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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Heh heh... =D

Yandao was so nice today he accompanied me to walk home from Bpp after my work =D
He treated me Mac =D~ my favourite nuggets haha I felt so satisifed eating the nuggets and french fries and diet coke.. i am such a sinner =X *it seemed more satisfying than the Jap meal we had at Ichiban Boshi at Bpp the day before. 0.0"

He bought a big gulp which I forced him to fill with lemon tea and we walked back together =D so nice =ppppPPp enjoyed the walk back

there was not much people in the shop today.. basically sit from morning till like evening after cutting the lenses into the frames...

It was about 7pm plus to 8pm when the crowd started to stream in X___x so busy till I had no time to go to the loo =( diaoz... and some customers made a fool out of me and my colleague, we all thought he wanted to buy the spec le.. and I checked his degree and everything in the end he fly kite =(

Oh well... 0.0 it's like time for me to go on diet lorrr getting way fat.. 0.0 but I still can't control eating dot dot dot.

12:54 AM

Sunday, October 08, 2006

waaaaaaaaaaa.. i am sleepy..

woke up at 6.30am by the irritating alarm set by my sis from her hp.. =/

Ha ha off day today =D

Work these days are quite alright... just worried that if business gets bad boss will kill me..anyone need spectacles or contacts? =p this yr our boss decided to scrim on mooncakes..last yr he gave everyone a box of mooncakes with double egg yolk =|(Bengawan Solo) this year kaput.. haha sad =|

Work with SH is quite alright we talked a lot nowdays and its pretty fun working with her. heh =) so glad we are of abt the same age.. but she looks like 16?! -_-"

Dear took leave on Tuesday to accompany me... wee haha he treated me to watch JOhn Tucker Must die... cos there wasn't really much other choice.. but it's a good movie I would say... comedy+pretty gers+revenge+action haha it's okay... teenagers love this kind of show I think.

And we ate zhi char for dinner so fattening............ I dun want to end up like a pig....

On wednesday met my poly pals for lunch at Suki Sushi... we had a great time chatting away... ah.. kinda miss my sec sch friends esp SX. Sometimes on the way to work I think about the fun times we had.. =(

Last night after work.. forced yandao to go walk with me at the esplanade... I am such a mountain turtle.. there was something like this food centre set up beside the esplanade.. walked abt quite a bit and we decided to get some food from Thai Express.. had chicken Omelette soup while he had Tom Yam soup.... waitress mixed up my order.. never mind I forgive her X__x

After our sort of satisfying meal we went to sit by the bench and look at the nice sea............... IT WAS SO WONDERFUL =D I feel so relaxed looking at the sea at night... wahahaha and we listen to nice songs from my mp3 player... many pple were hanging around the area chilling out...

and after 30 mins of sitting down.. yandao find it long..!!! we went to have a few drinks.. I ordered teh tarik.. it's so milky and nice.. must be high in calories.. yandao unwilling to help me finish the drink saying it's too sweet. 0.0

We walked around quite a bit and went to see the cute merlion still spitting out water from it's mouth.. then to boat quay.. and finally looked at the pubs.. before we headed home in a cab....

it's so therapuetic looking at the sea having the nice breeze blow into yr face.. Luckily the haze did not smoother us to death =|

7:59 AM

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Free personality analysis from ColorQuiz
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Imaginative and sensitive; seeking an outlet for these qualities--especially in the company of someone equally sensitive. Interest and enthusiasm are readily aroused by the unusual or the adventurous.

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Has a powerful drive towards sensuousness.

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The fear that she might be prevented from achieving the things she wants increases her need for security and freedom from conflict. Is therefore seeking stability and an environment in which she can relax.

12:56 AM

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