought Lee Ling would have won too pity she did not get in to any of the top three places..

They ARE SO SLIM LOR... *envy*
Had delicious almond jelly...LOL FOOD AGAIN X___x
Then headed on to Lot one ...went to arcade a while before I headed home =P
heh heh and thanks Yandao
It was such a cute friends outing =P

3:25 AM

Saturday, April 02, 2005


today is already the 2nd of April....

I told myself I wanted to be on strict diet on April 1 but guess it did not really work out eh had 2 pizzas yesterday lol...

Never mind.... start from today this moment lor haha
Maybe I should just distract myself from eating each time I feel like snacking heh....

Okay hope by today my will power can be stronger bah =D

10:49 AM

北风毫不留情 把叶子吹落

脆弱的她选择了逃脱 叶子失去消息

风才感觉寂寞 整个冬天


我从来没想过 我会这样做

从来没爱过 所以爱错

我从哪里起飞 从哪里降落

多少不能原谅的错 却不能重来过

翻开回忆角落 完美的生活


仔细回味当初 那个故事背后

Oh 原来是我 犯下从没承认的错

我从来没想过 我会这样做

从来没爱过 所以爱错

我从哪里起飞 从哪里降落

多少不能原谅的错 却不能重来过


Oh 找不回那些感觉 其实我不想道别


我从来没想过 我会这样做

从来没爱过 所以爱错 (从来没有爱过那么认真)

我从哪里起飞 从哪里降落

多少不能原谅的错 却不能重来过

我从来没想过 我会这样做

从来没爱过 所以爱错

我从哪里起飞 从哪里降落

多少不能原谅的错 请你原谅我的爱错

Heh such a nice song =P

So glad i drag myself out of house today even though i felt a bit tired.. heh heh caught a very sweet show with yandao... The wedding date .. such a romantic show =D

The ger inside reminds me of Jennifer aniston lol.....

It's a long time since I caught such a sweet story =) heh worth it.. by the way heard movie ticket prices are going up le... geesh isn't it already so freaking expensive... they really want pirated Vcds and DVDs to make money sia =/

Oh well cool show you people ought to go catch it =D

12:00 AM

Friday, April 01, 2005

What on earth am I meant to do
In this crowded place there is only you
Was gonna to leave now I have to stay
You have taken my breath away

Is the world still spinning around
I don't feel like coming down

It's in your eyes
I can tell what your thinking
My heart is sinking too
It's no surprise
I've been watching you lately
I want to make it with you

Destiny has a funny way
When it comes and takes all your cares away
I can't think of a single thing
Other than what a beautiful state I'm in

Is the world still spinning around
I don't feel like coming down

It's in your eyes
I can tell what your thinking
My heart is sinking too
It's no surprise
I've been watching you lately
I want to make it with you

Seriously when i look into your eyes when we danced...There is always this feeling I cannot describe..

Heh heh nice song right old but great I am blasting it from my pc.. heh heh didn't want my mum to nag at me.. everytime i start to use the pc she starts to nag.. maybe I am bad and i should listen to her, but lately everything has made me tired enough already I just want to rot away at the pc first instead of hearing anything...

Today's test was sucky though my MCQ got only one wrong... cos the section B i did quite badly and the slides test haiz... so many weird answers lol... dunno how to die man..

lol but anyway the theory test is only 7.5% of the whole module while ths slides test is like 15% still i feel kinda bad maybe should have revise my work daily instead of cramming everything up in one day.. haha

GOod thing was Dawn's theory test i manage to get 86/100 =D but the test is like only 40% of the module.. haha the first test was did quite poorly and the practical test cannot make it lor she say some people fail.. heh I hope i not one of them bah X__x

I just ate two large pieces of canadian Pizza lor.. one hawaiian and one pepperoni...

heh DUe to the fund we get for free.. each person entitled to $6.50 in SP for class outings =P heh yummy but so fattening haha fat fat fat me -____-""" A bit dare not weight myself these days lol later get depression =X

Haona and the rest were like discussing on how to be slim heh she advised me to fast before dieting heh heh for three days 0.o then Bev told me not to eat anything after 8pm and have dinner ard 6pm.. lol so disciplined =\ I wonder if i can achieved that..

I am such a glutton maybe I need to chained my hands up or something or superglue my mouth....

3:19 PM

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