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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Erm lets see...

I went to my Mel's condominium on Wednesday.. heh it was a nice gathering between the gers of my class =)

Anyway I went with PS and Irene and though we were sort of late, we were still like kind of the earliest to reach 0.0""

Food was great =) it was a pot luck so each of us had to bring stuff along...

There was fried bee Hoon, fried rice, chicken nuggets, fishballs, hotdogs, chicken, salad, cocktail, sandwiches, nice cookies contributed by Hidayah's mum, snacks, sparkling juice and Mel cooked a great soup with hotdogs ,cauliflower and carrots for our dinner =P

We had gift exchange and I got a bracelet which my sis kinda liked so I gave it to her =P and Oh my god.. you should hear how my class gers scream.. hearing them scream was much more scarier than watching the horror shows we rented.. oh and Mel made nice popcorn for us to enjoy

>.< oh man I missed popcorn.. but I already decided since my dear often gets sick from eating popcorn, i won't eat when I go catch a movie with him =/ Never mind it's good for my diet too =D

After which I met up with my sis at Orchard.. went for a meal at Lido.. wanted to catch a movie but there weren't any great shows.. so we went off to Chinablack since it was a ladies night.. heh the crowd was normal.. songs were okay.. and I realised it has been long since I went there..and it was the first club yandao brought me too ha =P

So Yesterday which was friday...

Went to look for my dear and we caught a movie at Tiong Bahru plaza.. man.. I love Gromit. =X He's so intelligent and cute =D The movie was great =P Wallace and Gromit and the big were rabbit lol.. nice story plot too.. ten million times than the lame " The Promise"

heh cute =D

and then we went to the arcade at Great World before going to Zouk =P

Nice drinks ... nice songs... omg... I keep losing to yandao in "cai quan" =/ lolz...
I wanted him to drink up my glass of Long island tea... in the end I drink quite a lot as well X__x

Went out to defroze and grab a nice yummy hotdog =D~

went back in and party away till we both concussed.. ya right =X you wish... went back about 2 plus =D

The cute bunnies.......


12:36 PM

Friday, December 30, 2005

heh saw this from my friend's blog =D


Red Roses - I Love You, True Love

White Roses - Innocence, Purity, Sincerity

Yellow Roses - Apology, Joy, Jealousy, Goodbye, Friendship

Orange Roses - Deeply in Love with you

Champagne Roses - Congratulation

Peach Roses - Enthusiasm or Desire

Pink Roses - Thinking of you, You're Lovely, True Friends

Deep Pink Roses - Thank you

Light Pink Roses - Admiration, Tender Love & Caring


2 Stalks of Roses - Just you and me

3 Stalks of Roses - I love you

5 Stalks of Roses - I love you very much

6 Stalks of Roses - Just for you

11 Stalks of Roses - You're my only one

12 Stalks of Roses - Happy Birthday

24 Stalks of Roses - Loving you every minute

100 Stalks of Roses - Love you eternally

3:07 PM

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


it's going to be 2006 soon... OMG time flies freaking fast =/

what to do?! what to do!!!

What is my new year resolution??!


omg it's forever in my new yr resoltuion. geesh....

santa is a phony.

I wanted slim legs and nice waist for Christmas but i Did not get them.

Not even a Xando or Extrim was found in my house... =(

9:48 PM

Monday, December 26, 2005


So I went out with dear on Sunday to celebrate Christmas =X

I think I must have made poor yandao felt stress or sad =/ He decided to bring me go clubbing 0.0 and ask me to meet him at Bukit Panjang Plaza...

I wanted to gave him a surprise.. so I reach Bukit Panjang Plaza earlier and decide to shop something simple for him 0.o

Saw really nice cakes on display at Breadtalk so bought a small cake which came in a cute box.. too bad the photo cannot be loaded up.. =|

And wanted to give him a soft toy but thought it was kinda like uselsss and may end up collecting dust like hippo.. so went to buy him some wrist bands..

Figured he was kinda tanned and you know how guys tanned looked quite cool with some nice leather or beaded stuff on their wrists or necks....

halfway through he called me and said he reached Segar LRT le X__x lol.. cute dear! He wanted to surprise me as well... I told him to meet me at the Plaza then..

When he reached I saw this nice bouquet of roses in his hands =D

So touched =D *hugssss*
Heh he is such a sweet guy! =D

He must be hoping I will cheer up ^^ and i did!

Went to eat at macs.. played some KOF yah!! I played it was nice okay =P dear helped me in a few rounds when I was about to lose =P He is good at KOF 0.0"

and then we went Zouk =P heh we were early went for some more arcade at Great World city and when we went back just nice... found nice seats had a jug of Whiskey Orange and later a glass Long Island tea...

was talking to dear quite a lot ^^

and we went out to defroze too.. =P lalalala nice! haha =P

we manage to dance to some nice songs... anyway cannot recall what songs were played but the drinks got me kinda high so all the songs seem great anyway 0.0" lol

and we took cab home.... and i concussed on my bedroom floor lol. The long island tea was much more stronger this time round was pretty bitter =P

P.s: My dad love the alcohol-filled chocolates lol..

6:37 PM

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Okay manage to get some pictures down.... =)

went to watch The chronicles of Narnia: The Witch, the wardrobe and the Lion with yandao on Thursday =D was pretty cool especially the effects =D and before that we had a buffet dinner at Yuki Yaki... some sushi cum steamboat buffet 0.0

See the nice soup dear "conjured" by spilling a lot of ingredients into it lol..

Then there was nice sushi to take..... actually the most favourite food there was my baby octopus in the sweet sauce =D

... and then this is the cute doggy that I mentioned in the ealier post .. =)

We had an exchange of gifts as well...

and delicious Artic rolls... ( wonderful ice-cream wrapped in a thin layer of cake on the outside..) =D~

heh fat christmas =/ dot dot dot....

By the way.... I made a Christmas wish before Christmas ytd =D hope it comes true ^^

11:36 AM

Wooo.. It's Christmas =) Merry Christmas everyone =D Merry Christmas dear if you are reading this ^^

SO i had a great night over at my friend's place on the 23rd.. a Friday =D Me, A,SH,RL,PS all stayed over at SX's house.. heh her place is pretty cool .. simple and nice I like =D and she had such a cute doggy.. we call Mer Mer... her name is Summer... lol

She was so cute =D I was like cuddling her for almost the whole night =P Heard that she was pretty concious about her figure too LOL... if she ate too much and realise she is growing fat she will go on diet de! refuse to eat lol.... such a cute doggy =D

I took a few pictures but somehow cannot load them up... maybe i Will post them later when everything is okay with Hello.

Met up with Dear on Christmas Eve... oh man =/ I think I gave him a heart attack yesterday... maybe I was too emotional?! but I cried =/ Sorry Did not meant to give you a heart attack.... his face was so upset when he saw me being upset which make me felt even more upset =( .. *hugs Hugs*

But from that I realised I have such a great dear.. he still was so keen on making me happy after I sort of "spoiled" the mood... but he was so nice to me.. we ended up taking a nice bus trip back where I can lay on his nice shoulders .. haha is it getting too mushy? >.<

And he accompanied me walk all the way home from the bustop which was really like a twenty five minute walk back... so nice =D.. and he bought some nice drinks for me to drink on the way.. haha felt so much better...

I love you dear.. sorry for making you kinda stress and worried last night.. though we did not really go anywhere much, I really felt much happier after I told you all the nonsensical stuff... haiz.. I also find that girls are troublesome... sorry dear .. forgive me okay! X__x.. Muacks

By the way, the chocolates are great =D I just ate one =D~ *weee... high on alcohol =X

10:04 AM

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

8:59 PM

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

An online survey showed that 30% of break-ups are sparked off by infidelity issues.

After a break up, men usually go drinking or date a new girl to get over the break up.

Women go shopping, do housework or write journals to get over their break up.

As quoted by MTV.

hur. But seriously I think girls go drinking to forget about break ups now days too.

And by the way if you haven catch the Promise please spare yourself from the agony of watching it. If King Kong.. was not that fully booked with front seats left, I would not have catch that stupid lame show. I don't think I need to say that there is a saving grace for the show, because there ain't any.

Even Nicholas Tse was so gay in the show. Cecilia Chung was okay, but I don't know why the guys act like they never seen a ger before in their life in the show,hmm.. let's see maybe it was because all of them were so gay in the show?

And another guy confessing he miss another guy is already very hard for me to swallow.. there came a part where one of the guys said he cried because he was touched by what Nicholas Tse said. Geesh that really ruined whatever mood I had left for the day.

Kinda like the worst show I have watched this year. So please spare yourself from the crap. I really wanted to say that the starting part was nice the war strategy and all... but the gayish part was just too much for me to even mention anything nice about the show.




4:09 PM

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Your Heart Is Green

Love completes you, but that doesn't mean you seek it out.
When love comes your way, you integrate it peacefully into the rest of you life.

Your flirting style: Laid back

Your lucky first date: Walking around aimlessly and talking

Your dream lover: Is both enthusiastic and calm

What you bring to relationships: Balance
What Color Heart Do You Have?

Your Personality Is

Guardian (SJ)

You are sensible, down to earth, and goal oriented.
Bottom line, you are good at playing by the rules.

You tend to be dominant - and you are a natural leader.
You are interested in rules and order. Morals are important to you.

A hard worker, you give your all at whatever you do.
You're very serious, and people often tell you to lighten up.

In love, you tend to take things carefully and slowly.

At work, you are suited to almost any career - but you excel in leadership positions.

With others, you tend to be polite and formal.

As far as looks go, you are traditionally attractive. You take good care of yourself.

On weekends, you tend to like to do organized activities. In fact, you often organize them!
The Three Question Personality Test

9:15 AM

"Ahem Ahem.."

So.. clinic on Saturday was not too bad... it was in fact terrifying lol... and why so? Because my first patient's diagnosis on the Cup disc ratio was a bit different from Miss D's.. and my second patient =( you should have seen how I squeeze the history taking on the front of the page =~( so long. I think I first time took such a long history around half an hour...

ha ha... thought I was going to get pretty bad grades under her 0.0"" happen to be I get 7,7.5 and 9 for the GEs...lol.. and I even chatted to her for quite some while while she was marking me... =D I think she was in a pretty good mood.. lol maybe she going to pat tor after clinic ^^

And after that, me and some of the gers headed over to the fun fair held at CLS.. we bought many different kinds of food... Cheese fries, Fries, waffles, prata with pizza fillings, snacks ( which I absent- mindedly leave at the counter where sweets were sold =/), many sweets, drinks, hotdogs, some kueh with chocolate which I siammed from eating.... Looks weird!

then Jovi and us headed over to her house in a cab where she changed and bath and her doggy licked my knee >.< but it was a cute white doggy =D~

And we headed to raffles city after that .. to Cafe cartel.. somehow we sort of want to eat less so Me and Jovina shared a set... fish and chips.. awesome =P the fish was really different from the rest of those fish and chips I had eaten before =P.. the bread with mustard was yummy =P

and of course we sang the sweet ger AL a Bday song =P

and we all snapped photos and even went up to New Asia Bar just to take pics 0.0"

Then I met up with dear .... Had some yummy soup with him... and really walked around almost the whole of Raffles city trying to get gifts, before heading to MoS.

Heh.. Irene was there too with her pal... my friends manage to get everyone in .. free entry =D

Was pretty high at first.. but dunno why.. must be the crazy gals la drink till so high.. then a bit seh seh =| and J made me worried.. when she hugged me and teared a lot.. she kept asking me why? why all this happened? =( I felt so sad and bad.. like I cannot help her anything. Kept telling her eveything will be okay in the end.. and stuff.. but when U see yr friends that sad.. it gets really upsetting..

Felt pretty hard to enjoy myself after that .. my mood was basically gone.. and oh well the Rnb songs were not really my kind.. =\ then again maybe it was my clothes not very clubbing.. lol felt a bit out anyway.. or maybe the gers there were too slim and pretty.. felt ugly lol... haha -___-

KaiLun was there with his friends too, and a few of dear's friends scattered around in the club... so jiao you guang kuo lol I also want! X__x and J and his gf joined us a while too..

ah.. well.. =/ It was an okay night.. but I think I had more fun at Phuture and O bar.. maybe seeing some things made me recollect about some things in the past too and that pretty spoiled my mood ha -_- gers are such troublesome creatures X___x""

6:52 AM

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Oh man.. spent like last night of 3am till 9am studying for test.. -__-"" that's what happen when you study last minute lol... the test was alright I guess..

School was okay as usual... seen a few presentations by my classmates before going to the library to rot till it was time to meet up with my jc pals =D irene, Yu xin and Peili...

lol.. Peili and I waited and waited and finally at 5pm... the two gers reached.. we had to walk for quite sometime before we finally reach Holland Village....

We ended up eating at a nice coffee house where the Zhu chao was really pretty good.. the fried pineapple rice was yummy and so was the you tiao and sting ray... I like the Omelette with prawns too =D~

heh nice meal... was pretty worth it... we paid like around ten bucks each and then we walked around some more before deciding to go Wala Wala Cafe bar.......

maybe it was me holding a big file or Peili's young look... the waitresses and waiters there keep asking if we are twenty 0.0""" heh cos you had to be 20 to go up to the second floor where there would be a live band...

We found a nice spot under a table lamp and started to order drinks..
wooo Irene intro me drink red wine! it was pretty good... =D but somehow my head is feeling slightly giddy now.. lol...and I had a vodka lime after that =P nice

The rest of the gers had some white hoegaarden beer or something cannot remember the exact name...

heh It was a nice meeting with the gers... been sometime since I had such a long and close chat with my friends =D

sleepy... almost miss my Choa Chu Kang MRT stop on the way home lol.. and my poor hp committed suicide in the mrt on the way back =/.. thank goodness it is still working well...

ah till then >.<

1:58 AM

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

oh man...

I had so many "terrifying" dreams the night before... dreamt of clinic and my clinician Miss D =/. Gosh I must be feeling too stressed out or something.. anyway I am going to be under her this Saturday *glup* =|

manage to get 90/100 for my online life science quiz =D.. ha ha a bit lucky + some studying I guess =P

Anyway we had a talk in school by AMo today on their lenses Aquavision... wa long long talk... but never mind I answered a simple question and got a ten dollar Marche vouchur =D wee dear! we can go eat Marche one day =D~

And after the talk there were some refreshments.. ooo the Salmon teriyaki was so nice =D~ drool drool

Life is filled with so much good food... when the hell can I slim down man =| I hate my fat legs =|

0.o Dun think I am going for my dinner and dance le most of my class gers not going... haha all feel that it is not worth the fifty five bucks bah... rather spent that on some outing we organise ourselves =D

GOod also if not dunno how I can slim down in time to fit in a nice dress haha now no need to worry that much =X

haha suppose to go back to studying again but ... oh well.. =| heh found a website on many many games =D you need flash by the way

8:07 PM

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Handwriting Analysis

What does your handwriting say about YOU?

The results of your analysis say:

You plan ahead, and are interested in beauty, design, outward appearance, and symmetry. You are a person who thinks before acting, intelligent and thorough. You are diplomatic, objective, and live in the present. You are a talkative person, maybe even a busybody! You enjoy life in your own way and do not depend on the opinions of others.

5:24 PM

Monday, December 12, 2005

Time stands still in my heart
I don't know where you are
Longing for what I deny
Can we just turn it around tonight?

(Chorus x2)

And do you know without you I just go crazy?
And do you know that all I think about is where you are?
And do you know that only you can save me baby?
From going through this life all alone

When will missing you stop
Seems we lost before the start
Holding back what was inside
Can we just let it all out tonight?

And do you know?
And do you know?
And do you know?
And do you know?

(Chorus x2)

Do you know

Don't look back on yesterday
I believe we can find a way
Don't let hopes and dreams fade
Don't hesitate it's not too late

I go crazy
I go crazy

And do you know?
And do you know?
And do you know?
And do you know?

(Chorus x2)

9:55 PM

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Anyway.. forget to mention something in my last post..

It was so fun dancing with u dear =D

I shall keeep that memory etched in my mind forever ^^

I still wish I was thinner though hahaha =

4:55 PM

OH heh .. had to go to Tan Tock Seng Hospital for a coure on Saturday =/

The course was okay, haha Tea was nice =X

I rushed home after that and got prepared to meet dear =P

But it was raining so heavily when I went out... gave him a big bag of snacks.. It's nice okay =( But maybe I will get outcast by his mum who hate snacks =/ Hopefully she wun see them =

So we went to shop for a nice wallet for my anniversary gift.Got a nice wallet has a cute butterfly on its side and it's a nice big black wallet... heh

Then we headed over to New Asia Bar... but I felt the selection of food there was too limited and expensive so I suggested we go to eat SUshi instead... and we ended up at Sushi Don at FUnan Centre there..

Heh The food was great.. plates were 1.90 each some were 2.90 and the expensive ones were 5.90 to 6.90 =P It was relatively okay for the price... and the sushi was very nice =) The swordfish (kanjiki?) was fresh and sweet.. the salmon was yummy too..

We even had seafood Pizza.. which was made of cheese and nice seafood on top with some rice below and seaweed paper as the base... so cool never had anything like that before. =p

The nice pizza, the mozarella cheese on top was heavenly =P

Also took this from the conveyor's belt not very sure what is it but it's nice... fried something yummy =P

Then yandao also ordered Tom yam soup =D~ and we even had mango pudding which is very nice .. it's creamy and thick and had nice slices of mango on top of it with some milk.. I never eated such nice mango pudding before. XD

And later we went to Obar.. the place was great. drinks were at a relatively okay price of 12 dollars a jug.. you get to watch soccer.. and most importantly.. they play mainly RnB songs.. =D

had a tequila shot and vodka ribena... yay I was pretty good at Cai Quan last night manage to win him like continuosuly a few times =D

so funnnnn.... ^^

This reminds me...

Was dancing away... and there was this girl... I dunno whether to pity her or to categorize her into the category of slut. cos she was making out with like two guys? =/ oh well I think pity would be the word.. anyway we had free show 0.0""

Sometimes guys can be so bad. I think it was an obvious case of taking advantage of her bah. they were practically touching her everywhere. -___-" maybe as people say they were out for fun. but seriously I dun know what's so fun to get molested by strangers.. ha who knows. maybe they raped her and she was not even aware.

= conclusion is.. girls please dun get so drunk in a club especially when you are alone .. it's pretty degatory for girls to be treated like that in public. but anyway I am just saying what I feel.. people these days think very differently bah..

ah well.. not my business anyway X__x

lastly... dear if you are reading this....



9:50 AM

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Rules of the Game:
1. Post five weird/random stuffs about yourselves.
2.at the end of the post,list the name of people u want next to do this.
3.leave a comment "you are tagged" in their blog and tell them to read your blog for rules.

1. I can be super happy in one minute but depressed the next moment. X__x

2. Many people did not know I actually wake up in mornings last time to run like more than 10km.

3. I don't eat rice at all. Only a bit of fried rice if it is nice.

4. I like clubbing and dun mind dancing to techno ( not too noisy X__x), but RnB is still my favourite.

5. I always wish i can get a free package and go Marie France or cenosis to slim down.

Hmm.. i doubt my friends will do this even if I tell them heh.. so HuiLing I will just go this for you =P

6:08 AM

Friday, December 09, 2005

ha.. so proud of myself finally got myself to clean up the huge mess in my room... clean all the dust away and wipe almost every corner... =D my room feels so clean now =D~ weee....

Met yandao after my clinic today.. oh well clinic was bad today really sucky... I almost cry.. cannot believe I am such a baby when I am already 22.. Heh maybe feeling a bit in the wrong mood bah.and got the wrong clinician today. serious I dun ever want to be under her for any more ge OR CONTACT LENS FITTING =( now i know why so many pple hate her.. whatever. got an average of 7/10 but I really dun like my actions being scrutinised under her every single minute while I do my GE. It really sucks.I dun want to think about it le.

Anyway... treated to yandao for a nice healthy Yong tau hu meal at food court cos he was falling sick again! must be the evil popcorn =( For the sake of his health I shall never ever eat popcorn again. >.<

Dear bought me a cute Eeyore.. haha To cheer me up? Maybe He had the same idea as me to make a collection of a family of Eeyores :D I love it! Its so cute.. its baby eeyore and it is lying beside me right now ^^

Hope he will be well I want to go out with him on Saturday to celebrate our one yr together le !!

lol =P time flies

dont really feel tired... My sis just brought me to Mac donald.. had some sinful fries =|.

Ok I know I am suppose to slim down. -__-"

mannnnnnnnn.... LIFE IS SO SAD =X

1:17 AM

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Heh.. haven been blogging for a while.. but I was busy =X You can't blame meeeee =P

Oh well so on Friday after school.. manage to act hardworking and went to school library to borrow a few books for my case presentation on the coming Tuesday..

Then after that went to meet up with the Meow haha.. His hair grew so long sia X__x... we had trouble finding Jurong Point.. haha I am very bad in directions! We we ended up in Crystal Jade and I ordered some Wanton La mian.. but Haha I dumped almost all the wanton to Meow.. cos I dun eat Pork. Ya I am a Muslim.. -__-" duh... no la I just dun eat my own kind ma =P

He wanted to watch a movie together but too bad he had an appointment with his other friends at 6 plus so we could not watch any movie in such short time It was already four plus? X__x

Then he drove me back to my house where we rotted a while below my block before he left.

Wanted very much to go clubbing =( There was a NTU bash at Chinablack.. but did not go ALAS! =( even though J was very keen on going as well.. haiz but it was getting late leh... and my yandao was munching away happily at Shangri La hotel for his DnD

=/ heh had clinic on Saturday anyway =| so gave up the thought of going..

CLinic on Saturday was hell.

serious.. a lot of problems cropped up but oh well.. manage to get 8.5 for my contact lens fitting =PP and my ge which I thought I would fail still can get 7/10 heh heh lucky.. had complicated case... the little ger had Exotropia and hypertropia and amblyopia as well.. haha her response was really erm.

No matter what I pointed to.. her favourite phrase is.. " KAN BU DAO!" =( I think Miss L also wanted to bang her head with me against the wall as well.. lol

After clinic went to find Yandao to rot.. surprisingly he was already at CCK =P yay went to buy sushi from Edo and went arcade a while before we head back to nua at his house..

then met up with Patrick and GLenna and her bf and friends..haha Rush =/ I don't really like that place but it's been a while since we meet up with them so we decided to go.. forced yandao to go dance with me on the dance floor =D lol.. left pretty early ard 12 plus cos yandao had this Standard Chartered Marathon early next morning..

I am so good to u hor!! I woke up so early to go with him to Esplanade manage to take a few photos =P

In fact =/ I think I did not sleep was trying to clean out my cupboard.. ( and its still half done haha =X )

So many people X__x

Nice sunrise pictures =P awesome scenery you can catch when you wake up that early ^^

End of the race!...

Then we went to Mac for breakfast before going back to his house.. then went to catch Chicken little aww... the show was ok I guess... before Sunday ended with me sleeping like a pig...

Heh... and it's already Tuesday le... Presentation is OVER~!.. was a little nervous and well think I did not do very well in answering the questions =( bleah lol....

8:07 PM

Friday, December 02, 2005



I am led to believe I am a complete idiot in using gadgets. And it's only ipod nano. Just a small sleek Ipod nano. And it's much harder to use then my former I-River Mp3 player =|. Yes .. I spent like how many bloody hours trying to download the songs into the Ipod nano and trying to configure the playlist like to my own.

And the worst thing is ... I don't even know how to delete songs from the ipod nano at first ._. Had to yahoo search and I think even yandao sort of gave up hope on helping me when he realised I am such an idiot when it comes to high tech gadgets..

good news is... I guess a lot of people are idiots when it comes to such small looking gadgets =/

ha.. dun believe me right? 0.o I got proof ok =X

just click on the pictures to get a better look at the words....

Not just one....

.. 0.0""

haha but 4 X__x

in case I get in trouble if I named the links, they shall remain anoymous.

So I wasn't the one facing troubles only...

but getting an Ipod nano for a birthday gift is still way cooler than getting a pony right =/

Guess everything comes with a price...

anyway by the time I really figure out how to get songs into my ipod nano.. it was reaching like one plus.. too many songs geesh and I haven even touch on the english songs yet.

so much techno and trance... later get too high on mrt 0.0" hahaha

2:05 AM

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