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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Erm and so my off day finally reach haha =D weee I am off on Tuesday and tomorrow will be going to Bintan with my bf .. finally can spend sometime alone away from all the tiring work and hectic life.. 0.0 as if i really that busy at work =X ha ha

By the way it was kinda funny went to Tiong Bahru with bf on Friday and you knw when we go there it's because from there we can take bus to Zouk....

We had our dinner at Grillers as I evily insisted my bf that I do not want any chinese food ={

This is my yummy plate of Fish and Chips

And they actually use a Jar to serve the sprite to us lol.. its nice though and I know they weren't the first to come up with this idea .. definitely refreshing from the normal cup you always sipped from.

We then went Zouk afterwards and before that we were like playing in the arcade for half an hr or so... he's totally addicted to games like King of Fighters.. X__x

Zouk was pretty awesome... they had this gross fighting taking place... where competitors were dressed up as celebrities like Nicole Richie and Britney Spears.. and they had to fight in Spagetthi ewww.. without the tomato ketchup of course but it was gruesome enough.. and some audience got some Durex hampers.. and I mean what can u do with them the host was like asking the winners what use would they do with the condoms..and some cheeky guy from behind shouted out loudly: " Sell them at a cheaper price!"haha that really got me laughing...

And afterwards we tried to play cai quan but my bf is too good at it.. ended up like drinking most of the time -__-" and then we proceed to the dance floor where some idiot farted... Luckily I didn't die from the smell.. I mean really appropriate to fart right.. and u know Phuture is like so squeezy where got place to siam to???? haiz some pple are really so considerate manz

Find it really kinda hard to enjoy after that and some couple was making out visibly next to us.. so we got free show lol -__- duhz... and well we went back pretty early.. cos the smelly air and painful toes didnt really put a smile to my face and guess my bf saw it lol...

Anyway poor me had to work the next day anyway so we had to go home... and I couldn't drink so much =(

Hmm oh well as for work...
a nice customer bought MrBean drink and snack for me after I served him lol

The thing is his kindness did stretch out a bit further than the normal customers and he got me some snack again when I handed him his spectacle..

It was yummy haha... some soon kueh I shared with my colleague... ya that hand is my colleague's one... he must felt pretty full cos before that a malay friend working from GNC was going to leave and she treated us to pizza and chicken wing... haha fattening day.. i gave up the chicken and force Sunny to eat it lol...

I did try to insist and say no to the customer but he insisted that I should take the food since he already bought it..

maybe my collagues and me do look famished??

there was another customer who bought shilin pork floss roll for us to eat after Sunny adjusted his spectacles one time.. lol

Another day he came back with chocolate truffles for us 0.0""


and worst of all Sunny keep treating me to Sweet talk drinks... and you know 礼上往来 I also treat him back to drinks a few times so we were both expanding sideways....

by the way Naruto Shippuuden is just too good to give it a miss.. pls go watch if you haven seen it yet... I love Sakura.. she's just this wonderful medic with incredulous strong powers now....

12:54 AM

Saturday, September 22, 2007

It's very late and I cannot blog much because I am starting to feel sleepy already shall blog when I am more awake... Just want to apologize to my dear for being so moody and weird these few days... also not sure what is wrong.. X___x Hopefully he can manage to pull through with me this weird episodes =/

sorry sorry sorry sorry and I just want to say I did enjoy going to Zouk with you and drinking and dancing though u said my face look bored.. think my mind wasn't in the right place =(

Anyway think u got read my blog right? so should be able to see my apologies -__-""" lol

1:53 AM

Thursday, September 13, 2007

its been abt 20 days since I last blogged.. -__- so lazy hur hur..

I think I did a lot of things...

Went to my poly's friend birthday party on september first.. got lost with my boyfriend haha went to Downtown east costa sands resorts instead of Pasir Ris costa sands resorts but luckily my clever boyfriend manage to find the way there haha or I will be so lost haha yes I am a road idiot lol

Saw my old classmates and had nice small talk with them ate the cake and left.. the food was pretty good too and the red wine got me all red-faced =(

Before that was shopping around with dear for my friends present and as usual he got stuck to the arcade game machines in Bugis -_- and we ate a very unsatisfying expensive omelette rice meal at the newly built foodcourt in Bugis Junction bleah so sucky lol.. and I force my bf to take me to Mos to eat Natsumi fish after that =D

went to book tickets to go Bintan with my bf haha =p a short trip should do us some good since we are dying for a holiday since dunno when lol... and we ate at the Street cafe ( something like another Hong Kong cafe ) at the third level of Bukit Panjang Plaza.. not too bad but wasnt fantastic.. anyway eating with dear was fun =p

he helps me finish my food when i cant ^^

Haven been playing a lot of Audition lately =/ cant really find pple to play with me and so I got stuck to watching Naruto again hahaha catched the episode till 209 le =p

Work was kinda boring except for the occasional weird customers and funny incidents that happen along the way.. new colleagues came and like bring different viewpoints and fun into my worklife..

Oh and before I forget to mention Lincoln who is obsessed with his workmate lol and so he keeps asking me for suggestions on how to get his workmate as his gf but according to what I see he has blogged all should be going fine =D

Ok I just find that I dun have enough free time to use and I have a habit of staying up late.. and I am still so fat... geesh

Maybe it was the KTV buffet my bf forced me to go on Sunday X__x ate so much man... and we also had mac Ice cream cone omg... =( I think I gained another 5 kg when i go out with him X___x


11:11 AM

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