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Thursday, August 23, 2007

OKie so when you start to mention customers are pretty good all the bad ones start to come in =/

But I guess it's a matter of how you look at things in fact sometimes there is no really such thing as good or bad . It;s just on how you percieve the matter.

I think from today I shall be more positive in my thinking and be a better person.. Ok I know it sounds lame.. but seriously the grown up world is so different until somehow today I just realised how much my thinking has changed from when I was younger...

Maybe most people start from new year resolutions but I think i should start from today this moment...

Be more
1) understanding
2) patient
3) kind

Not to comment when others mention bad stuff abt pple
Give others another chance and not to make judgements abt them so easily

Hmm basically this should do for the moment

I just dun want my soul to become black in color.. and seriously with all kinds of people you meet, sometimes you have to take a step back and think if you are doing the right thing.

and I also want to be more slimmer lol =/

10:55 PM

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ok so Yandao left for his china work trip and left me alone in Singapore =(

=/ Oh well... one more week and he will be back in Singapore... He's been away for 2 weeks le... and I guess it must be enjoyable cos his big boss always treat them to delicious cusine and he's like going to places like Great wall of china .. Massages.. blah blah blah

And poor me in Singapore working away like a slave 0.0
Ok so I am not exactly slave la... in fact some nice customers treat us yummy deserts lol after I adjusted her frame 0.0

and today a customer send me and my colleague home.. I felt too pai seh getting the free ride so i treated him drinks.. haha

And thanks to CR webbie I can see my favourite channel 8 dramas I miss during my working hours....

So I guess I wasn't really slaving away =X Work is kinda an enjoyment now that I have CR webbie.. haha I even watch the whole 200 pounds beauty movie with Derek at my workplace lol..

SO work is really kinda fun now =X and today evil SH force me to told a lie to a customer =( hmmph..

Before yandao left we went to watch movie again hahaha... this time we caught a very rude movie haha a lot of f words inside.. Oh yah it's called Knocked Up.. pretty interesting way of looking at how guy's and ger's view on the same subject can end up so different.. haha nice movie but it really freaks me out on how much gers have to sacrifice in a relationship...

and before that we had yummy breakfast at Lot 1 the HOng Kong cafe there.. slurp... That's really the best coffee I ever had.. it's way better than your normal starbucks or coffeebean =p Trust me

And a very sad thing happen one night... seriously I could not sleep that night and I slept at 5am and woke up at like 7am.. I never felt so lost like that before it really scare the hell out of me...hurts so much =( I dun want to divulge too much but those close to me should already knew what happened...

I treated my mum and sis to Cafe cartel on my off day..

Seriously I believe when your parents are still around treat them the best you can because they are really the only ones closest to your heart. The spaces occupied by them in your heart can never be replaced by anybody else.

And on another note, Audition went bersek one of the nights.. and I got many many dens haha and someone sent me free A cash clothes again =p

haha a bit loud.. but some kid sent it to me for free I didn't choose them =X

10:55 PM

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