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Friday, September 29, 2006

Erm.. work has been quite weird lately left me feeling weird.

Friends were joining my company and working with other staff was quite alright. AH was pretty okay to work with in fact.SH seems happier these days and we really talked a lot during work.. haha =D it's kinda fun in fact.

In fact SH was really kind =) she called me up and asked if i needed any mooncakes cos she was going over to JB.. so with her help I managed to get two boxes of mooncake from lavender... gave one box to yandao and force him to savour the mooncake though he complained that the white lotus snowskin was simply too sweet.

My mum and dad pretty enjoyed the yam,golden jade(pandan??) and traditionally baked mooncakes =) oh and yah.. yandao bought some mooncakes from Meritus hotel too and handed to me heh... they were not too bad

=| and suppose there are a lot of cheaters ard. I lend a ten dollar note to a "customer" who exclaimed his son made a pair of spectacles with us and his car key broke and his belongings were all inside the car. and... he never seem to return. So i guess the kind do get "eaten" in the real life after all.

My off day on Saturday was brought forward to today.. was a bit angry and told N about it. He replace another weekday off for me. so my one weekend taken off = 2 weekdays off. 0.0"

And I actually told him not to shift my off day from Wednesday to Tuesday cos I was meeting the gers.. in the end he replaced my replacement off days from Mon to tue.. so next week I am off from Mon to Wed 0.0 dots.

And my sis has been behaving really weird these days it got me so worried. hmmmm.. I wish sometiems I could just really slip into a coma or somethign liek that so i can stop worrying about everything.

10:27 AM

Friday, September 22, 2006

I did something so silly no one would ever do. but still I had to do it.Because if I did not the ghost would be forever hovering outside my shop.


Feel like in a very sorry state for myself. The shop is not even mine yet have to do this type of silly thing. =(

Please dun ask me what happen cause I really dun want to talk about it. This is the first time I handled matters in such a way and it will definitely be the last.

Was feeling very down after work yesterday and was even more upset they shifted my Saturday off to a friday. Can't I even be entitled to a weekend off? =( after all the sacrifices I made.. feel so upset...

Mum was beyond nagging yesterday when she found out what I did until I finally lose my cool and locked myself in my room and still she would not give up banging on my door.

Got really upset and left the house.

It was like reaching 12.25am at the night =(

But I really did not want to stay at home.

Maybe I am really bad at handling matters. maybe it's a bad idea to get my friends to join me in the company. They dun know how poor is the welfare for the employees.


8:50 AM

Thursday, September 14, 2006

hey ya =D

I watched finished Full House... man if you haven caught that show you should catch it man....

I hated the Hye won in the show because she was such a slut. Kept going out and seeking for attention from Young Jae (Rain) who is already going out with Ji Eun. I just dun understand why some gers dont know how to leave guys who already have girlfriends alone. They dun want to get attached yet keep going out with guys who already have girlfriends. such sluts =S And I can remember how Hye Won could not just leave Young Jae alone cos she could not stand why Ji Eun getting attention from him. Geesh. I guess some gers will never grow up.

Think I sound like agitated over the show? heh you should catch it and then you will know why =X the show is superb =D and Ji Eun is such a sweet ger who is a bit blur about her happenings but she is so sweet.. and pretty =D envy envy... lol

There is another Hunk in the show known as Min-hyuk .. He's very tall and Handsome!

haha really don't give this show a miss... >.< I couldn't stop chasing after the series until I completed it wahahha =X



On my off day on Wednesday Managed to coerce yandao to take leave and he was dragged about in Orchard by mee... lol And we saw Bryan Wong outside Far East Plaza hosting a show.. whhahhaa Ate his favourite Korean meal together with him and we went back shortly after staying at the arcade at PS for quite sometime.. his Mum cooked a great meal.. I had very delicious fried prawns and fried eggs with mushrooms and brocolli and soup.. never felt so full --_______--

Hmm.. Dear treated me to good Zhu chao at the coffee shop near my house there on Saturday night... =D he was jealous Edward treated me to nice meal that night and wanted to make up for it.. NO la. Just joking -___- He still finds me on the thin side no matter how much I insisted I have put on weight and grew fat. He needs an eyecheck 0.0"

Went walking around Singapore with yandao on Sunday and we took a bus 67 =S and stopped in the middle of no where.. =| and it started to rain so heavily... I was trapped in Cold storage with him.. apparently we could not decide on which place to settle a meal for and I suggested we go Ikea to have a meal.. haha this time I treated him... cos he was going broke from ???.. =/

I bought my favourite vanilla ice cream cone late about 8pm ... feeling a bit depress but couldn't really find an answer to my melachony.

work work work.... was okay.. thank god some problems aready smoothen themselves out.

Bought a cake for my sis =D SH was nice enough to accompany me to the cake shop =) Kinda glad she is my colleague somehow though we dun exactly love each other but I know we are much more than just colleagues =D Not lesbians okieee.. I mean more on a good friends level... what were you thinking!!??!

And she has got a nice bf too.. bought a cute Doremon wallet for her wow wow.. =P

12:27 AM

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Hmm.. lol it's already September =| Oh my god... so I have been with the company for about 5 months le...

Hmm... There were happy moments and fustrating moments at work.... There were customers who complained over the slightest issue and there were customers who bought drinks and food for us =D

Aiks.. I guess being in the customer service line is not an easy task 0.0

But thankfully I have those special people that make my life more enjoyable...


October 26th..

I think Edward was finally back in Singapore for some meeting and came to my shop to buy spectacles.. Had fun time chatting with him and knowing more about his work and life experiences and he has got a pretty girlfriend =D.. he treated me to eat at the 24hr coffee shop "Jin San" at Ban****

October 27th..

Was my off day and met Irene and YX and PL for dinner at Marche.. whoops it's now call Vill'age.. hmmm felt the fried calamari shrunk in size? lol.. food other wise tasted pretty okie.. rosti tasted nice as usual... it was a post celebration for YX's Birthday =D... X__x sorry to the gals whom i left hurriedly from...

Rushed to Zouk to catch up with my dear and his friends.. wanted to accompany monkey hoping he felt better... avoided drinking a lot... did not want the puking incident to occur again and besides I had work the next day =| Songs were alright... and the guys even played pool for a while..

Been long since I touch pool =/

September 1st..

Went to Orchard after work to find A,CF and YQ.. haha =D had a nice time chatting with them as well in Burger king.. no Coffee bean or Starbucks cos of the limited seating capacity...

Got to know YQ actually can earn so much from just working on one project wow... like my two months salary. =( lol...

September 2nd..

Hurried back to shop just to open the gate for my colleagues as SH was sick... and the rest did not have the key... and forced monkey to go to the temple with me in Bugis.. prayed and got some lucky sweets from the temple...

Monkey could not resist scratching the belly of Stitch and wasted few bucks on it... and spent like 5 bucks on 2 sweets.. 0.0 Expensive fox sweets.

Treated Monkey to have lunch at Pho restaurant at Suntec...

haha our nice appetizers...

egg rolls

and salad rolls..

Our main course was eaten before I recall to take photographs of it.. =|

and we went back to his house to rest before having dinner at Mac again.. YAH my FAVOURITE MAC NUGGET MEAL =D~~

ha =) I enjoyed myself hopefully monkey did too ^^

and .... some pictures of Korean dramas I have been watching lately....

The cute guy in My girl...

They baking a cake together =D~

ha.. haven finish watching Full house =X soooooooooo sweet and romantic =X

11:47 PM

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