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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

8:59 AM

Friday, November 25, 2005

heh.. so my 22nd birthday finally reached... not that i was anticipating to grow older.. but this year's birthday was great =)

except.. for the bad stomach I had, running nose and sore throat.. everything else was perfect =X

Went out with the gals on Wednesday after my project.. treated them to a nice meal at Piaza with my other friend SH whose birthday just went by recently..

Had very nice fish and chips =P and platter combo with the gers... SH had the same stuff with me while others had Crayfish spagetti, Pasta, Teriyaki chicken sandwhich...

On Thurs (MY BIRTHDAYY) =D.. went to had yummy dinner at Marche with Yandao =P

heh this is the nice pizza he made.. I mean he chose the ingredients ^^

The nice strawberry shortcake we had =D

Wooo.. Fish and Wedges.. yeap I am a very fishy gal.. lovee fish and chips... MEOW =D

.. We also had very yummy mushroom soup which I absolutely cannot forget the flavour and the nice rosti =D

OMG... FAT.. lol

and... guess what my dear bought for me =D I could not believe it.. heh He bought me Ipod Nano.. which I never really thought of =X

He read my subconcious mind? 0.o I really did not hint anything... I just mention that my friend is so lucky had a i pod nano for her birthday but i really did not expect he would go buy them! 0.0"" lol mind reader X__x

and he bought so much accessories with the ipod X__x THANKS DEAR =D *HUGS*

And my poly mates bought me a cool bag from Projectshop =D I kinda like the rugged look it gives =D

hoo hoo =X hee =P Nice birthday... and a lot of my friends whom I never thought would remember my birthday Message Me =D...

ah... nice sick 22nd Birthday =P

7:35 AM

Friday, November 18, 2005

So... finally caught up with my dear after clinic yesterday.. heh clinic went pretty well =) Had a very nice and gentle lecturer that assessed me =P and he taught me quite a few things though he did ask prettty much questions which made me felt a bit nervous...

Was released around five plus and went to Bouna Vista to wait for Yandao... hur hur busy working crowd =/ haiz soon I am going to be joining the working force.. =\ *yawns*

We reached Suntec soon and we decided to see whether there were tickets for Harry potter.. goblet of fire.. weee and we managed to bought tickets.. =D

Then we went to Braun Buffel to buy his present =P yeah new wallet for him ^^

and then we went to a very nice Vietnamese restaurant called Pho... at the forth level.. yeah my close pal SX intro me de =P she brought me there the other day... so i treated yandao to yummy food.. =P or at least he agreed with me.. they were not bad and very filling =D

Heh the appetizers..

Chicken wings =D o.0 bird flu??! lol =P

Nice fried egg rolls..

ahh should have taken more pictures... but I guess both of us were hungry! so he had nice crab meat and tomato soup for main course.. with noodles in them and I had sweet and sour soup with rice very nice the soups =D~ oh and they had very nice iced lemon tea which reminded me of long island tea =D~~~

we went to sky garden to take a breather before heading to arcade to play KOF.. ok I admit I was watching him play.. but it was cool... My dear is good at KOF.. I enjoy watching him hit the baddies with the special shots.. hur hur =P

And finally we watch HArry potter... very very nice movie ^^ I was really satisfied =D Felt happy.. though we did simple things.. I felt that in such a short period of time.. it was very well spent... =P

oh well.. maybe because my dear is yandao and nice =D

oh =X guess I am lucky after all

4:23 PM

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hmmm... Hurm.... actually I like to sleep but I don't know why my eyes are always so wide open at around 7am in the morning always.... geesh 0.0

hmm...today is THURSDAY.... so? The seventeen of November =D

it's my DEAR'S BIRTHDAY!~~



8:34 AM

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

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7:49 PM

Monday, November 14, 2005

so less than two weeks to my Brithday and i still feel fat as ever.


so my plan to diet did not work out.

so I wanted to eat less.. but I ended up eating as per norm.

so I am still as heavy as I was before.

Life is always unfair -_-"

Oh well I think I am still going round in circles in life sometimes =(

I know that's sad....

but I tend to snack to take my mind off things.. omg.. sound so pathetic...

Is there anything I can substitue eating when I feel bored and lonely?


Wish there was a cure..

omg I am spouting rubbish again.

My brain cannot work well.. lol =|

8:55 PM

Sunday, November 13, 2005

man.. i so much need someone to sponser me diet stuff =D

anyone buying good recommeded slimming pills for my birthday? =D

I don't mind a Marie france slimming package too hur hur 0.0""

3:32 PM

Well.. lol days flew past as poor yandao was being cooked by the scorching hot sun in his reservist.. poor dear =( saw his wounds on his hands... evil sun =(

Heh haven sleep yet =X

Just had a very nice bath.. =D

Guess where I went?

DBLO.. LOl surprise surprise =X

Drinks were pretty cheap =D as compared to other clubs... but it was retro night on Saturdays =|... not too bad in fact some of the songs were great.... started off drinking from a jug of vodka ribena while yandao had a nice cold beer.. which he had been longing for since Friday =P.. yah cos he wants to get a nice beer belly =X shhh..

danced and danced till we decided to get a break outside... and managed to catch some live soccer from the bars outside... seems like England was losing at that moment X__x

Went back and danced =P oh man was still retro.. 0.0""" and this time we had a jug of Whiskey coke... ah we played cai quan =D I think my response improved a lot compared to the first time I played with you right yandao =P wahahaha...

and we secretly went into O bar which was super nice =P was playing a lot of nice songs.. BEP... some rnb heh.... and managed to drink Tequila shots =D~ nice nice... poor chao da mian bao =X was a bit seh? well haha he doesn't get drunk easily... tried to make him drunk by forcing him to drink more of the whiskey coke but he seems so wide awake =|.. lol but he seems to be dancing more at dance floor today ^^

Went back to DBLO after they started to play a lot of Indian raggae songs haha... and DBLO happen to be playing quite nice rock and Rnb songs =P nice!

managed to catch a cab back with yandao =P nice ride back =X

=p wide awake till now...

and yesterday we had a taste of the zheng zhong.... steamboat at Bugis heh... actually the food was pretty good.. but Somehow I ate like 15 bucks worth of mushrooms =X oh well......

wee.... =P fun night =D~

7:01 AM

Monday, November 07, 2005

.. last thursday...went to the Meet Ou De Yang concert with Yandao and his friend J and his Gf =D

Cannot really see his face from the big padang field -__-"" there were even kids playing catching omg ... speechless haha more like family outing...

had really nice fish and chips (suntec food court) before heading home with yandao =P

hmm.. so well.. I guess school on Friday was pretty short hehe =) Miss Vivian ended her class like ard 45mins and Mr Raj was on mc so we were free to go home actually hmm... but I had to work after school LOL X__x so not much difference to me...

Saturday was cool =P had clinic with three patients was pretty okay but one patient I got 6/10 nia... SAD.. lol cos I did not trust my own ret results -__-"" Should have just written down what I checked !!

Met up with yandao to go walk around in Bugis after my clinic =D
heh the shops there changed pretty much hur hur.. really a bit like shopping mall with the air con and cute shops.. bought earrings there =D 2 earrings for 5 bucks woo what a deal =D

we had nice yummy meal at V8 cafe haha It finally opened after renovation ^^ and I liked the omelette a lot =D with my favourite MUSHROOMS! XD DUn understand how can anyone HATE MUSHROOMS =X LOL Yan dao had seafood spagetthi =P

later on we decided to hang around the arcade.. hehe the king of fighters (new version) seem pretty cool... Wish I could play like dear haha he's really good at the fighting game!!

and we headed to Mohammed Sultan road to catch soccer in one of the pubs... Bezo or something.. and we got cheated!! the waiter actually charged us more for the ice cream when it's supposed to be cheaper =( shucks man..

and so Sunday was slacky day and I mapled at home =P

haha clinic today was okay =) Miss D seems to be in a good mood today =D maybe she found a new bf ? weeee LOL...

okay tired =X time to nua~~!! Bev and AL wants to go DBLO this thurs!! omg I also want to go but clinic ends so late -___-""" shall see how

3:59 PM

Thursday, November 03, 2005

heh please do not click on this link unless.. you are really really bored....

do not click

ha dun worry its nothing R rated lol.. =D

2:26 PM

Woo hoo.. feeling so high right now.. =)

Long island tea is great makes me feel so high.. so high... =) It's a kind of feeling that's indescribable..


haha it's great to be a hari raya Eve today most of my classmates skip class today as it was an online module and the second module we did not know where the class location was so most of us ended up not going =X

Went to Zouk later with yandao omg.. was so super squeezy so we decided to come back later

we decided to catch a movie first heh sky high was really a great show =) had me laughing my feet off

and headed back to zouk was still super crowded.. but got in through Velet this time round.....went to the washroom and overheard a gal crying in the next cubicle.. caught the words "Bastard" mentioned as well .. another gal was complaining to her friend about how a guy brought her to a hotel... =|

went to Zouk and saw KL and his friends haha he is still as skinny as ever... caught J and his gal pal near the fountain as well

anyway most important is that PHUTURE PLAY VERY NICE SONGS
=P and luckily my dear was there with me to dance =D~~

Ha such a nice night since a long time since i got so high with the alcohol and music


5:33 AM

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