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Monday, November 27, 2006

Ha ha.. stupid blogspot..

Lol anyway

Pretty? =D
My dear gave me a big surprise on Thursday a few more hours to my birthday and ha gave me this huge bouquet of pretty red roses where he bought at Holland Village.
so sweet of him ^^

And he bought me a sleek and cool samsung D-900 the ultra thin seris as a gift for my Birthday even though I keep insisting he could just buy me clothes.. no regrets. the hp is really cool and it plays my favourite mp3 songs =D

remember that I talked about treating my friends to a cafe at Bugis, in a lane purvis street.. yah Miss Clarity Cafe.. my faults that I did not make a reservation and the place was pretty packed, we had to sit outside with a makeshift table =/ but my friends were pretty ok about it... didn't know the crowd would be that great on a wednesday night 0.0

I had a yummy fried garlic with breadcrumbs on baked dory fish.. it doesn't look that great but I have to say the taste is absolutely fantastic.. you have to eat the paste no matter what! it's yummy

Sx had this great chicken boleu.. where ham and cheese is stuffed inside the chicken breast meat.

while A had this fried soft shelled crab with pasta...

heavenly =pp

Ps's fried dory fish with pasta worked wonders with our tastebuds as well

lastly the desert was bread and butter pudding.. my friends had raving reviews after they took a bite from it.. I found it average however..maybe I am not such a pudding person 0.0

Oh and back to my celebration with yandao.. we went to eat at Cafe cartel after getting my gift and boy.. was it hard to get a taxi from PS or what. it was only ten twenty and no taxis were stopping.. even the dial a cab operator did not want to answer the phone =(

In the end we got a ride back from this taxi driver who was kind of.. I dunno WEIRD?
He told yandao after I got off the cab why yandao did not mention to him it was my birthday and he had a gift for me. hUH? weird right -_-" and the gift is?? a free ride from orchard to my home next time we need a cab??? =D ok.. I am dreaming -_-"

So on my Birthday... we headed out to Marina square and had a nice meal at Xin wang Cafe.. we wanted to go Meltz at first (at Oriental Hotel) but I figured I cannot eat that much anyway... the buffet will go to such a waste.

there was quite some people in the cafe already

We ordered yummy iced tea. I love the yuan yang (mix of coffee and tea) tasted very delicious =D~ and yandao had this hong kong iced tea which was pretty ok as well

Har kow(shrimp dumplings) and siew mai (pork and shrimp steamed in yellow dough skin)
was pretty good as well.. yandao love the siew mai 0.0

We had nice fried spring rolls as well hmmm.. =p~

Yandao had this mee with wantons and preserved vege

and I finally decided to get ham and eggs.. which was pretty yummy.. and yandao pointed out the two yolks and smiley "u" shape - sweet sauce dribbled onto the egg white was actually a smiley face with two eyes. so cute! LOL

After pigging out at the cafe we went over to the waterfront by the esplanade to take some photos..

It's so BEAUTIFUL. I will miss the sunset..

and before partying and zonking out at Phuture I made dear dizzy by asking him to comply to my wilful acts of choosing a cake so I can make a wish =X and finally settled on this cookie and cream cheese cake after running around the whole of Great world city. got this from sweet secrets bakery shop.. lol girls! and dear forced me to say this out loud. "gers are troublesome." -__-" LOLOLOL

We had vodka lime, vodka orange, red wine, my favourite Bailey's green tea.. and Long island tea which I vehemently refused to drink a lot. haha =S
and Maybe it was the old songs or maybe I wasn't high enough .. can't seem to get into the mood of dancing... -.-

and we went out to eat the nice hot dog from the small stall set outside Zouk haha yum yum..

and guess what on returning home I got a nice Birthday cake =D and my sis and mum were still awake they wanted to wait for me to cut the cake. so sweet of them =D

On Saturday.. coerced yandao to go watch movie with me POPCORN TIME! =D.. we finally decide to catch A Battle of the Wits..

"A Battle of Wits," based on a Japanese comic book, is the story of a follower of ancient Chinese philosopher Mozi who tries to stay true to his anti-war teachings, even as his followers stray from his beliefs.

The movie, funded by investors from China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.
~The Canadian Press 2006

Kinda smart tatical war show which I guess most guys will enjoy and maybe for some gers they may find it boring.. but the cleverness of the plot somehow manage to kept me glued to the screen for like the first hour plus..

ok ok.. =( confession to make. I fell asleep like for ten minutes in certain part of the show =/ Maybe I need to brush up on my history of China.. got a bit lost somewhere.

But overall I would give it a rating of like 7.3/10 =p

heh and just when I thought there would be no more surprises When I got to my shop on Sunday.. I saw this on the desk... nice chocolate and a birthday card from my boss =D

mY birthday card =D~

on the inside...

The famous chocolates...

Smsed my Boss to thank them for the gift =p

and guess what my colleagues got me a nice Birthday card as well....

wow long essay lol..

On the hindnote.. i got a very special gift from a very old pal of mine..

So sweet.. and she did all the things mentioned inside the book before.. guess I am very lucky to have this many people with me in my journey of life so far =p

Oh and lastly thanks to all of you who SMSed me, Msned me, and even left a testimonial in my friendster wishing me a happy birthday =D

and thanks to Irene =p who wished me Happy Birthday on her blog lol.. ^^

and now time to sleep.. after having a long holiday from wednesday to Saturday.. I can rest on Monday again (27/11) LOL.. clearing my public holidays.. hur hur..

7:38 AM

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

huhhhh time is flying past me... without knowing,

Force dear to meet me on 16th November (thursday) after my work... haha we went to MOS.. surprisingly the rnb was pretty good on the main area. lotts of crazy ang mos dancing in the retro dance area. we got pretty lost in the huge MOS. even though it wasn't the first time we were there. Vodka with orange is absolutely yummy. =p

dear is addicted to whiskey coke and burbon coke as usual. yucky taste. think I am glued to diet coke. anything else with coke I cant take it. haha. we drank some before heading out to mac donalds where he treated me to Mac 0.0 nuggets and we took photo with Taz mania and Tweety :D I feel like such a kid ^^

Went back to the dance floor and he drinked while I stared. lol.. haha did not want to drink so much.. fatty drinks =X and we danced... nice songs =D and some black guy was showing off his dance moves... remind me of No No in taiwan talk shows where he always do the "di ban dong zhuo" =S which he basically just drag his body around the floor with using a hand as support. but the black guy was really good. yandao say I wasn't drunk enough 0.0 I seemed too serious 0.0"


On November 17 (friday) dear had leave =p went to find him at home to find the boy still sleeping haha forced him to get out of bed and we went to LOT ONE to eat suki sushi buffet. treated him =p omg. LOT ONE AGAIN. WE ARE STUCK THERE FOR LIFE. LOL
anyway bought him a cool shirt =D and we strolled about before going home..

spend the rest of the 4 days working :D hmm work is getting stressful at tiems with the weird customers and daily sales not rising.

On 22nd Nov.. met up with SX and the rest of the gang. treated them to a meal at Miss Clarity cafe... very hyped up and haha was really full house when we reached. we ate nice food and had a great time laughing and joking hee :D

Meeting A for lunch tomolo with Ps =D

p.s dear got a nice new hp :D finally!!

11:52 PM

Friday, November 17, 2006

"WARNING- Super long post"

Apparently after my trip from Thailand I was too lazy to upload photos due to my problematic video camera. :D and I stayed very lazy after that.

*Ahhhhhh* scream scream.

I dunno how I did it. But I actually gained a few kgs after the trip? or somehow =( shucks. Must be the buffet breakfast we had every morning consecutively for 5 days =(

And heard that Britney Spears got so much slimmer from her new diet. To abstain from all carbohydrates and no fast food? URGHZ.. means what I have to stop having my soft nice chewy white bread for breakfast? =( and no more nuggets? NO MORE NUGGETS? =( I like my Mac nuggets

huhhhhhh.. life sucks. but i think I have to start this diet too or I will look like porky pig very soon =/ am halfway there.. *screams*

Anyway The bangkok trip was definitely one of the most memorable trips I had.. Ok Ok so I havent really had a lot of trips before. But going for a 5 day trip with my family was definitely quite fun and enjoyable though many insisted going on family trips were always boring. But maybe I love my family a lot :p

Day 1 (24/10/06):

reach Changi Airport in my dad's friend cab. :D
took a quick bite at Jolly Bean (min jiang kueh.. weee)
waited for the plane.. Thai Airways 0.0 Had chicken with potatoes set meal.
reached the Humonguous Thailand Airport called S........... waited for tour guide and went to hotel.. unpacked and went to MBK.. walked about and settled for Mac? LOL everything else was closed.

Got lost on way back to hotel -____- walked about quite a bit and finally took a cab which did not knew how to get to our hotel as well -______________-"

Day 2 (25/10/06):

Went for the half day tour with tour guide. Brought us to temple to pray... wanted to go to the floating market but was flooded too heavily to go beyond... had to sit nice boat ride =p and we got to go to some jewellery shops which I guess tour guides are paid to do so when they bring a bunch of tourist there.

We then left for Pratunam... bought several bags there.. ate at a foodcourt in a mall there.. they used coupons to buy food =D there was hao jian (fried omelette with Oysters) ha but singapore one taste better =p and we had some fried kuey tiao..
Left for Mbk and continue shopping.. bought shoes and bags... and had very ncie deserts at the foodcourt. The chendol was very very good.

Day 3 (26/10/06):

Went to the four faced Buddha to pray.. before heading to chinatown =p
Wow cheap cheap stuff haha shopped like crazy =D back to hotel and went to Suan Lum night market before heading to Siam paragon and had dinner there.The thai iced tea is something that u can never find in Singapore. It tasted like heaven. LOL and there were some shops from Singapore inside the mall as well lol.

Day 4 (27/10/06) :

Went to the Grand palace took many many photos.... then we headed to Big C. wanted to find the nice seafood restaurant but was lost instead. LOL so we ended up eating at come nice cafe called Grand canyon.. so cheap =X eating meals like from TCC but total cost is like less than 16 singapore bucks? =X 4 pple u know. We ate nice swensen ice-cream there too for like about less than ten bucks haha =x Then we shopped again before leaving.

DAy 5 (28/10/06):

wah last day super super sad. lol had to go back to my working life again.
Met up with dear and passed him some gifts I bought for him at Bangkok.


I MISS BANGKOK. LOL good food cheap stuff.. man in Singapore everything is expensive =( and now what. GST is up to 7%?????!!!! *SCREAMS*

Tired... be back again for more updates haha :D

10:22 AM

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