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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

and you really really thought maybe in sales line there was no such thing as office politics.. NEH.. THERE IS...

Anyway there may be the posibility that SH does not want to quit job.. demands a pay raise from boss... actually that does not affect me.. but when boss give her pay raise he's most probably going to take away her ind com.. and give her overall... yah u may be asking me in that sense how all this affects me... the thing is if she gets overall.. shouldnt she be in charge of the shop then... and it shouldn't be like me taking care of all the &hit at work while she's getting all the advantages right....and the thing is she dun want to be incharge and yet get all the benefits.

and then she told me if she's getting overall she will ask boss to give me too.. the thing is I dun want overall if they are taking away my ind com.. =/ because targets will be hard to hit too... and what if boss dun want increase my pay yet force me to take overall... I will be at such a disadvantage...

And I worry i was too truthful to her .. later if she get overall le she never tell me... =| and I am kept in dark.. taking care of all the stuff in shop while she gets all the advantages..

haiz..and then she had the decency to go ard spreading my ortho k sales was totally close by her and only type my name. FOR GOODNESS SAKE LOR. THE CUSTOMER APPROACHED ME FIRST LEH... and ask me... before I can say much u just cut in and say she want to explain for me.. duh... then go ard telling pple like it was her sales and not me who close the deal... Somemore she did not even know at that moment after checking eyes the mum actually wanted to get RGPs for her kid only and I was the one who convince her that getting Ortho k would be more beneficial than the normal RGPS..and she had the cheek to say it was she who close the deal... and she spread it all over the company the next day..

Seriously no wonder she is so afraid to go anywhere else... i sometimes doubt her ability to really close deals is just to snatch pple's deal ba.

And when I manage to close big deals.. she just mock and say U force the person buy one ah... HUH?? Please lor I dun need to force pple to buy things like she does lor...sometimes if my customer really dun want I dun force them de... I wonder she never sees how she herself close deal at times meh... keep pressuring the old auntie to get transitional progressives.. zzz..

Haiz but nvm...they say forgive and forget right.. nvm la karma ma they say.. I rather be the good person then do such things. I find her not the person I thought she was in the first place..

I think i got a lot of troubles at work yet no one really understands..

8:12 AM

Sunday, July 29, 2007

What's your personality love style?
Here is the analysis:

You desire a love that will last forever. You are quite serious about finding this type of love, and that's why you think carefully about the men that you meet before deciding whether you could really love them. You don't just develop a crush on someone overnight: you look at a person's personality and other aspects of their life before deciding to form an attachment. If a guy doesn't meet your expectations, you would rather be alone. Your love has to be perfect. Be careful though, you could be missing out on some worthy relationships because your standards are so high.

I got the test from Elsie's blog =p

9:21 AM

Saturday, July 28, 2007

See the nice food... haha this is cooked by me and yandao okie... we had a sudden interest in cooking one day and this time our stir fried veggie was much more tastier than the last time we tried to cook it =p~

and I tried to fried an omelette while dear tried his skills at frying a "he bao dan"
slurp... we also made yummy nuggets and fried salmon to go along...

hee hee =D think my dear can cook pretty okay .. yay next time can eat the food he cook =X

Also we went to Taka during one of my offdays and we got ourselves cute name keychains... heh heh =D Since yandao used the vouchers he had to buy me some necklace and bracelet... i decided we should each get a keychain using my vouchers i dug out from my cupboard...

and heh on Thursday dear took leave to accompany me =D it was kinda raining so he came by in a cab to pick me up and we went to Vivocity to catch The Simpsons... it was a great movie.. really one of a kind.

We had nice hokkien noodles and "dao xiao mian" at the food court and later on Pat joined us for an early dinner.. lucky him won some extra cash from his genting trip =D and treated us to eat at Kim Gary's.. Thanks a lot Patrick! =D

And heard his got some saving account that's pretty beneficial. Pls support him and contact him if u wanna know more.. his account lets u earn abt 2% per annum which is pretty high 0.0


Oh well.. today Sat(28/7) was really a busy day... the bloody thief came back and try to buy our sunglass using a stolen credit card... luckily SH was alert enough and of course she did not swipe it and pretend saying the card could not work..

anyway when the police came it was too late... and oh well i tried my best to help them but =( they got away again..sad...

i was walking ard the plaza with the bigger built policeman to try to identify the pple they suspected and everyone was like so curious and even an auntie came and ask me" got thief ah?" -__-"

Hmm busy busy day and think SH wants to stay after all.. -__-" good also la hopefully she will become in charge =X

11:59 PM

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I seriously think my panda eyes are getting darker and yes my bloody pc isn't repaired yet.. haha it's staying overnight at my uncle's place till it gets better from it's flu.

Sometimes I think it's true about what guys say about girls.. girls are so troublesome. Somehow guys are so much way forgiving and they just don't bitch about the nitty gritty stuff...

I finally understand why some pple try to say mean things when you did nothing and were minding your own business. I guess its true how they say some pple feel bad about themselves so they have to put others down in order to feel good about themselves -__- geesh.. I wonder if guys do that but I am sure girls do. -__-

I finally gave up and said," yah la I very bad in playing this kind of game." and she finally shut her mouth up and stop critising on how I should play the game.

I mean seriously... if you really want to feel good about yrself do something that u feel proud of but dun need to go around telling others because that would only seem boastful.And I only really admire those who have the ability to do things and yet remain humble.

Afterall what are u trying to prove in the end?? you are shallow? zzz.....

After what "D" guy commented on her... I finally felt it was kinda true I wonder how her bf can stand her sometimes. -_-

ok now I am being mean. Maybe I should stop all these mean thinking if not I am just become one of those horrid pple with rotten hearts.. after all she's still learning and brushing up on her EQ. Maybe it was her childhood or something all the kids surrounding her must have really put her down or something for her to turn out to be like this, which is kinda sad really.. Hopefully some kind soul can awake her thinking before its too late..

haiz -.- I miss my cute secondary sch friends man they seem so much innocent and nicer.. life is really weird when u grow up.

Ok enough of my blabbering, anyway I went to watch Harry Potter with yandao on Sunday haha.... turns out quite alright but guess fighting scenes always have a drowsy effect on me =X

and the thing is I am still fat. I think I am suffering from some kind of emotional eating disorder... if only my kind of disorder would make me lose my appettite instead of eating hahahaha.....

finally off on Thursday today =X hahah sleeping time cold weather... go back hugging my bolster on my nice bed.

sweet dreams.

9:34 AM

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Past few days have been exciting lol. -__-""

Anyway my dumb pc went moronic and break down again so now I have to use my pc in my living room which my sis or dad loves to glue in front of it.

I only have very limited usage on this pc =/

Anyway I as saying "EXCITING" cos a stupid conman came into my shop (Monday late afternoon) on the pretense of buying spectacle lens from us and he actually stole 2 sunglasses while my colleague and I were not looking.. geesh... so actually our camera caught him and we called for police le. so now it's a theft case.. and those police in home clothes came today CID. so cool. they ask us many questions X___X
Hopefully they really can catch him =X

the day before those uniform police came in and took my statement...

And lets see... I got sort of emotional on Tuesday.. and yandao being the nice guy he is,came down on Wednesday to find me after my work =pp

Tuesday was my offday so I went shopping with my mum at Ikea .. we did not buy much but bought some cute stuff for our house =p by the way.. plastic bags cost 5 cents to 10 cents at Ikea now. PLease save the earth and use yr own recucable bags =D

I treated my mum to oily KFC because i think she needs the yummy chicken to fatten up. lol Oh yah we bought the very delicious hotdog as well... my mum couldn't stop eating the nice hotdog =p
They have one of the best I guess.. even the ones selling outside Zouk dun taste as good.

And afterwards my kind dad came over to fetch us and supposedly we were suppose to go home but my dad ask if we wanted to go over to Jurong Point to find my sis so I said ok...

heh there isn't much pple in the shop so I went inside and tried on a few frames.. then later think his manager came and talk to me and jokingly ask when I was going to join them 0.0.. He said he seen me before inside my shop at Bpp.. haha nice colleagues I guess so I left after a while and I went to window shop around with my mum.

Hmm... on Thursday(28/6) after my work my dear came to find me =D
We went to watch the Transformers... cool eh we watch it on the first day it was out. defintely a good movie.. a lot of action together with a cute love story in it. =D and i smuggled Burger king food into the cinema wahahahha nice =X

and on Friday (30/6) my dear took leave especially to pei me =D
So we went to walk ard in takashimaya and bought jewellery for me =D from the vochurs he won from his company event. haha and I managed to dig out my old vochurs and got both of us cute matching keychains with our names on it too =D

We ate at.. I CANT RECALL.. omg old me -__-

yah yah it was at er.. nearby the killney road I guess near orchard.. has this nice porridge with char siew chee chong fan... heh heh I used to go there eat with someone else.. nice =p

Anyway Sunday was my younger cousin's wedding and so we went to Jewel Box at MOuntFaber to eat her dinner... before that at abt noon we were at her house for the chinese tea ceremony....

Her hubby is 12 yrs older than her 0.0 guess he is rich and successful haha... they already bought a house in Clementi...

The wedding dinner was quite cool manage to talk with my cousins a bit and they all have grown up pretty and yandao haha =p

tired..... week but exciting =D

10:36 PM

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