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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Before my alzhimer's disease set in, I have to type this down before I forget again.
Last Friday. Yandao and I went to a very very important place =D


We went to Marche... Hee hEe had my favourite mushroom soup there and we had rosti as well.. he ordered Crepe with ham and mushroom and some medium rare salmon. Salmon is a fatty fish. Has lots of fatty acids. but yandao won't believe me. He thinks I am a three yr old kid telling lies =(

Work was alright as usual but sales is dropping at a quick rate. bleah I cannot imagine what happens after this month. Maybe will go back to ghost town again..

I am always rushing back home to catch War And Beauty. "金枝玉葉" ( Jin Zhi Yu Yue ) -"[A tree with] golden branches and jade leaves"), which is used to describe prestigious, unmarried women at the time.=p It's very good. I am practically addicted to it. Heh heh You can watch scrupltous woman kill each other over for a guy's affection. doh.. Emperor ma. lot of money and fame

How can you don't watch this show man. It's awesome.

An Qian and Yu Ying

Ru Fei and Kong Wu

yay off day finally =p

11:16 PM

Sunday, January 28, 2007

it's the coldddddddd weather... that's why I have not been blogging for an eternity. The cold weather makes my blood freeze and my hands can't move and I won't be able to type. I immediately go into a dormant state.

Thankfully to the three day break which pathetically has two work days slot in between. I manage to rest well and recover my freezing fingers.

So I manage to force yandao to take leave on Friday and we went town after eating the nice green tea Uzumaki ice cream. I think that's how it is called. and I almost bored myself to death after he continuously play the retarded game. WHOOPS sorry I mean Sangokushi Taisen. bleah -__-. ALmost got killed by three nerds after I mention it was a retarded game at the bugis arcade today. And I am soft spoken I wonder how they could hear me above all the noise coming from the game machines. SO PAISEH. all three of them stopped the game and turned ard to look at me -_____________-""

Anyway dear treated me to eat nice huo guo today slurp slurp... he is trying to fatten me up before he can sell me to the mutton seller. Hmmm..and he bought me a cute bag.. which my sis say it resemble a garbage bag. SO MEAN. =(

And dear got two very nice shirts =pp and I bought him some winter glove...

and we shopped all over bugis... so long since we done that and we even bought the cute ice cream from those roadside ice cream vendors. Yummy.... reminds me of my childhood days the ice cream taste exactly like the same =D~

And the day before.. after my work we went to Choa Chu Kang to catch a movie... so glad we watch Happy Birthday =p sO romantic Hopefully true love really does exist in the real world..
Almost shed tears when i realised Ah Nam was dead... so sad especially when u see the xiao d cry =\

I wish I can have off days forever.. dreaming =\

11:09 PM

Thursday, January 18, 2007

i think i don't want much I really just want to be much much much more slimmer. =/

but howwwwwwwwwwww.... so lazy to go exercise these days and having late snacks is not going to miraculously make me thinner =(

=/ Met up with A for a movie on Tuesday. Caught Pan's Labyrinth which A wanted to watch. not sure why but the movie has a very forgettable story line. Think I will forget it in a few weeks time. The only exciting part was when the monster woke up when the little girl ate the grapes and started to chase after her. The rest of the story was pretty no cause for excitement.

Kept myself awake with popcorn and grape soda. Cathy has pretty nice popcorn.

Drank coffee at Starbucks and chatted about our lives for quite sometime. Guess everyone has great ambitions and somehow I give everyone the impression I just want to get married and have kids??!! = doh....

Force yandao to meet me at Plaza Singapura and we ate our dinner at Mos Burger.. FInally 0.o Haven't eat Mos Burger like in years. Had natsumi Fish which was basically fish wrapped in lettuce. Yummy =D~ and the nice fat fries were soft =p

And yandao bought me a nice bracelet =D ha ha my taste is getting more ah ma-ish has big beads on it 0.0

Heard from Fel that K was on diet pills.. what the .. she is very skinny ok.. geesh =/ I never even ate those before... so skinny still need diet pills... then what about me................ =(

Hopefully tomolo will be a better day at work. Today was too quiet 0.0 can catch flies.

12:00 AM

Friday, January 12, 2007

Hiyer... it's so long since I last posted. And it's already 2007 lor.. can you believe it. Urghz. one more year getting older le. Just like what my colleague mention.. after working life starts and a year goes by.. nothing changes and all you get is a year older 0.0"

Thankfully.. I pass one year with all my loved ones ard me =D

I will try to be a bit more optimistic and hopefully by the end of this year.. i become slimmer?!! I don't know why I always hope for the impossible but hope is better than no hope at all right.

I cannot really recall what happen on New yr eve.. JOKING !! although I am old.. I don't have the Alzheimer disease yet.. is that how you spell it anyway X__X

I cannot believe I got new yr eve blue even though I was out with yandao.. I got suddenly very upset over??!! woman are always so emotional and men are always that irrational =/ haha we spent money on getting ourselves squeezed like pancakes in Zouk. Somehow Patrick was spying on us and we caught him outside Mac Donald's at Great world City on eve that day.. haha he was actually waiting for Nili and her bf to catch a movie and then the two guys started going on and on and on and on about the San guo game which I have absolutely no clue how they can have such interest in card games like this. -_-"

Luckily before I fell asleep we went back into Zouk and I did not really drink a lot because poor me still had to work the next day. Had a lot of fun though and there were balloons!! =D I got a pink one haha. AND CAN U BELIEVE IT??!! WORKING ON NEW YR DAY. IS MY BOSS CRUEL OR WHAT. =~(((((((((((((

It's the start of a new year and unfortunately some nasty customers really spoil my working days.. but it's ok because I have nice colleagues working and joking with me =X

I think I miss my vanilla cone haven't had it like for years...

I can go on and on and on but I don't think anyone can read on and on and on.

I know I sound like a three year old in this entry. But who cares... and hopefully for all those broken hearts last year they will manage to heal their hearts this year. Time heal all wounds and even for those who think they lost their true love. Don't worry think another will come yr way soon -_^ and one last piece of advice dun hang onto lost love it just makes everyone even more blue.

12:34 AM

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