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Monday, April 24, 2006

Today was a very suay day for me...

first.. i forget to inform C to help me create a log in ID for me at Plaza Singapura so when I called Wen Chou Chou he gave me a dressing down. bleah.... SUAY CASE 1

never mind... scold also scolding nia... Easily forgotten next time remember to inform C can le. Then SUay SUAY when I serve customer quote wrong price for a box of lens toric... my auntie colleague went to complain to my other colleague .. like as if I was dead.. FINE MY FAULT .. blame me for not having a wonderful memory.


Then later about to go home leh... My colleague from MS called.. say the custoemr I served ytd complain to them today say why I gave her PRUPLE sunglass instead of the BROWN she want. Is she freaking making trouble for me?! YES.. cos duh.. Is your brain really so slow.. you need to take one day to process.." hey I wanted the Brown sunglass... not purple one.." when you already freaking took like one hour plus to decide in the shop?! so it was my fault that I did not inform her about the discount she could be entitled to.. but the color was totally not my fault okie. and I thought I had short term memory?! her freaking puny brain is worst than mine !@%!&@%^!@&^#%^@% *ANGRY LA OKIE*.....SUAY CASE 3

Urghz. suayness..

Think yandao must be freaked by my suayness... and he treated me to eat at Cafe Cartel after my work today... and when we reached CCK he brought me to go sing KTV...

0.0.. yah I know he treats me so nice =X

And he bought me stuff from Taiwan...

Nice food with wine...

Cute voodoo doll dressed as an angel..

Cute doggy with Miss piggy.. me?! =(

Wish the bad luck will be gone tommorrow...

should be la cos tommorrow my off day =D with yandao wee....

3:04 AM

Friday, April 21, 2006

I finally broke down and cried.

haha I thought I would be able to accept the news just as I has expected but.. guess I am still pretty weak.

And I was sorting the letters out with my sis when my mum started the rubbish thing again.

That did it.

Yah I could not tolerate any longer and my tears came down.

It's not like I want to gain pity or sympathy or any of that kind of sort from any of you reading.

I just want to type it out.

because I have been holding it so much in me that it is finally going to give way.

yah i am still upset. at least my tears are now dried i think so.

I miss him. really wish I could hug him tight and cry on his shoulders right now..

lol pathetic me.

so contradicting.

I was just telling my colleague on phone this morning how difficulties in life make us tougher..

it should right?

how come I feel so weak now.

ha better go back to sleep

still got work tommorrow.

it will be a better day right?

1:04 AM

Thursday, April 20, 2006

haha some very delayed pictures from Malacca trip with my family..
No personal pics because dun want to get stalked by strangers =D YAH LA LIKE REAL.. just too ugly to be seen in pictures, don't wanna make you lose ya appetite =X

Boring parking meter not very commonly seen in Singapore 0.0

Some cute doggy I saw at a pet shop 0.0 sleepy dog =D

Wee..... Comfy bed for me and my sis =D my dad and mum were in the next room

able to catch a bird's eye view from our exquisite room =D

Nice mirror for vainpots 0.0

Coffee I brewed for my sis and I =D

Snack time.... =D~

Where we had our fabulous buffet breakfast .. yummy =PppPP

wow.. I had a great time with my family =) It's been long since we went on a trip like that with no worries on mind ah nice..

Haven been updating a lot recently... poor yandao still over in Taiwan as usual braving heavy stormy seas at night =/ thankfully he will be back tomorrow.. and the best thing is he got an off day on Monday ... same as me... weee =D

Work has been alright so far... but some nice colleagues seem to be quiting =( geesh... the rest of my colleagues some not really around my age 0.0 haiz... West Mall is relatively okay.. worried.. dunno where they will post me to when my "training" is over... =( not too far i hope...

Manage to see my evil boss from my attachment last time.. wanted to say Hi but had seconds thoughts and stopped my legs from hurrying out of the shop to greet him.. 0.0 Guess he still leaves some sort of dark memory in my aspartame brain or something. eww and I thought I had short-term memory.

Wish off day could be more than 24hours sometimes 0.0

7:25 PM

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I miss him =(

wow.. haha must be telepathy!!

He called..

Was off day today and went window shopping around with my sis in town area... wanted to catch a movie with her unfortunately both the horror movies we had in mind were not out yet and will only be showing on Thursday =(

Missed him so much today .. not sure why to, but while walking around town keep thinking about him X__x walked past the eatery where we watched soccer together the bistro supposedly owned by S-11..

Walked past TCC and remembered we had nice drinks with potato wedges that time...

Missed holding his hand walking down the street....

oh no.......... I am love sick.... -_-"

Wish everything goes well for his Ns trip

p.s: haha was secretly waiting for his call =D and he called =p

10:40 PM

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Haha pretty glad my off day was on a Saturday =D

Yandao came to find me after my work on Friday... weee guess what we went clubbing lol :D

We went to eat at Mac Donalds before heading to Zouk in cab...

Oh man...... we were pretty lucky on reaching phuture there was just two seats for us to sit by the bar and drink to our heart's content =X

Dear ordered a really nice drink for me to try out... it's call Bailey Green Tea... so yummy and creamy =D one of the nicest alcoholic drink I ever tasted... and because it was one for one promotion hour.. two glasses were at 12 bucks...

Then yandao ordered like two more glass of Long island tea =D which I guess my brain is kinda dead from aspartame... and I keep saying Ice Lemon Tea =
We then headed for the dance floor and went out defrost..... walk around and feed many cute mosquitoes before going back in again and drank whiskey coke at Zouk...
Watch the crowd dance for a while before heading back to phuture to dance...

man.. the music was really good.. song after song was so nice rnb =D and guess what we saw Mei Ying =D mei nu... heh =P coincidence... she looks prettier =pPppP must be the work of love heh =X

Such a long time since I danced so long and had such fun with nice drinks and an energetic yandao who can dance so long with me =D

so niceeeeeeeeeeeeee.........


Rotted at his house on Saturday.. and bought him a cute fruit cake to eat.. and he treated me yummy roti prata for dinner...

I am so lucky =P

P.s: oh the Malacca pictures.. need to resize them laters....

10:06 PM

Friday, April 07, 2006

12:19 AM

Thursday, April 06, 2006

erm it does not mean no updates = Wendy is dead.. okay!!

what do you want lol... I started work okay.. no more shaking of legs at home :(

But still surviving, lol.. heh today is already like my fifth day at work le.. so how am I adapting? I would say so so bah.. Heh was at West Mall the first day.. saturday, April fool day 0.0".

The people there were okay but sad thing was the age gap there a bit wide.. ha =/ Because most of my collagues there together with the manager are like parents le 0.0"
and I am like early Twenties diao lol... I extra =X

Anyway West Mall does really have more customers walking into the shop and definitely show more interest in buying spectacles as compared to days when I am posted in Bukit Panjang.

But one thing I like about Bukit Panjang is the very very nice colleagues I met there okay so Maybe it was just this ger =D But I really kind of like talking to her and besides she taught me so many things as compared to when I am posted to West Mall. lol.

I even treated her to a nice Breadtalk cake today =P guess what lor.. she treated me to nice cake to eat the first time I was posted there liao =D and she is really this nice ger who lives in Bukit Panjang too hee... the "optom" =D love her to bits.. duno what would become of me if not for her to teach me the stuffs..

Anyway Bukit Panjang is cool too because got cute guy come make spectacles =D haha no la just joking.. dear are u sweating yet??!! 0.o"" Apparently no right!! hur hur Because you went clubbing on ladies night with yr navy pals without me! hmmph! lol =X

oh well got to read some stuff... tired hee by the way my Malacca pictures are still rotting in my pc.... upload next time for you all to see..........

*zoning out in wonderland* ---- most memorable words for the day "Long Island Tea"---

11:28 PM

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