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Monday, August 21, 2006

The purpose of crying

Throughout history and in every culture, people cry. "Weeping often occurs at precisely those times when we are least able to fully verbalize complex, overwhelming emotions and least able to fully articulate our feelings," Lutz writes.

Crying can also be an escape; it allows us to turn away from the cause of our anguish, and inward toward our own bodily sensations. Scientists feel that weeping is probably necessary because no human behavior has ever continuously evolved unless it somehow contributed to survival.

"Science has proven that stress is terrible for the health of your brain, heart and other organs," says William Frey II, Ph.D., biochemist and tear expert of the Ramsey Medical Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. "It isn't proven yet, but weeping has most likely served humans throughout our evolutionary history by reducing stress."

11:51 PM

Thursday, August 17, 2006


AIYOH.. didn't know what happen man.. -__- I got so drunk geesh wasted away...

Ladies night and I thought Phuture was great. The songs were yummy but.. my mistake drank a bit too fast on burbon coke.. and got DRUNK. huh it's so bad.. I mean how can u get drunk on Burbon coke zzzzz... yah and before that I only had a glass of Bailey Green tea followed by some long island tea which was really bitter...

Oh my god... I puked and puked. haiz. I think it was much more worst than the first time i got so drunk.

Pity yandao and his friend had to lugged me out of phuture =( and in the cab I was still puking my guts out in some plastic bag. must be the mac nuggets in my stomach not digested after my work.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

oh my god.. and poor yandao had to bring me to his house to sleep on the couch.. =( I was too pukey to go home?! =/ geesh i think i made his parents worried ..zzzz

Woke up abt 6am and forced yandao to open the door for me and got home..

diao think too long never drink or something...

Treated my sis to Suki Sushi and had sashimi and some rolls.. hmm thier new york cheesecake was kinda nice too.

then met yandao and treated him to western food... haha got a cool voodoo doll for him. Hopefully will bring luck to him =D

what a pukey night. yucks.

8:48 PM

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


been so stressed out by work lately dun really wan to go into details...

Yandao has been nice to me and treated me to sushi on Sunday.. and we went for a movie on Saturday night... Hmmm my super ex girlfriend.. nope Click was way better

haiz been down on my luck lately...

Monthly Career for sagittarius: August, 2006

For you, work isn't just work. Business isn't just business. No, for you, the work you do is an integral part of the way you live your life. If you're fulfilled at work, chances are you feel pretty good in general. And if there are problems at work, it's hard for you to leave them behind when you go home. The 1st and 2nd promise to have some of both -- fulfillment and problems. This month is a good one to look at how to balance these two extremes at work (fulfillment and problems) with the rest of your life. By the 7th, you want to be implementing a new business idea or two (or you might get bored). On the 13th, don't forget to relax (and get outside!), and on the 18th, spend the day appreciating how well things are going. By the afternoon of the 23rd, you experience a real work-related turning point. Spend the first part of the day on the 28th identifying a few hidden problems. It will save you a headache later.

eee so true =|

12:51 AM

Monday, August 07, 2006

This is so cute =)

12:03 AM

Sunday, August 06, 2006

=D It's so sweet.. thanks a lot yandao =D

So nice of him ^^ He knew I was still feeling down and he came all the way in cab to pick me up to go town =D

He had the impulse to treat me to buffet dinner at GOodwood park Hotel but I just could not bear to see him spent so much money on food so i forced him to go to the Tangs foodcourt with me =X

Not too bad I had Fried fish ramen and he had some thai green curry set meal yum yum =X haha and we had ice jelly and almond jelly for deserts..

wanted to catch a movie with him but was getting pretty late and the queue was long.. went to Tangs and bought an ice shaver for myself instead X__x

Wish I could always accompany him on weekends =(

9:45 AM

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I caught a meaningful show call "Click" with yandao today.

Some might think it is crappy but i think it has some meaning to it.Maybe life is not just about reaching your goals and having success. The most important things in life really cannot be bought with money =X Like my family and my dear and my time with them! haha =P

Suddenly I am so glad I am not caught up with work and so cazy about climbing up the coporate ladder or trying to earn millions. I guess life does kinda lose meaning when u are just trying to be successful all the time.

Think I am kinda happy being a blur sheep. ha ha anyway I got a happy family and a cute monkey. That's pretty good enough =D

weee... this week has been kinda relaxing. Off last Sat, then off tuesday, off on Thursday and off on Saturday again =X wahaha

10:18 PM

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Something happen at work yesterday, made me kinda angry but no point being angry at Malaysians.

Maybe most would think they are "poor things" coming all the way to Singapore to work. But i dunno what right does it give them to be so unreasonable and bully me =( lol.. sad too bad my family is so bloody poor and I also cannot find a freaking rich guy to get married to, if not I can just quit immediately and dun have to put up with the sh*t they give me.Ha ha..X___x yandao just joking! =X money means nothing if I am not with u ^^

Hur now I know why hardly any Singaporeans want to go into the sales line.

Its fine u meet up with unreasonable customers,

its another thing to get bullied by yr Malaysian colleagues.

it gets really sick when u are sandwiched between both.

And what's worst is when yr boss still expect u to have good sales in this kind of situation.

*vomit blood*

Never mind they always say karma right.

It's okay I will just tolerate, besides the biggest winner are those who can put up with the sh*t and tolerate the mental torture.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10... I can still give in and pretend nothing happen.

I suddenly miss Shikamaru and his way of looking at the clouds pass by on a fine day.


7:32 AM

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