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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hee Hee so cute right?! My cute Pink monkey is sleeping on my bed =P It's call Kapo and he loves Hazelnut Chocolate Cheesecake. lol.. good life monkey =X

Actually caught it from the Arcade machine at Suntec... Expensive monkey lol... I think yandao spent ard 40 dollars on it 0.0"

We got one huge bag of sweets as well lol.....

Ate at Bie Fu at Tiong Bahru before catching Silent Hill with dear... the show was okay.. some interesting graphics and sexy zombie nurses in skimpy clothing slashing each other throats with scapels lol...

Treat dear to Mac for dinner because I really felt he spent too much on arcade X___x

Had quite a lot of fun =pp now my cute monkey is sleeping beside me whahaha =D

11:22 PM

Monday, June 19, 2006

Hmm.. 0.0 wa I work from Monday to Sunday without off day for one week le =(

Haiz bo bian... because not enough people around and they don't have enough pple to send over to Bpp due to the roadshows.. dots..

In the end during weekends only got Me and SH ard... on Saturday we really work non stop the flow of people keep coming in .. so scary haha.. but good also long time never been so busy le in this shop =)

Sunday was alright but later at night also got more customers come into the shop... busy busy busy 0.0

Dear came find me these few nights.. so sweet of him.. He also bought me nice sushi and brought me to Club MoMo to watch soccer match lol.. It's World Cup ma... all the guys are glued to the TV sets...

Robin Leong was at MoMo hosting an impersonating event... there were a few contestants... impersonating Britney Spears, Usher, Tina Turner and Destiny's Child.. there was even a group of gers --> Pussy Cat dolls.. lol

Anyway I really like the main singer of Pussy Cat Dolls.. She is so pretty and slim.. I want her body haha... X__x

Did not really drink a lot cos I still had work on Saturday...

And on Saturday dear treat me eat nice zhu Chao at the Segar 1 Community Centre... =/ haiyoh.... these few days eat so much lol.. my legs expanding sideways again =|

Bought a nice yummy cake for my dad on Sunday which was Father's day =D He ate the cake happily lol.. yum yum and dear bought me Tako pachi =D~ so nice to eat haha =p Long time never eat that le... think the last time I eat this with him was like last year or something. lol

Hmm.. X_X yay off tommorrow can go play with dear =P He took leave on Monday weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... =PPpPPpp

12:19 AM

Friday, June 16, 2006

Finally the presentation stuff is over.. =X had to get thumbdrive from yandao for the presentation and Dr S even made a lame remark on 007... diaoz cos my thumbdrive was in the form hidden in a pen..

He still has the stuck up attitude and look down on us Oxxxx. Geesh cannot be too bothered about him anyway.. most of the oxxxx dun like him anyway. Tried my best at presentation and was okay I guess.. could not really answer like one question.. haha

Anyway he ask who wanted to be in his team to be trained to fit Ortho K lens.. cannot be bothered .. felt that even after his "intensive" training .. you are not officially certified to fit ortho k lens.. I wonder where does that make u stand..

if there was really a trained and certified recognised ortho K lens practioner and after learning from him we get offical certs that are recognised everywhere I really dun mind joining this team.

But freak lor. He really "dog eye see people down." and even after his training .. I think you are still like not recognised as an ortho k lens fitter everywhere else. Instead of wasting time on stuff like this I rather improve in my other areas of skill first.

These few days really suay, keep meeting all the mentally crazy people in Bukit Panjang. Just dun understand the mindset of these people. If you have no intention of making spectacles fine.. you dun have to come in and make a fool out of us or scold us for no reason. I didn't know Singaporeans are really that bored to death till they are so free to waste everyone's time.

Never heard of bad kharma before? They really not afraid due to their behaviour now their kids may suffer from the retribution they deserved? Ever wonder why in some families, the husband and wife , rich and educated and clever but they have a physically challenged kid?. I think you should think twice before being such a bitch or freaking idiot.

And seriously they never heard of the word respect? They themselves behave so rudely and in sucha disgusting manner and yet they expect u to serve them like kings? it's fine if you don't want the specs. or find prices expensive. but making comments like.. " wa the frames all so ugly...". dun you think u r the one who is being very rude? and then make unreasonable demands and expect u to fulfil it.


I worry for the future of Singapore man. "Ugly Singaporeans" I am sure this phrase came out like few years ago already.Now I think they should be called "beyond hope Singaporeans".

12:32 AM

Monday, June 05, 2006

hmmm... been so long since I last blog...

Everyday flies so fast.. =|

Urghz.. my legs are getting fatter again.. =( but I cannot help eating bread when I reach home from work .. eww comfort food.. think it's hard for me to slim down liao

-.- exercise?! =( lazy pig haha.

Went to eat at Choa Chu Kang with Yandao and Pat on Tuesday.. haha first time saw Pat wear long sleeve shirt! 0.0 ate at very crowded Long John and we headed to the arcade afterwards where I indulge myself in silly fighting games that made my hands so tired from controlling the joystick =/

Working with my colleagues are so far so good.. sometimes Pk has emotional outbursts.. but still alright.. haha she give me free hand massages when there is no one in shop =X and she's pretty cute at times.. maybe her eyes too big so sometimes will look fierce lol.

TS on the other hand is quite fun to work with. I always enjoy working with her and listen to her different experiences she had working all these while...

Hmm.. Friday came two customers whom were pretty jolly =) Guess they were very positive about life

this was the first time I felt a customer felt sorry about choosing frames for a while and trying on many frames.. most of them would just take it for granted that you should be doing this and that but for this customer she actually apologised for taking such a long time to choose frames when they actually decided like in around 40 minutes or so.. 0.0

And we even exchange phone numbers 0.o

Anyway was finally off on Saturday.. got a bit too emotionally sad knowing dear had headache on Friday and could not meet up with him..

Went to catch Over the Hedge the following day.. cute cartoon =D I kinda like the turtle.. it actually looks cute with the shell in the movie. So different from the deformed stuff toys they make in shops.

Walked ard Orchard and got caught in an interview =S

Then went club momo with dear later cos his friends were chilling out there.. got pulled to the dance floor by his pal's gf.. X__X but really the floor was too empty to dance and maybe I was too wide awake lol.

hmm.. one more day and can rest at home.. geesh need to prepare long presentation. Man it's not like I am still in poly ..zzzz

11:02 PM

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