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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I don't why the blogger is facing so much problems recently but this is the only pathetic photo I managed to upload -.-

Maybe it does not look very appetizing here but in fact.. haha once u start u cannot stop =D~ This is like chicken breast with ham and cheese wrapped in it. Very yummy.. I forget the name of this dish but this is what yandao ordered when we went to Miss Clarity Cafe for the celebration of our 2 yrs together =p.

I had some pan fried dory fish which was pretty alright..and we had salad and soup for appetizer.

Urghz in fact time flew by so fast I pretty much forget what took place in the last few weeks.

I bought a nice shirt for yandao for his Birthday and I think he looks very good in it =D..We ate a lot these past few weeks..

X__X We went to Fish Manhattan to celebrate our Christmas eve dinner. yum yum we had seafood platter for 2 =D~ got nice fried fish fillet with calamari and shrimps with cheese and fried oysters with rice.. haaaaaa so much caloriesss.. lol and we still drank soup before that lor.... also went around Plaza Singapura shoping gifts with my dear for his colleagues.. ha got some chocolates and cute stuff from action city.

I also met my sec sch friends for our Christmas tea party 0.0 at Spinelli haha =D had a great time chatting with them catching up and i really have to say this time flies by so fast..had our gift exchange our yearly event =p

Bought some gifts for my collagues and recieved some from them as well.. Yummy Christmas... got a jar of cookie from boss 0.0

Hmm caught a few movies recently. And seriously you got to catch The Holiday It's one of the most sweetest movie and touching movie since I have seen in such a long long time..

Curse of the Golden flower was pretty cool too.. a lot of ladies in revealing dresses.. but of course that's not the main point. 0.0 lol.. the story was pretty intriguing. Love it. Much more better than the banquet.

And yandao is addicted to San Guo arcade games lor!! Small boy boy . =/

Hmm... think a lot more stuff happen lately but my brain is not working well 0.0
Oh yah dear bought me a cute pillow =p and a rich turtle 0.0

My bed is full of stuffies =p I feel like there isn't much space for me to sleep on lol.

Treated my sis to Xin Wang the other day yummy........ =D

7:36 AM

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