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Monday, June 25, 2007

oh no =( I have been such a slacky girl.

Havent been updating my blog like in ten years.. =( so many things just flew past...

caught so many movies....

watched the Pirates of the Carribean 3, The Shrek, The Zodiac,28 weeks later.... with yandao and Ocean 13 with my sis.

I think I am seriously suffering from some sort of memory lost cant seem to recall things well.

As usual work was boring but there is no choice cos I have to work for a living cos I come from a poor family and there is no way I can live in luxury like some people I have seen X__X no work yet still can spend so much money. wow envy haha

Kinda miss times when I was much younger. There's so much to deal with when you grow up..

Anyway on my dad's side... my younger cousin is getting married... so I have to shift my stupid off day from Saturday to sunday.. think my friends going to kill me now cos i was supposed to meet them on saturday. oh man the only sucky thing about working in retail line is that u really find it hard to meet up with yr pals especially when most are them in the office work..

i feel half stress and worried at times... and I guess a portion of it comes from my work... its hard to explain but those closer to me know I am getting kinda underpaid or should I say my welfare is very poor right now..

and sometimes I feel that things in the past dun make me feel really happy anymore.. anyway was watching a taiwan talk show ... and they were talking about ye dian aka clubs.. and the host just ask something which I felt was kinda true...

HOst:" Ni Jue de ta men kong xu ma?" He was asking the audience if they felt the girls who went clubbing were like feeling empty..like lonely and like meaningless kinda stuff...

oh man -_-


bleah think i better get out of my house le

10:08 AM

Saturday, June 09, 2007

haha I have been so lazy... the last time i updated was like so many weeks ago...

Hmm.. work yesterday was the same old usual stuff but I really had some irritating customers who came in requested eye check, choose bloody frames for such a long time and in the left without buying anything even though price was not the factor.. wasted like really 4 hrs of my life lol. there were like 3 customers who did this to me today =( so poor me

But there was one really funny incident. My colleague after changing to his blue Tag Heuer frame got lucky with the SAME sex. WAHAHAHA there was this old uncle who we could tell was a gay,very into him.. and even though the price was really hefty he did not want to leave and insisted we lower the price.. then he left saying he come back tomorrow with his latest pair of spectacle cos he wanted exactly the same power. and I am sure he will come back cos he could not stop looking at my colleague. hahaha My colleague told me he felt disgusted =X

After work met up with my dear.. ahah I got the invite to Velvet Dragon which is the old MoMo.. went inside a while and like after a while we jostled out.. it looks the like the same old MoMo except for a few new couches and weird lampshades glued to the side of the wall 0.0 everything else look pretty much the same.

We ate at Mac Donald.. and we chatted... long time never talk to yandao so much. 0.0

the fries were yummy =( man how to slim down like that.

Hmmm...Tuesday went to watch Gui ah Gui ah... a local movie production. it was like a ghost aka comdey movie.... Pretty funny at the starting... but towards the end it got really kinda long winded and crappy like there was no story line any longer and the producer was just dragging on the movie for the sake of making it to an hr plus flim.... the movie starring Gurmit Singh and Fann Wong was way much better and much more hilarious.. and the story line was more of a story line.

But it was ok.. we got free tickets with courtesy from Yandao's brother.. think he got it from some lucky draw or something?

Before that dear treated me to Fish and Co.. it was our first time eating at this restaurant... funny but i really thought I ate it once with him before 0.0

the fish was fantastic.. Fish Manhattan is no where near them. the batter was nice and fries were yummy.. even yandao's grilled salmon tasted good. only thing is that I guess no one can beat Marche's Cream of Mushroom soup heh heh

=D off today... went Genting and Kuala Lumpur just last month.... shall tell u more about the trip next time cos I am too tired now lol.

8:36 AM

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