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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tuesday Night

Went KTV again X__x oh my god lol all the money fly away =/


Was spent rotting at home and trying to level up maple lol...


Forced dear to go out with me and catch movie =D treated him to watch a Russian movie at causeway point... pop corn so pathetic =X Lot one one better lol..... It was Night Watch not too bad I kinda like the story =D


Went to GLenna's bbq birthday celebration at Seletar Reservoir.. you know the place where a lot of cars stop by the dam... and even got ice cream man appear selling ice cream heh =P FOod was not too bad.. Patrick can cook quite nice stuff =D i thought the fried rice was not too bad =D the bee hoon was nice too =D~~


Hwa hwa had to go for wedding dinner .. my cousin's wedding dinner.. man was she pretty =D~~ I liked her hair so much ^^ and was playing with my younger cousin Nicole the whole time =D she is so cute and she loves Hello Kitty lol..


had to go for vision screening at Tanjong Pagar... X___x.. was quite okay ... quite a sum of people came for eye screening.. and the buffet was not too bad haha.. manage to get off earlier due to PS feeling unwell and i accompany her go off first =D

Went to find dear at lot one before we headed to Yew Tee to have some food and poke around the fun fair cum Pasar Malam there...

Hmm.. so many roti prata I have eaten I think the one at Yishun was still one of the best =D


Work work work.... was chatting with Mr Y and C... wow we talked about some pretty serious matters about life...Life is so fragile at times...X___x talked about a lot of misfortunes in life.... I think we should always treasure people around us =)
*hugs dear* ^^


Got up super early and decided to make peanut butter cookies for dear =D Some were burnt and I had to throw them away.. was more careful the second time round baking them =D

Went to find dear for a jog at 7am =P and we had nice Ya kun toast in the morning A bit ex though X___x one simple breakfast set consisting of two eggs and two slices of bread with a cup of tea/ coffee cost ard $3.70..

Pass the cookies to him and luckily he said they were nice.... pass him some tau suan my mum cooked too....

and my sweet dear bought me lunch lol =X

had sinful macs for dinner and went to the arcade a while before we headed home..

ah... =)

yay nice break.. feel kinda happy =D

9:19 PM

Thursday, September 22, 2005

You Are an Appletini

Most of the time, you're a typical party girl / guy.
But when you get super sauced, you really up your sex appeal.
What Mixed Drink Are You?

nono... I am trying to enforce the idea that clubbing is bad in my brain =(

1:20 PM

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I need to revamp my life...

actually everything is fine the way it is... except for being fat lol....


Wonder why my weight always come back. =|

6:02 PM

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Stubborn. hardhearted. Determined. Never quit.
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5:56 PM

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Woo hoo... finally get my butt off my bed for a jog this morning X__x

I think I am growing old lol.... My stamina wasn't that good as last time but still I managed to finish my four rounds.. I think someone ask me before was it possible I ran 2.8 km x 4 =11.2 km... Lol i dunno if the markings are of correct distance but I always end up jogging around one hour plus... heh nvm got jog until is very good le okie =X

I think my memory has been getting poorer =(
When Mr Y ask me about somethings about my sch I had to recall so long =\... gosh he must be thinking my brain sucks lol...

Maybe I should go eat some pig brain to "revitalise" my brain but i dun like eating my own kind leh =|

haha any good recommendations for "bu nao" please tell me okie =D


8:12 AM

Monday, September 19, 2005

Lol.. it's like years since I updated X__x

been busy busy so.. lol had to let my blog collect dust for some time...


Was "busy" studying test on Wednesday so could not go meet Yandao even though he was having his leave... but it was okay he had to go take some nice photo with his family as well...

really wanted to study but ended up mapling most of the time...


Went to Essilor centre where they make lens on Thursday morning.. Miss Dawn treated us to yummy Mac donalds breakfast =D I had a nice sausage Mac muffin... =P
lol... Hidayah and the rest were as usual high over nothing =)

Finally had my role play test with Hao Na I guess we did not do that well but i think we did not do that bad ether..No need to see black face Miss K anymore =X

Miss Lek's test was alright.. luckily we had the qns from the next class.. most of the qns came from the next class.. u see both classes were to come up with mcqs on the journals we had read.. so lol Miss Lek is cunning... my class test had more qns from the other class.. while their test had more of our qns lol...

Met up with pei Li and Irene and Yuxin to celebrate Pei Li's bday.. heh she had a cute lantern and mooncake as her gift this year and we treated her to Pasta mania

I think the best part was we were really talking and enjoying ourselves =)I always enjoy meeting up with the three of them .. it's always that funny.. Irene makes me laugh a lot and pei Li and Yuxin are great pals.. hope we will always meet up to celebrate bdays ^^


Clinic was not too good... got like 6/10 for both cases.. but it was alright ^^ Dr Koh said my retinoscopy was good pretty accurate heh of course I used the method Mr Rajeev used lol...well.. END OF CLINIC FOR THIS SEM.... what more do i have to say =X

Met up with Pei Shan and she told me lots of stuff.. hur hur nice juicy news abt her =X haha we had nice meal at Scotts food court and had ice cream at macs..

Found Yandao later at Lot one.. and we ended up in K box..lol dun ask me why.. we sang a bit and pretty soon we were really singing till like 2 plus reaching three am haha.. and yandao paid my cab fare home.. yah he's a nice guy =) if he ask me go home and pay my own cab my face would probably look like =(


Work work.. =) all thanks to ZY heh i got this part-time job still on some sort of probation.. but the people are really nice there.. Vincent was ard as well.. Mr W is pretty nice to us and Mr Y is so fun =D I hope my future hubby will be like that spontaneous and optimistic and he's really so nice =D My sis's old colleague C was there too...


Woo.. got up early and prepared to go to my younger Cousin's wedding tea ceremonial.. lol pictures speaks a thousand words =)

She was serving tea to her parents...

GOld.. wahaha lucky ger =)

Serving tea to my mum.....

Serving tea to my auntie =D

I feel so happy for her =) looks like she found a nice hubby.. he was messaging her foot for her when she complaint of leg cramps how sweet... =)

Oh and i appeared on news today =X


had to go to school for a briefing on the hospital attachment and pass up my clinic book today... woo... Mr L was in bad mood today he stormed into our briefing late by like 20 minutes and sort of flared his temper at Mr C... even though he was late for excusable reasons.. i think he shouldn't just flare up like that... geesh =/

Met yandao for a quick lunch at NUS.. ha ha yummy fish..*slurps* lol.. guess what I had =X

And it was off to work.. pretty cool today not much people ard I thought I would end up with no sales today... but ended up selling contact lens haha $320 bucks =X a year supply not too bad for a start le.. work was nice today was basically chatting with Mr Y and C all the way wee... =X

well... time for maple?? LOL I wonder if u all really have the patience to read finish everything =X

Oh.. by the way someone saw me while i was going to sch... haha and he just said something to me on MSN... lol i told yandao le... haha I am GUAI okie not like some gers =X anyhow flirt lol...

10:33 PM

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Ha ha... Today was really fun...


Channel Newsasia came by my school LOL... and they filmed me and my friend =P I was my classmate's contact lens patient... haha =P so later i think my eye or me will appear on news lol.. so cool =D

I had GE and a contact lens delivery under Dr Wang today haha.. It's okay i forget to close the door while doing VF and forget to note down some important findings... so i got a 5/10 but it's okay =X she usually gives a 5 or 6 .. the most strict lecturer i would say but it's fun under her =D she taught me a lot of things always =P aand my CL delivery i got 6.5/10 so not too bad +D.. and she got thin legs lOL... dun ask me why i notice that..

And it's lol so cool being a patient and filmed haha I wanted to laugh at times.. I think the camera man was kinda stressed out by Ai Ling asking him so many questions lol..... we should appear on tv tonight if i am not wrong lol..

and then,


Geesh... after being in running condition for so long ... It stil does break down quite that often yucks...

I only got one thing to say...


5:05 PM

Monday, September 12, 2005

You are 33.33% jealous!
For this test, the average jealousy percentage is 35.54%.
313345 people have taken this test to date.

This percentage means that :
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Take the Jealousy test lol..

5:41 AM

Sunday, September 11, 2005

heh so i guess I am sticking to my green hair in maple for a while before I change it =D

Went for a quick jog with yandao today but.. oh well seem like it was going to rain... heh and true enough after we bought our yong tau hoo, yoghurt, honey dew and "kao lak".... reaching his home after some time.. heavy rain poured..

we ate yummy food and nua around his house for some time =D

lol.. ^^

I wish I had the determination of RUi En or Quan yi feng to be so skinny lol =D
please grant me my wish!!

9:21 PM


9:02 AM

haha =D

CLinic on Friday was better than I expected.. thought i would do badly but Mr C gave me a 7 and a 8 wow =P I think he is the teacher that gave me most of my eights for GE so far haha =)

Went to eat Mac with yandao after school and we played X box .. he's a soccer game fan *yawn* whoops =X

Saturday was pretty fun as well...
Had a great time recycling specs with my classmates.. and went to eat with Ai Ling and Bev for lunch heh we talked quite a lot =)

We talked about guys and Bfs.. and many stuff ^^
It is nice talking to the two of them especially Bev I think she is a sunny ger that makes pple feel better =D

Went back and did our year three project.. heh reminded me of the cute subject I did on Thursday (yah we poor things haha almost doing project everyday)... she even brought along her neopet stuff toy.. it was so cute call jubjub.. and I humoured everyone making the cute jub jub come alive haha

yah I am still a kid X__x

Went to meet Yandao around evening time.. and I gave him the MRT quiz... heh he figured it our finally.. lol yup we will ask Patrick the next time hur hur LOL..

Wanted to go Liquid room to catch the Beat Box competition but long long queue.. so we went to sit down at a bar and catch soccer first then we headed to Co Co Latte =P finally....

the place is a little too small and smoky but it's okay... they played some nice Rnb songs though

lol =) I like how my life is at times.. sweet and unpredictable sounds a bit like candies =D~

2:46 AM

Thursday, September 08, 2005

hmm interesting message i got from my friendster inbox..

i am looking for a female singer from 19 to 23 for
my production album in sentimental and qing kuai
chinese songs.. which i intend to market in future..
the criteria is that 1) able to bring out the songs
well 2) unique vocals of her own 3) x factor in terms
of hearing feel and vocal aspects 4) acceptable
looks for album 5) not in music scene.. if u keen
and got the criteria u can msg me back and i will
hear ur vocal first.. the rest of the agreement and
production album details be at later stage if u the
one i need and work together.. thanks

.. hmmm dunno whether its a scam a not... but anyway too bad I cannot sing really well =P If u all know someone that I should really recommend leave a message on my tag board okie? =)

5:33 AM

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

heh =D

I just completed my part for Mr Boey's report =P yeap So i am free from typing reports this weekend...

Got assessed by Miss Lek just now.. got 6.5 and 7.5 for the two cases on Tuesday so average out still seven lol.. =| anyway my clinic grade is going to be quite poor a C bah i think .___.""

But today's presentation for our business module went pretty well.. Mr Boey was pretty pleased with our presentation =D We got an A =PpPP for the presentation hur hur =) but I think Miss Lek was pretty dissappointed with my class in her journal presentation.. oh well she felt that everyone just did it for the sake of doing it not really trying to understand the journals =/

Oh well I tried hard and I think I understand but due to the very short time we were given to present I think most of us panick and just rush through the slides without going into more detailed explanation.. diao I mean what can you expect???! each of us had like 5mins.. but the journal is so chim.. and we definitely take a much longer time if we do a good presentation on it...

Anyway lol whatever I say now just seems like excuses =P we will just have to try harder next term..

0.o read JF's blog and found out she went to ROuge.. so COOL +D I wanna go too... lol X__x dunno what's up with me .. lol I just cannot wait to go out and play? X__x

Saturday is going to be a long and tiring day think I have to stay at school and do project till 7 plus lol... from morning 8 plus hur hur life is *yawn* with FYP =|

11:54 PM

Sunday, September 04, 2005

SO well clinic went okay on Friday but I am still dissatisfied with my ret results =( I think no more working lens le and i am going to use the sphere sphere method using trial frame .. cannot see anything through the phoropter at all lol


Saturday went pretty smoothly the subjects did not give us much trouble and soon I crawled over to Yandao's home haha =D We rotted and nua around for a while then we had q quick meal at Macs before heading over to Orchard.. heh =P

Went to Devil's bar nooooooooo not to club la =P someone wanted to catch the match between England and Wales =D I did not mind the vodka lime we had was pretty good.. and beckham was playing for England =D~~

oh well they played pretty ur -__-"" but at least England still won >.< 1 to 0 ha ha..

Oh well went over to CCK and Yandao wanted to go KTV >.< so expensive I told him i did not want to sing le lol and he sent me home =D

Sunday had vision screening lol... Reach the Nursing home at ard 750am as y dad fetch me there...ya i am a lucky ger haha and i thought I lost my wallet lol.. false alarm =X even gave a call to Yandao and told him I lost my wallet early in the morning X__x sorry woke u up so early in the morning =(

Wooo.. screening ended at 12 plus instead of the 4 plus we thought .. and I met Yandao up at CCK and we went sing sing =D KTV +D before that we had a yummy bite at Aijisen Ramen... Please note that the ramen not nice at all lor.. I was eating the ala cart =D lol... nice though

We sang till 4.30pm.. heh it is so great fun singing along with yandao =P nice ^^ Had an awesome time .. It's kinda great hanging out with a cute yandao haha =D I never knew two people could add up to so much fun till i met him ^^ =D REALLY =X heh heh

okay finally at home after a nice bath =PpPP by the way had tequila while ktving lalala =D

maple time 0.o"?

7:25 PM

Friday, September 02, 2005

can't wait for my holidays =X Just 2 more weeks of school =P

Going to graduate next year ard march time =( so soon man.. I am really going to miss all the gers =(

Should we go for one clubbing session next Wednesday 0.0 lol..

by the way there is this guy who like always see me at school then add me through friendster 0.o"" and he has been to SPOC before I saw him there that time 0.0""

He ask me to check his eyes >.<
Should I be wary? Ha ha I think he should be harmless right?
Weird way of knowing gers LOL.

8:00 AM

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