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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

lol.. this is bad

I feel fat and ugly...

No good at all can somehow feel that I am going to get dumped.. X___X

maybe there are too many pretty gers in Singapore I suddenly feel very ugly lol -__-

Aiyah life is pretty unfair at times why do some people get all the good genes??!!

Why do i get bad hair genes =( LOL....

and why am i worrying over my outer appearance.... why am i so superficial.. =|

But if you think carefully isn't the world today very bias based on our outlook...

dun shake your head..

Aunties are crazy over younger guys...

Boss always prefer pretty secretaries.....

Guys cannot take their eyes off pretty gals.. see! -______-

Being a human is already so stressful in the world today.. what more for a girl...

She has to look good, be intelligent have a career yet at the same time be a good housemaker >.< and now what even aunties are pressurised to keep slim.. geesh my mum caught me off guard saying she was fat... gosh if she was fat .. I am really Lin Yi Ming

Eeee I really hate god sometimes... so freaking unfair -_-

I wish I can stop eating forever at times..ee why am i a ger 0.0

Ughz suddenly reminded of my dumbo boss .. whenever I used to skip lunch at work he will always ask me you sure you dun want to eat? That's so pathetic.. -___- I almost replied huh then muslims must be very pathetic when they are fasting?

=\ and contary to the belief, muslims dun eat pork due to religion beliefs is a big no no... it's actually more to health reasons why pork is not eaten...

oh well i still feel fat and ugly.

10:49 PM

Heh.... today was so crappy man.. class starts officially at ten am but I arrived super early with Pei Sung hur hur...... =
reached at like 9.15am because we thought class starts at 9.30am... but once clinic starts we have to be in school by 9.30am oh well...

Went to Co-op shop to buy snacks and the uncle started to chat with me... he ask me whether I was a year one student because he never seen me before.. =( wah.. heng I can still look like so young.. wahahahaha

Just because I tied my hair up and wore spectacles i Look so toot like year ones =(
But this year the year one's dressing sense really out of the ordinary... a lot of free fashion show =X

School was okay and tried my best to force Rajeev to sign my tests to be completed in clinic today but as usual he was pretty naggy and only managed to get 4 signatures out of like 11 tests -__-""

Lol.. during Dawn's class was worst none of us got her to sign because there was really a lack of time oh well =|...

Hehs so glad to be home sweet home... I really enjoy NOT WORKING IN THAT IGUANA SHOP =P

6:27 PM

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Oh yesterday was my last day at Iguana shop..man I think I am really suffering from an illness call procrastination. I actually went out on Friday night with yandao and happily went to sleep without doing my last two reports for my log book...

heh woke up in seven am in the morning when I am supposed to get out by eight.. still early right? NO!!!!!

I usually take around one hour to prepare getting out and I still got two reports to complete.. I did everything in a rush and forced my poor dad to send me to work...

Heh my lucky mum and sis got to eat nice roti prata because of me =X My dad while waiting for me to get ready went to buy yummy prata for my family..

and I reached the Iguana shop at 9.45am =| whoops I am supposed to reach by 9.15am >.< I was half an hour late... geesh quickly scurried to work after greeting my dumbo boss...

He asked me to take a seat while grading my log book and he gave me A star 0.o for my overall grade =|

Bought some goodies for Yih CHung ,Hazel and my manager.. hope they like them some sweets and cute hello kitty cookies lol....

My manager is oh well so so but I kinda she bu de when we were leaving the Iguana shop lol.. I was like holding her hand and calling.. "Lenny..." then my face went =( lol....

and just to keep for memorial's sake...

my master piece haha took some time to cut them out >.< the day before...
Yandao came to find me after work =D was kinda surprised because I thought he would be busy gaming at home =D and since I got my pathetic paycheck I decided to treat yandao dinner..

We went to Secret recipes.. and he had black pepper chicken

while I had some spicy Mexican chicken but it was not very spicy leh... I added so much chili sauce =|

Went to met Patrick and his brother's friends.. in a nice cafe known as Oasis.. We were playing so many nice board games... They are all imported from other countries and it is very fun.... =D I was laughing and smiling most of the time =D I am sure yandao had a great time too...

You may be skeptical on hearing the word board games.. wait till you play them lol... =p by the way it's located behind Bugis junction across the road where you can see many coffee shops there with pubs...and go there in a crowd It's more fun with more people =D

Everything was great except on the taxi back home... felt so pukey X___x yandao said it was the oily sauce from secret recipe... I think it was the potent drink from cafe.. either way I am still glad I went out yesterday night =D

11:08 AM

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Guys Like That You're Sensitive

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hmm? lol o.o
Went to find yandao after his work.. caught him at Bouna Vista at ard five plus =D and we headed to town area for nice food.. kobayashi I think It's pretty cool japanese fast food kinda thingy I like the miso soup and the breaded fish I had was =D~

We wanted to catch a movie but the tickets were selling like crazy =\ Ended up in Plaza Singapura and managed to say hi to Swee Ting heh she was less busy today =D

Walked around a while and even stood around to admire barbie dolls.. I am serious their clothes are so pretty even I envy the dolls lol.....

went back to CCK and played X box with yandao lol.. was playing a kung fu game which was kinda cool and the Incredibles game was so cute nice graphics too...

heh... totally no mood for my report... and I found out a nice long bath made me feel so much better =D

12:10 AM

Friday, May 27, 2005

Ok lol.. I feel much better now..

Woman. wahahaha okies .. I am not yet a woman.. maybe still a silly ger =P

I was so reluctant to drag myself out of the house this morning.. but I managed to get out of the house quite early and hmm.. maybe it's my friends =) I feel so much better after chatting with them...

After all we have gone through some pretty stressed out episodes in the past two years...

Ha ha more stress to come.. but I am telling myself now dun be afraid of the unknown accept the challenges and learn as much as possible... I guess with positive thinking .. things will turn out for the better yah =D

Heh =P home sweet home.. no need to see dumbo boss for one day ^^ *envying myself right now*

1:40 PM

Thursday, May 26, 2005

I feel fat, depressed and ugly.

I just want to sleep for ever yah I dun even want to wake up.

I dunno why. I just feel terrible.

Is it pms? I dun think so.

And it's a terrible cycle cos I feel sad I eat more then I get fatter.

I just want to lock myself up in my room and rot to death.

Why do I have to go school tomorrow. I dun feel like seeing anyone, doing anything.

Can I just rot to death in my own room?

Worse thing is I dun know what is making me feel so upset.

the more I think the more terrible I feel yet beneath I cannot find the answer.

I dunno is it that I am trying to avoid the real answer that I feel upset about because I know there is no solution to it or is it really just me.

everytime i get back from my work I just feel like I am dead. Practically no energy to do anything except lie on my bed and rot.

I got millions of stuff waiting for me to do especially reading up on my project and past year modules.. and worst my freaking report due on Saturday.

Just let me die?

or give me a break?

And my hair is so freaking messy.

Yandao sorry for letting you see my lousy mood today. I just dun know what's wrong with me. Maybe its the air conditioner in my work place. I feel so freaking cold all the time I cannot really think anymore.

Dun worry.

As usual I am blabbering a lot of rubbish on my blog. Maybe It's a good channel that I can pour my woes to. Great i dun even know what woe i am freaking upset about now geesh.. Wendy u can be so pathetic at times.

One moment I was laughing away with my colleague and after work I felt depressed.

Yah I agree something just did it. I just dun know what.

Maybe its just fatness.

Eat = fatness = ugly in clothes = Depression.

11:23 PM

Your Deadly Sins

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How Sinful Are You?

WHAT THE ... Can you explain to me why I am awake at such a weird hour 0.0

4:31 AM


heh my dumbo boss has been asking me a lot of things >.<
he ask me whether I am interested to work in part time a not cause the shop at fajar area is affiliated to his shop oh man such a coincidence and he also asked me whether I was interested to join them for screening projects when my school starts...

Hmm... Delimna... so should I work a not haha..... I speak as if I am freaking rich....



Haiz....the day before a 15 months old baby bit my finger thinking I am playing with him and it was fun, he tried to bit my finger for a second time.

Head was giddy and was blaming myself why I went to work instead of taking MC...

Today I am feeling much better.. but somehow something seems to be missing cannot really explain what though....

And THursday night is ladies night in MU =P but I am not going haha X___x

I think Bev and AiLing are going to club tomorrow.. wonder where they all heading =X

yup Mum and dad at Melaka enjoying themselves now.. really hope they have a great time and eat yummy food.. *envy*

all broken thoughts.. haven I said before I am have a very broken up soul and sometimes I wonder can it ever be repaired.. =|

12:28 AM

Monday, May 23, 2005

If time could stand still..

I wish I could stay in your arms..

and look at the stars...

Feel the cool breeze down my neck...

Be engulfed by the scenic view.....

Engraved deep in my mind.....

Never to be forgotten...


Dun ask.....

I guess I read too much crap today and a few msn chats got me thinking... I just want to say a very big thank you to my yandao...

When I was very down in one point of my life.. you were there to pull me up and hear my sorrows again and again... and you tried all you can to cheer me up and forget about the past.

I am lucky.


To have met you.


8:36 PM

Your Brain is 73.33% Female, 26.67% Male

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2:01 PM

thoughts in my head now: I just wana slim down. enough said.

1:29 PM

Star Wars Horoscope for Sagittarius

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You are impatient and pushy when people take your teachings too lightly.
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EEks I am the green thing =\

9:04 AM


I dun really know what happen to me these days but I am always feeling so lethargic... where has all my energy gone? =|

Saturday was kinda cool.. I had to arrive at Tanah Merah Early in the morning for a free vision screening held together with an NKF check up at East Meadows condominium =P

Wee... was pretty cool had an air conditioned club house with nice cushioned seats to sit on =P Did pretty much things that day... had a go at using auto refractor.. ophthalmoscope... and even persuaded some aunties to buy some vouchers =D.. Think I am better at using the lens meter now and reading off the near adds.. from spectacles =P

Was really cool cause the crowd was managable.. had even talked to some young kids =D and one eight year old boy ask for my name! pian dao xiao di di .. LOL X___x

Had a great lunch with Hazel, Yih Chung and Samuel.. was pretty much gossiping about FRB.. and lol Samuel was really funny man especially when he taught Hazel how to adjust her spectacles whenever FRB scolds her.. lol... =X using the middle finger to adjust her specs LOL. classic.. I was gwaffing away like crazy.

And we went back to the shop thereafter to place all the dumb instruments back.. could sense my manager wasn't in that good mood but seriously I cannot be bothered.. we already did past our working hours le besides there were no customers in the shop what did you want us to do =X

She mentioned to me FRB might call in to spot check at like 8pm.. bleah it's already eight pm so ji jiao meh. What about the times we had to OT. GEESH my manager can be so dumb at times. Like she is so freaking made used by my boss.. yah she may have a higher pay but what about Hazel Yih Chung and me they are paid lower and what about me GEESH I get SUcky pay. -__-"

Yandao came all the way down to look for me =D Thanks!! *hugs* and we had nice yummy Burger king meal.. he had a meal with the galaxy star potato pieces...

(photo- update later)

Caught The Amityville horror with Yandao yesterday at Lot one had nice popcorn and before that had porridge buffet with yandao at Suntec... Urghz.. forget to take pictures =(

lol.. my shoe was killing me yesterday and I think I freaked yandao out a little.. sorry >.< *Hugs* thanks for tolerating me yandao!!

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8:38 AM

Friday, May 20, 2005


It's so nice ^^ so nice to lie on my bed with my Eeyore squashed underneath me typing away in my air -conditioned room.


I did pretty more things on Thursday heh did refraction on Hazel when my dumbo boss not ard =P gosh Hazel is such a nice ger.. I think I am going to miss her a lot when I am no longer in that Iguana shop =|She taught me a few stuff i think much more than my manager or my dumbo boss did =X

I am thinking of getting something for Hazel and Yih Chung...thank god for the two of them otherwise I cannot imagine How i go through my ITP days manz...

LOL rushed off to meet yandao for the long awaited Star wars episode Three for more than two thirds of Singaporeans I think...

Was trying very hard to keep my eyes open but >.< I think I slept too little the night before fell alseep in a few scenes... haiz =|dots I got sleeping problem man... maybe being with yandao is too comfy I always fall asleep when watching show with him =P

erm... all the stars are getting thinner...look at Lindsay Lohan she's become so skinny !! so envy.. How come i grew fatter.. ARGHZ! wish I had millions of US dollars so I can go Marie France =\...

dream Wendy dream... =/

And met yandao for lunch today =P at NUS woo.. the Fish and chips at the arts and social science canteen at Nus are cheap and yummy =D~~~


and I thought I just mentioned I grew fat..


8:06 PM

Thursday, May 19, 2005

I slept at one am... woke up at three am plus and did my report till now... it's already 7.10am...

Dun really know what's happening to me but I cannot seem to sleep well lately... There's like so many things running through my head now .. it's hard to grasp what exactly keeps me from dozing off in my comfortable bed with my Eeyore...

Life just gets so wired up at times...

I have one lump of accumulated things to read up =\ I so want to go East Coast on Sunday early in the morning just maybe for a walk or cycling... >.<

Wish I can go somewhere far away suddenly... By the way my dad just told me not long ago he may be going on a trip to malacca with my mum next week =\ haiz... itp itp no itp I would be in Malacca... The furthest place I have gone out of Singapore is Redang island... =| a bit pathetic but I am a poor kid so what do you expect X__x

7:06 AM

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Can people really die due to a

broken heart?

Sounds melodramatic, but a new study from Johns Hopkins University suggests that this situation can indeed be fatal. In their study of hospital patients, researchers found that emotionally traumatic incidents—like losing someone you love—can cause a surge in the body’s levels of stress hormones called catecholamines, which, when broken down, can produce chemicals that are toxic to the heart.

The result: A health problem called broken-heart syndrome, which, in severe cases, can lead to heart failure.

“At least five of the patients we studied would have died had they not sought treatment,” says researcher Ilan Wittstein, M.D., a cardiologist at Johns Hopkins. But relax: Not everyone who’s been dealt a bad blow by Cupid needs to rush to the emergency room.

Heartache that’s truly hospital-worthy will bring on symptoms typical to a classic heart attack: You may have difficulty breathing, and feel pain in your chest or radiating down your left arm, says Wittstein. In other words, if you’re sitting there bawling on the phone to a friend or mowing through a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, your ticker’s probably in top form.

Still, if you’re in a tailspin over lost love (even if it’s not of potentially lethal proportions), there are things you can do to protect your health. Typical anxiety-reducing activities like exercise can help; you could also consider what we like to call “interval grieving,” where you give yourself 30 minutes once or twice a day to dwell on your breakup, vowing to move on to fun distractions (even if that’s just a Friends rerun) after the allotted time is up, suggests Holly Pedersen, Ph.D, a licensed marriage and family therapist and president of Talk Works.

Finally, even if you’ve been dumped dramatically, it never hurts to remind yourself that there are upsides to being single, so write down three or more things you’re glad you can do, like “finally I can walk through an art museum at my own pace” or “now I can sleep on the whole bed rather than half of it, and hog the covers.”

hmm lol.... quite interesting eh.. so who says a broken heart is no serious matter =\ better think twice eh....

Hmm.. realised that everytime the dumb boss treats us to take away sushi means there is going to be a meeting... maybe it's true people become more receptive when there is food involved.. 0.0

heh went to eat yummy sushi buffet with yandao at Suki sushi on Sunday so fattening, I am not going to go back there for a long time man...

nice yummy salmon and lobster meat topped with some mayonnaise and fish roe =D

Raw swordfish =p sashimi~!! heh its kinda sweet those of you who haven tried it yet should have a go at it..

I am not sure what sushi this is called... but the crumbs or a more appropriate word would be thin slices of fish... covering the sushi.. it's really nice.. I love them on my tako pachi and my tempanyaki last time....^^

was trying so hard to finish up the food =\.. should get a paper bag and store the ones we cannot eat and smuggle it out for cats =D

Had an enjoyable and slackie day =D after eating like a dinosaur went to yandao's house to slack =P life is so freaking awesome when I have an off day =D..

12:37 AM

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Heh finally an off day on Sunday...

I am so tired out man... yah the word is burned out..haven had an off day ever since first of May.... so tiring =(

Went clubbing with Yandao, Pat and Jason on Friday night.. things were pretty cool at Zouk... They were having at event there.. 100 FHM sexiest woman or something.. but we went in through Phuture and could not really catch much of anything.. except a few glances of some half naked male foreign models, my favourite Daniel ong.. and some channel 8 TCS stars =P

ha ha I had lychee martini again =P the nice drink =P and had a few glups of burbon coke and Whiskey coke =D.. heh and even played a round of pool with yandao before we went back to dance..

The music got pretty good as it starts getting later into the night.. =D was so reluctant to leave =( but anyway yandao was tired besides I had work the next day >.< was already planning to take mC.. but oh well managed to woke up exactly at 7am so decided to go for work after all =\....

By the way was pretty depressed about.. guess work really puts me down heh... my limited life lack of freedom.. and lot of stuff overflowing in my head that I was pretty depressed on Wednesday night... Yandao was really sweet to me .. he came down to Orchard to find me after work on Thursday though he was not feeling that well and he bought me this...

It's so CUTE~!!
Thanks Yandao =D *hugs Hugs*

I promise I will take care of Eeyore and you =D

Oh before i forget.. Xue Ni if you are reading this.. Happy Belated Birthday... hope you had a great time as well =)

2:53 AM

Saturday, May 14, 2005


You are a

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heh got this from Yi Hui's blog.. and something from my friend's blog...

realize that the girl holding onto u..
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The way she laughs..
The way she sleeps..
The way she loves you..
The way she tries to please you...

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You might never have another chance with that
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Oh well... most guys these days dun know how to treasure their gfs..

many things happened lately.. shall update later lol kinda lazy now =P

10:08 PM

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Things I should be doing:

1) Lose weight
2) go on diet
3) exercise
4) read up on my past year notes
5) read up my articles for my project

Lastly.. be nice to yandao lol... I think I am too emotional these days hope I did not scare you Yandao X__x

7:57 AM

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

yah it's true the more you hope the more upset you get when things dun turn out the way you expected...

so does it mean we all should just stop hoping?

ha... it's weird why humans have so much emotions dun you agree.. and what's worst are that girls get ultra emotional over the silliest things..

yah I am going to be 22 in November.. but why do I still feel like a dumb ger getting upset at things I should not be.

On my way home... I just felt like bursting out in tears.. enough said.. maybe I anticipated too much ever since Monday? Maybe work really sucks and all I look forward is after work and my life after 8pm.. Before 8pm I am just a fake slave trying to be happy when I feel not even a single tinge of happiness.

Maybe my unhappiness is being supressed all the time till it rolls into one huge snowball and any small matter gets me in depressed mode easily.. and my dear Irene aka My jc pal if you are reading this.. guess what.. you r not the only one who is feeling down ... *hugs Hugs*

Maybe life sucks at times my brain is so dead..
All i can felt was the lump in my throat getting bigger as I tried to swallow back my tears. bleah.

9:48 PM

Monday, May 09, 2005

Your Birthdate: November 24

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You may also become the mediator and peacemaker in inharmonious situations.

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12:05 AM

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Hmm.. heh =P

Today started out raining lol.. early in morning man =( But good thing was it rained... heh means less turn out for the screening vision thing meaning less people would come =X

anyway the place was somewhere near Bedok Reservoir.. eh HOw i miss that place >.< I used to sit at the playground and chat with my friend the whole day grumbling about family problems to chatting about happy stuff and her romance occurances yeap lol my friend likes to talk to me about her "tao hua yun" =P

Oh well anyway the screening vision thing was held in conjunction with an RC thingy and they were holding it in conjunction with Mother's day celebration so there was free buffet for us =P and got some prettiest Mother's event heh so cool =P

besides being a bit busy and getting scolded by my manager for some minor stuff and my dumbo boss a bit dun trust my skills in using the focimeter everything was pretty cool =P

My dumbo boss's mum is kinda nice heh was chatting with her kinda happy =P Samuel is pretty nice too =D he always chat with me and try to teach me new stuff but the dumbo boss saw me at the tonometer and called me back to use the focimeter.. =
Even Samuel's boss L was pretty nice to me too =P keep asking me go eat like quite take care of me bah =D

And best of all the whole thing ended around 2pm weee~!! heh heh

I could go CCK and meet Yandao =P
So happy =PpPPPp

We ended up watching The Kingdom of HEaven.. and besides Orlando Bloom and several war scenes and strategies being interesting I thought the story line was a bit boring.. but watching it with Yandao is enjoyable and I bought Yummy POpcorn been craving it for so long le >.< aghz fat haha

And after the show went to eat roti prata heh there was kosong prata this time round 0.0...

Headed to Yandao's house a while to place the yummy cake he bought for his mum ^^.. and sat around a while before going home =D

Tried to get a nice cake for my mum but the cake seems pretty stale.. and quickly called my sis to ask her about the cake =P thankfully she said okie and HEH I decided to buy some savoury food and deserts back for my mummy first =P

Spring chicken, ice chendol, Ice kachang And hokkien mee =P =D~~ heh I did not really eat la =P anyway wanted mum to eat more she is so skinny~! But I think my dad ended up eating most of it 0.0"

And my sis just came home with a beautiful cake heh from Q bread so cool =P
Hope everyone had a great mother's day eh~! =P

11:15 PM

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Oh well.. =(

Haha dunno what came into me today.. I got depressed and actually teared along the way home in MRT.. yah I was that pathetic.. maybe after hanging out in that bloody Iguana shop for too long... I finally could not hold back anything anymore..

Ha Ha... Yah he did said some pretty sacarstic things today and maybe It just hit my last straw.. I felt pretty down.. and yet another dumb report on writing how to clean spectacles...whatever.. geesh I am so totally speechless..dumbo boss give dumbo reports to write i guess..

Anyone got laxatives haha..... maybe it's nice to add them to my dumbo boss's mineral water...

He's the worst kind of boss.. last night when we were about to close shop just last fifteen minutes he changed the display all over and left the shop in a mess and want us to display the rest of the glasses.. I was fuming mad.. cos Yandao was already waiting for me and that dumbo boss did this on purpose making us always knock off later than we should... I really hate him why dun he just die of some cancer man..

too much bad stuff about him it would take me years to finish complaining about this dumb guy...

I went for Genki sushi with Yandao yesterday and they did not count one $5.30 plate.. lol cos yandao was too yandao =X I quote this from yandao =X....
and had yummy mac Vanilla cone...

Today was terrible.. I reached CCK looking extremely sad I guess.. haha and tears just kept flowing =( yes so pathetic..I felt like slapping myself.. had to let poor yandao wait outside for me while I tried to cool down in toilet...

Lol luckily yandao was there for me and he is so patient with me =D haha He bought me nuggets to eat and some lemon tea.. Heh =D *hugs Hugs*

And I forget my bag of shoes when we went off.. LOL luckily when I rushed back it was stiil there =X heh too sad that I actually forget my nice shoes X___x...

Ughz.. long day tomolo Cannot wait for the vision screening to end and meet up with yandao heh...

10:44 PM

Thursday, May 05, 2005

hmm... saw this very broken english mail

This is a good way to talk to your gf........
11.05pm, guy and gal were chatting happily, when guy uncontrollably yawns
Bad example ============

gal (sounding out): you feeling sleeping??
guy: yeah, tired from work...
gal (sounds concern): ok, shan't disturb u, go and sleep lah
guy: ok, you have an early nite too.. (guy hangs up the phone.)

5 min later, phone rings awaken by the phone rings,
guy: hello?
gal: .............
guy: who's this?
gal (feeling unjust): you felt very bothered by me is it?
guy (confused): huh? what?
gal: .............
guy: why? what happened?
gal: you find me very bothersome is it?
guy: bothersome? why you said this??
gal: ..............
guy: what's the matter? how i would know if you dun say it out?
gal: we are chatting halfway, and you yawn, and went off to sleep...
guy: b...but, you are the one who ask me to go to sleep...
gal: you already said want to sleep already, what else u want me to say?
guy: haiz... if you wanna chat, just say so... what for tell me to go sleep, and feeling unhappy in the end?
gal: since when i'm unhappy?
guy: isn't this unhappy? ok ok, i won't sleep the next time, will that do?
gal: what's the point? i want you to chat with me willingly, and not because afraid that i will be unhappy...

in the end, guy spend another hr comforting gal, actual sleep time is 11.40pm, plus the earlier argument, he did not have a good sleep. what worse is the gal may argue with the same thing again the next day.

Good example ============

gal (sounding out): you feeling sleepy?
guy (tired vocal, but sound interested) : abit, tired from work. but you have not finished talking, carry on, i will be listening.
gal (felt consoled): orh, but since you are tired, go and sleep then (still sounding out, never fall into the trap and hang up the phone)
guy: there's no afternoon break today, indeed more tiring. how abt i give u a call tomorrow morning. let's chat awhile more ok? (tells the reason, and offer make up measure)
gal: oh ok. go and sleep now, you must be tired.

gal is willing to let guy go sleep, but guy must do a bit more than this

guy: so what time you are going to sleep?
gal: not sure, probably a bit later.
guy: ok, but not too late, not good for health. i will be heart pain one hor...
gal (feeling loved): ok lah...
guy: i love you!(even if eyes are shutting also must remember to say this impt words, else all effort wasted)
gal: i loved you too, have a good rest! (happy till can float liao)
guy: ehmm...
gal hang up the phone

in the end, 11.10pm. guy sleep peacefully, and probably a morning call from gal the next day...

Conclusion 1: female wants care and concern. most of the time, female's logic cannot be figured out with a reasoning mind.
Conclusion 2: say a few more touching words, concerning lines, will save you more than hr of precious time
Conclusion 3: when encounter the above situation, must always let the gal hang up the phone first. else it will be disastrous...

Conclusion 4: if your gf isn't like the one in the example, then congrats to u! treasure her! but if otherwise, dun accuse her of being unreasonable. what she wants is very simple... =)

LOl... yandao do u feel lucky? =X haha anyway the english here is so bad that I felt like its a converstaion between an ah beng and a small ah lian... dun the girls get tired too? -__-" and girls do have stuff waiting for them to do also.. they dun just sit around waiting for their bf's call! Hmmph... poor girls... it's time to get yr own life too!

and the worst thing about girls is that even though they got so many important things waiting for them to do they always put their bfs in the utmost piority.. how i know ah... duh I am a girl X___x

Work today was pretty cool though I was late and got slapped with sacarsm by my dumbo boss again.. I managed to get an ang mo lady to buy a salvatore ferrangano spectacles costing about 400 plus =P heh My manager choose several frames for her she keep saying No and happen to like the few frames I selected for her.. so re pricing spectacles do have an advantage .. =P

Oh and I got my results today was partially the reason causing me to be late for work today haha hence the sacarsm =\ anyway I think i did pretty good for my results =P


lol...so i did get an A for Miss Lek's module =X It was rajeev's module I got a B+ X__x did too bad for the tests I think...

heh anyways my colleagues got very good results too... I think YC got like three distinctions =P clever heh! and hazel always get good grades too wah... I am a lucky gal lol working with smart people =D

Okies tata~! =P

11:43 PM

Your Japanese Name Is...

Hisa Reizei

What's your Japanese Name?

woo so chim lol....

12:19 AM

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

hmm ha ha...

my life is getting so sucky...

Yah I think I gain like dunno how many kg.. must be too depressed after work always whenever I reach home all I do is pig out.. zzzz

I know I should go jog in the morning lor =( why is my life so sad.. like one whole bloody day already at work place still need to jog then so many things to do like read up my project journals.. and re read all my year two and one stuff..

HOw.. I feel like so rotten everyday.. I know i should start with something but everything seems so stacked up and freaked this sunday I got to reach Eunos at 7.30am =( haizz really is free labour lor.. I heard from YC my dumb boss actually requested for 2 attachment students

.. wah his skin is really bloody thick lor.. heh no shame in asking till like that sia...

Luckily Hazel and YC is with me ha ha.. the previous day had fun chatting with YC .. he also quite a sensible guy and caring too.. then Hazel is so cute and fun to work with if not for the two of them I would have probably died in that bloody IGUANA shop.. heh It's not the company's name but inconvenient to disclose here...so I shall call it the Iguana shop instead...

I so much need to lose weight but i dunno why I still eat so much after I reach home.. maybe it's like emotional tension... I need to release my emotions elsewhere and not take it out on my stomach... haiz... wish I CAn starve myself whenever I feel down..

Okie I should start from today when I come home I should limit myself to the amount of food i eat... heh please god let me succeed in losing my fats =( I dun want to be fat on my 22nd Birthday =
And tomorrow is the release of my results =| Pray everything will be fine bah no cs please =( but it's like so hard pray for me people =/

10:09 PM

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I feel tired... tired and fat and lazy...

This morning I kept sneezing.. but it stopped when I arrived at work not long.. WHY? How i wish I keep on sneezing then maybe the boss would ask me go take MC urghz...

Did crap work again.. and the dumb boss skilfully changed the display of glasses all around the shop..zzzz

Dun ask me how i going to do re pricing of the specs when I cannot find them in the first place....zzz YC's secret manual does not work now.. haha YC is so kind He tried to teach me things today.. asked me what I wanted to learnt and taught me some things on progressive lens :D

He must have been thinking haha poor attachment student learnt nothing but crap always... =X

I wish I dun have to go work tommorrow.. anyway dumb boss is having off day tommorrow.. YAY~!!!

12:06 AM

Sunday, May 01, 2005

hot hot hot....

that's all that is in my head now the weather is so freaking hot.. then once I enter an air conditioned area I turned into like ice.. geesh wonder if I will become sick a not.... it's been like always hot and cold hot and cold...

sick also good.. then I can apply for MC and have a short holiday haha -___-""

Went to Orchard with yandao.. caught chio bu Jamie yeo and the perfect ten crew daring people to do weird stuffs.. like eating apple after it was being rubbed under someone's armpit.

YUCKS. and some guy acually did it for ten bucks geesh...


went to eat the freaking roti prata that was so hard .. heh really disappointed.. should have stuck to Long john's silver man =\...

And back at lot one we went to play Xbox again haha =P Lord of rings is nice with LEGOLAS LEH~!!can shoot arrows some more.. so cool... but I think Yandao was very amused by the dead or alive beach volleyball game LOL... he seem pretty happy playing it and burst out laughing whenever the game character said something or did some dumb action lol....

Phew.. long day even went to visit my classmate AL and ST but ST was too busy to even notice me standing outside her shop lol... never mind =P I will go visit her one fine day again.. =P

11:59 PM

heh heh weeee~~!

Finally a Sunday off =D

heh today work was not that bad.. did a lot of re pricing as usual... and kind boss today finally let me handle something but it was really minor =X but better than nothing I guess... just to screw nosepad onto customer's spectacle.. well at least he trusted me to do it fast and quick =P

=P and heh He finally ask me to go upstairs to see an eye test today.. oh well =P I saw the couple from Sunday's vision screening in Choa Chu Kang community centre..

they bought the Retinal health screening vochure for 8 bucks to take picture of their fundus 0.o.. the photos appear quite normal except for a few flecks around the guy's retina and since the couple only understands chinese I had to translate what my manager wanted to tell them =P yup my manager is a malay ger =P

Heh finally felt of some use in the whole attachment period...and I served a customer today =P got his spectacles and ask him to read the chart for near vision =P my dumb boss said good =P

ha ha luckily I always see what Lenny does and try to hear their conversations as much as possible so at least I know what to do =PpPP

heh at least I know how to use the visa machine and cash register now 0.0....

Oh well and today I helped a gal select a spectacle frame felt good when she was satisfied with what I chose for her she seems kinda clueless about what frame to get at first... heh heh maybe re pricing has its benefits I seem to know what kind of frames are available now 0.0

haha My boss treated us to the mango drink today =\ oh well dun think I will get my money back anyway 0.o....

and best of all is I met yandao for dinner at Lot one today~~!! we are the sinful ones Had mac donalds for dinner cos kosong roti prata was not available -__-"

and later we shopped around and finally went to play Xbox games =P so cool it's long since I felt that fun... heh we were playing Fatal Frame two =P nice leh =D

I think it's better than playing pool =X

Anyway anything is always good with the right company =P yeah =PpPpP

12:35 AM

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