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Sunday, March 11, 2007

It's been days since I last updated..

Just back from gaming at Bugis.. =/ Hmm not exactly gaming more like me watching dear playing San Guo and me peeling the card game packets. =| Pat was with us beforehand and left earlier to collect his bike.

We ate very nice porridge at Da Wan Zhou, a restaurant serving porridge at Boat Quay. Yum Yum.. I had porridge with uncooked egg, preserved egg and salted duck egg.. haha and I add a lot of soy sauce.. maybe i will die an early age from kidney problems =(

Dear ate porridge with liver and pork I think and Pat ate some congee with liver too and hur hur he found one mushroom in it. The fried you tiao with sotong was nice too and so was the braised tofu.. slurp... total cost was abt 67 bucks wow.. expensive congee heh..

Earlier in the afternoon we went to Nili's house and her niece was there and so we played and watched him drew cute stuff on his little white board before he went to play some cute simpson game on his X box. There was a white bunny hiding inside a box in a cage outside her door too.. so adorable haha =D

dear was busy sleeping when I arrived at his house before that.. lol ^^

Just yesterday went to eat with my friends at Simply Thai. SX and ALi treated us to the nice food, I had claypot glass noodles with crayfish. was pretty black but there was my favourite mushrooms in it.. and after that we headed to starbucks to have a few drinks the sofa was big and comfy =) We chatted a while more before heading to secret recipe to eat some yummy cakes... heh heh =D chocolate moist cake and chocolate cheesecake.. very chocolatety....

with that so much eating these few days I think I have gained a few pounds hopefully i can mange to slim down before yandao finds me too fat and dumps me =( I really envy pple who can eat and dun grow fat at all...

Think I am going to miss him =( he's going on a china trip for business hope everythign will be fine =~(

12:42 AM

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Someone has been asking me out these past few days i rejected him quite a few times le. So i think he gets it right. I consider myself being very faithful as I know there are some gers who would jump at any chance of cheating their bfs.And i mean those bfs who have been very good to thier gfs not jerks who leave their gf in guessing games about whether he still loves her a not.

SH came to my house for a sleep over ytd =p was kinda cool she was playing with my cute stuffies and we were talking about some stuff and we watched Jacky Wu's Qi Tian Da Sheng till we doze off... I wish we could lie in bed and gaze at the ceiling and talk for as long as we want. it's such a comfortable feeling just lazing on bed talking rubbish =p

Went out with SH to BPP this morning though I got no work. 0.0 Went to Bugis with yandao for a while trying to hunt for my shoe but to no avail =( Then we head over to People's Park where we bought tickets with a tour agency to go Taiwan =D heh heh finally can go on trip with my dear!

Poor dear must trembled when I screamed that Patrick was the one who scalded porridge over my hands ok la I may seem fierce at time but doesn't mean i go ard hurting pple. SO HURT =(

We ate the nice porridge. Pi dan Zhou haha centuries since I last had it....

And dear took cab to rush for work even though i ask him to take mc cos he was feeling unwell..

I wander ard chinatown for a while went into a few shops and took 190 back to bpp.. look ard the shops and went Lot 1 but I could not find any nice shoe for my work. So depressing. I feel poorer than ever and this month my commission was not given cos i handed it up too late. haiz

poor wendy. ha ha

6:53 PM

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