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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Huh .. oh my god... did not know my name stands for this lor.. =(
Want to know what your name stands for too?

yah yah I know I am supposed to blog about my trip to Malacca and stuff.. but I havent even download the photos in my pc yet! so just be patient....... and wait..

11:34 PM

Monday, March 27, 2006

Okay I am tired.. watch Bleach till episode 63 le..

many things happened over the weekend...

but I am too tired to blog about them now...

Shall do it tomorrow..

By the way.. after Saturday, Maybe seeing too many chio bu around town area. I am starting to feel really fat and ugly.. Sometimes.. I really envy those gers who are that pretty. Surely life is much easier on them..

Oh man now I am starting to sound so superficial. bleah X___x

Good night.. hopefully tommorrow will be a better day.

1:18 AM

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hmm so today I finally can get a look at what my results were ..my last semester =D

hee hee.. =X First time can get 3 distinctions in a semester..for the past few semesters, I could get at most one distinction. It's like you have to be top five percent to get distinction and for my module, it's like only 17 people? so it's like either one or two people can get it. Kinda happy to see the results I get but I still got 2 B+ X__x maybe can get into roll of honour one more time =X *pray*

Anyway was so glad I got an A for my Project. Guess all the freaking hard work finally paid off..

My last time to be able to hao lian my results X__x after that graduate le.. lol if canot tahan please just scroll down :D

It was kinda cool today, went to school with PS to settle school stuff.. we had to pay $10.50 for an academic transcipt.. MOney eaters!! Haven we paid so much for our course and still must fork out money for one paper -_-". I shall not say "bloody" or "stupid" or "miserable" paper because it cost me like $7000 or so to get through this course to earn this paper -____-"

Then after settling all the stuff at school, went ahead to Bugis to find Shu Xin =D, My old old sec school friend.. though I was still puzzled why she did not allow me to go back earlier that night from the celebration at her house.. finally understood that she did not realised that I actually take like half an hour to travel from CCk to my house =/

had to take expensive cab that night -____-

Anyway today went shopping with her for her belated birthday present and heh was glad she already knew what item she wanted so we need not walk around aimlessly for hours =D

Halfway through the shopping, poor yandao called me and said he was having flu.. =( Guess he did not eat his bananas again =(

In fact though I met my friend like for 4 hours plus, it was kinda like a very worthwhile meeting.

We talked while we ate at Pasta Mania.. yah fattening :( She did not like Mac :(
and then we bought her present before going to coffee bean for another round of chatting :D

It was pretty cool.. we talked about lots of stuff like relationship and guys, future plans and stuff. I guess she is one person who can really understand my situation at times and likewise I am able to see from her viewpoint... I guess that is why we could stay friends for sucha long long time... it's like ten years since we know each other.

X____x Even saw Gwen at Bugis Mrt.. such a coincidence 0.0""

Thought of giving the poor yandao a surprise, so did not want to go home.. wanted to get him something and found this cute monkey toy which resisted my effort to move... and finally succumbed to the shop attendent's torture 0.0

See, it had this tail whereby pulling it then letting it go would cause its hands to move up and down... it refused to move after i tried, surprisingly the nice sales person managed to coerce the poor monkey into moving ...

Manage to surprise yandao by lying to him I was already at home when I was waiting at CCK Mrt.. =p

Okay hope he gets better and so will his pet monkey =p

Bleach time =P Episode 45 *Bwahahaahaha*

12:47 AM

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hmmm haha read from Shi wei's blog that skipping breakfast is bad and details of how Atkin's diet is rubbish lol.. maybe being on low carb diet isn't sucha good idea after all.

Sometimes ever wonder why humans are so weird. I wonder what's the use of acting happy or showing people that you are happy when you are not. Maybe it's the insecurity issue or something.Or they just want to prove to others, without you I still can carry on with my life and live even better.

Hmm, Seriously when you are happy, you don't have to do a single thing to show it at all... I think eventually your happiness will be felt by others even if you don't say it.

Somehow I feel that those who always comment on how great their life is right now or how happy they are, somehow they are not really that happy at all.. and those who keep complains of misery with them have not really hit such a bad patch in life.

I have come across people who really had big problems.. real big ones and they don't really like to carry on mourning and complaining about stuff like that. They choose to put aside the problem knowing there is not much solution and no point chasing the problem in a merry go round.

maybe humans are contradictory.

10:07 AM

Monday, March 20, 2006

bored like me with a lot of time to spare?

maybe you can try drawing a house which speaks of your personality.

8:51 PM

An italian nutrition expert Bruna Fabbri found out that 26 minutes of sex with orgasm burns around 300 calories -that is 1/2 of pizza pie. So if you eat a whole pizza pie, you will have to have 52 min. of sex to burn it off.

Wow..no wonder some people are so slim despite eating that much food. man wish I was married lol :D

8:06 AM

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Take The Quiz Yourself!

Hmm pretty hooked on Bleach these days.. it's pretty good entertainment for me =P I like to see how Inoue can be so blur and cute at the same time.. =p

X__x Think my head is still kind of throbbing.. lol.. I guess my body does not take in alcohol that well anymore =| Yandao and me were bad kids last night =/

Went to O bar and drank plenty =S.. OKay maybe it isn't a lot to many but to us.. we had a jug of ribena vodka(12 bucks), a jug of green tea whiskey(12 bucks), A glass of Lychee martini(6 bucks), and he had a glass of beer(3 bucks).. so entrance for him (20 bucks) and me (15 bucks) also allowed us to go DBLO... as well together with drinks (33 bucks).. total expenditure = 68 bucks.. =S clubbing is evil man

They had the drinks stronger than other bars I guess.. Haven finish even one jug of ribena vodka can feel the headache coming in... lucky us manage to get a sofa seat .. haha comfy =p and I wanted to sleep on yandao's lap but he wouldn't let me concussed there =(

The songs were pretty good after midnight and we danced for a few songs before heading out for a breather and we headed to DBLO to where they were playing some RnB songs surprisingly... lol..

and we headed down for one last time before leaving... heh reach home bath and it was already three or so... and even played some Maple .. but the headache was just too much to bear to continue playing the game lol...

Had nice Sushi Don at the Funan centre IT Mall with Yandao on Friday night =PP haha fattening....

Somehow lately my mood has been quite unstable lately maybe because of that matter luckily yandao always manage to cheer me up in the end.. thanks for all the care and concern dear =D you r the best and cutest guy to me ^^

5:32 PM

Friday, March 17, 2006

Sometimes its weird how people complain or get upset over matters that really is not a problem.... I mean seriously I think I really have a huge problem now and maybe my stuff needs to go into hiding. Yah that's how bad it is... now I know why J felt so bad when she had to hide her pc and stuff at her auntie's house when the "person" came.. I wonder if they inform you about it when he/she comes along.

Somehow the feeling of security is invaded and you no longer feel safe... =(

I wish sometimes life can get more predictable , that it would be more safe .. less changes.. but life is always filled with changes in fact sometimes I feel there is no warning when the next one would come..

Caught a move with yandao today, V for Vendetta.. hmm not too bad.. the storyline was pretty interesting, they had very flowery language that I find it rather hard to understand but nonetheless it was a good movie. It makes you think about a lot, even if you dun really want to... on stuff like democracy and totalitarianism.

The movie got me all edgy about political stuff 0.0" never really had this kind of impact before and I came down kinda harsh on my poor dear =( *hugs* sorry yandao, the last thing I wanted was to make u unhappy.. X___x *hugs HUgs* I will try to change my stubborn way of thinking =/

... by the way went for a class chalet on Tues till Wednesday but it was just okay... nothing much happened except I fell down from riding a bicycle... and for Breakfast at the food court, they had those kind of ming jiang Kueh that had ham and cheese or egg flavoured.. 0.0 but I still prefer the traditional ones with peanut.. those taste the best =D~

had a lot of fun meeting up with my cute secondary school friends.. SX had her mum cook curry chicken and bor bor cha cha for us with pizza and Kfc Ordered.. man it was way too much food for just the five of us -_-"" but it was a scrumptious meal and by the end of it, I was so full I felt i was going to explode anytime.

I noticed Yandao looks like a cute young boy when he appeared from the elevator at Bouna Vista where I met him today.. He got this nice boyish looks that I cannot resist I think.. X__x hmm...no wonder I always appear to be short term memory when he talks to me =/ think my brain is unable to concentrate well lol :D

8:54 AM

Sunday, March 12, 2006

X___x still feel sleepy.. lolz

haha... My sister had an off day on Wednesday again.. so I went out with her.. we had lunch at suntec and then walked around quite a bit in Marina Square before heading to NTUC to buy stuff... shopping for groceries.. lol auntie =( Then we went to MoMo for a while because my sis wanted to look around lol.. oh man she was woozy after three cups =S and I dragged her home while hearing her complained that she wanted to go Chinablack and drink some more. ha -.-"

And while waiting for the "last bus" which already fled from us, there was this guy who overheard me and my sis talking and told us he was waiting for 190 too =/ then we realised we all had missed the last bus and he wanted to give me and my sis a ride 0.o saying he could offer to drop us back somewhere as he was going back to CCk.. but somehow I felt it was rather dangerous and duh... lol of course I said no. -_- we could take our own cab back and we just told him politely our place was out of the way..

hMM... went to school on Thursday and Friday to do the contact lens study.. seriously had a lot of fun talking to the girls.. they keep talking about the Tiger show they saw in Thailand where the ladies there actually performed live s** in front of them and some Lesbian doing it as well.. and there were scenes where the ladies pull some items like blades and chains and ribbons from their V*****. you could imagine the shock they had after they realised what the Tiger show meant lol..

Anyway Yandao had half a day of leave on Thursday and I asked him to go cycling with me at East Coast =D... hee so fun =P We cycled all the way till we past the fishing Jetty.... then stopped by the hawker food place for drinks.. and then we cycled all the way back again... haha nice.. its good to go on a weekday where there isn't much of a crowd around...

Went to Suntec to eat the nice Vietnamese restaurant again.. Pho House.. 13.30 bucks ( with gst , service charge etc) for a bowl of very big soupy noodles, free flow of water and iced lemon tea and appetizer... I mean its really quite worth it =).. if any of you want to give it a try it's at the top level of suntec.. with all the other restaurants like swiss culture and Kushin bo...

Went to Pat's house for a meal on Saturday with Yandao.. ha so cool he cooked nice yong tau hoo.. those hakka style? where every item was fried 0.0"" pretty yummy..and I think it's been long since I ate such a full meal for lunch =| lol thanks Patrick for making me feel fat X__x

We watched some weird anime where there was pretty much blood gushing around before heading to Northpoint for some arcade games and coffee drinks.. haha yandao is good at KOF... he won the guy like so many times and I tot the guy was going to beat us up lol.

The jelly drink at Starbucks was quite refreshing surprisingly =p~

We then took a long bus journey where the bus was kinda stuffy and finally found Pat's friend Nili and her bf at Kfc...

The IT show was pretty ok.. but I was forced to try out the U zap zap zap which I vehemently refused to give it a try.. and the poor sales was like -_-" okie I am stubborn.. *moo..

anyway went to have a quick dinner at Mac Donalds before we went to arcade again 0.o

Then yandao and I went back to CCk to play Xbox lol... So proud of myself.. manage to resist the urge to go clubbing =X waste money hee hee.. =p

and omg.. dear actually played KOF again and beat the guy opposite like 9 times 0.0"

haha.. anyone falling asleep reading my entry? =P I am getting more naggy like an ah ma... so long- winded........

10:21 AM

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Eh I miss out something important in my last post....I have to post this because yandao actually .... =PPppP

Cooked!lol because yandao was very enthusiastic about cooking that day.. after the zoo trip we went to Ntuc to buy some mushrooms and vegetable..

ha ha nice.... yandao can actually cook! =p

Yah the omelette with golden mushrooms was really good to eat hee.... and his bolster was masked with rich omlette smell after the cooking session.. lol the vegetables were nice too though he finds them a tad too satly...

and we had home cooked nuggets =D

niceee food... its been long since I had nice omelette...

thanks dear =D

12:13 AM

Monday, March 06, 2006


Surprisingly did not go anywhere on Friday night again.. lol wanted to go clubbing but really.. you think about all the money that is spent on clubbing and it makes you shudder ==> two people entrance usually ard 30, drinks ard 30? then cab fee home 20 or so... wow ard 80 bucks le.. =( I am not dating a money printer so its time to restrict!! anyway alcohol does make u fat around the waist due to its excessive calories plus the sweet drinks it is mixed with, it is a potent mixture to fat gain.


So thinking of doing something totally different... dear came up with Zoo!!

We were on the phone on Friday evening where he was on his way home from work and it sounded like this..

Him: Want to go zoo this weekend?
Me: Go zouk?
Him: zoo..
Me: I can't hear you properly , U mean zouk or zoo?
Him: you want to go zoo or zouk?
Me: I am fine with anything ah..
Him: hmm...
Me: maybe we can go zouk I pay the entrance u pay the cab fee?
Him: okay ah
Me: On second thoughts I just wash my hair leh =S maybe not bah the smokey place wil make my hair smelly =S
Him: okay so we go zoo ah..

And that's how we ended up at zoo... lol..

Maybe subconciously my brain was like ==> zouk zouk zouk that's how I can mixed up the two words.. diaoz

Anyway it was pretty cool, met dear at ard ten and we were off to the zoo.... it's been such a long time since I went there le... I spent pretty much at a time in the zoo with my family because my dad had some sort of discount when I was in my younger days and it ended up pretty cheap to go there.. so basically i could go there like 4 times a year lol..

Anyway as I was saying it's been such a long long time and everything looks different.. it's 15 bucks per adult without tram rides which was fine with me because I was getting pretty fat and needed all the walking I could get.

We were off the see the cute and smelly animals.. I said smelly because one of the first animals we came across smell pretty bad... the otters guard and mark their place with their excretes =S ewww and the thing was I did not see any of them -_-

We saw sleepy polar bear trying to get the most out of the warm humid weather by hiding under a fake small waterfall where water falls on his white fur.. and there's no algae X__x Ps was asking me hey you got see the green polar bear?! -__-"

We took many photos of the animals.. there were sleeping tigers, sleeping racoons, stoning penguins,sleeping pigs,a lazy fox....

then there were some pretty hyper active animals like the wild african dogs or something, prancing cute young leopard, jumping monkeys,scurrying squirrels, hungry chicks....

Aww I love the children's world... the animals are just so adorable.. =D Love the guinea pigs.. and cute brown donkey and there was this little goat that was so adorable =D~ ha we even caught an animal show 0.o woo first time i saw one lol.

heh we finally manage to view almost all the animals and we went back to rest awww.. long day had our dinner at town.. kof at Plaza singapura and Xboxed there.. =X I was sleeping =PPP haha the sofa was too nice to resist...

and finally back home 0.0 ...

Went shopping with my sis at junction 8 on Sunday oh my god... actually I did not want to shop.. =/ bank account is emptying ahhhh =( but the deal was too good to resist.. ten bucks for a pair of shoes man... I just could not resist it.. luckily I stopped at just a pair of shoes this time.. phew..

Then we went to watch movie... popcorn =D~

and that's how I spent my slacky weekend =P so what did you do? :D

6:44 PM

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Take the Seven Deadly Sins Quiz

SEE.. SEE :( I knew it I am such a pig.. even the results show it =~(

diaoz... anyway after having the contact lens study at school today, met dear at afternoon... yay dear is the best he bought me to eat nice lunch at Jack's place... o.o but that place is really worth it... $6.50 for students meal. Includes a drink, soup of day and desert... wow and a main course (selective) X__x felt so fat after eating finished heh =/

Then went shopping with dear at Far East then Bugis.. poor dear =\ I think he really kinda hates shopping X__x okay maybe next time dun drag him along.. sorry dear! =/
Bought two bags, a necklace and a very nice white bag at Bukit Panjang Plaza... =D~
love it so much... Thanks yandao =D

We also managed to make our way to Sim Lim Square where I bought an mp3 player for yandao =Pp haha we were buying Post - Vday gifts for each other =D hmm...=pPPPpp

Okay and lastly I bought two rings for ten bucks.. finally got my rings so happy =D

Okay I had enough shopping therapy these few days, shall stop buying things from today le.. just realised my bank account quite empty liao X____x

10:09 PM

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Some people just think too much lor. I seriously dun care whether u live or die, just giving you some advice but i think it was really a waste of time. lolz should have just shut up, was not worth it anyway ^^

thanks goodness i did what i did a few years back. if not I cannot imagine how sad my life would be right now.

1:43 PM

Genes Play Big Role in Female Depression


Women are almost twice as likely as men to inherit a vulnerability to the illness, study finds

FRIDAY, Jan. 13 (HealthDay News) -- Women are more likely than men to inherit major depression from their parents, a U.S. study finds.

Researchers analyzed data from about 42,000 twins, and found that heritability of depression is 42 percent in women and about 29 percent in men. The study shows that genes contribute more strongly to the risk of depression in women, and that certain genetic factors may operate in one sex and not the other.

For example, there may be genes that alter the risk for depression in a woman's response to sex hormone cycles, particularly after childbirth. While these genes would affect a woman's risk for major depression, they wouldn't be a factor in men.

"Our work, together with colleagues at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, represents the largest epidemiological study of depression in twins done to date. In addition, it broadly replicates what has been shown by our earlier work using the Virginia Twin Registry," study author Dr. Kenneth S. Kendler, a professor of psychiatry and human genetics at Virginia Commonwealth University, said in a prepared statement.

"In particular, we have shown that depression is a moderately heritable disorder, suggesting that genetic factors are important, but by no means overwhelming," Kendler said.

The study appears in the January issue of the American Journal of Psychiatry.

10:11 AM

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