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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Astro Compatibility Report

Sagittarius (Birthdate: 11 24 1983)
Scorpio (Birthdate: 11 17 1980)

You are different in many ways: very often, Sagittarius feels lighthearted and enthusiastic about some idea, project, plan or dream, and feels that Scorpio is too myopic and stubborn to appreciate optimistic plans. Also, Sagittarius loves festivities and socializing while Scorpio often feels uncomfortable with large groups of people, and prefers a deeper, more intimate involvement with just a few people rather than carousing with a large group. Scorpio is capable of tremendous concentrated and persistent effort whereas Sagittarius prefers to do a little bit of everything: traveling and developing a wide sphere of interests and activities, rather than being limited to a few activities.

Proud and somewhat self-centered, Sagittarius very much wants recognition, appreciation, applause, and to be the favorite or the center of attention. Sagittarius craves affirmation and love but may be hard to know really well, as weaknesses, problems, doubts or insecurities are rarely admitted.

Sagittarius has a dramatic streak and tends to exaggerate or blow things out of proportion. Wounded pride or a feeling of being ignored, neglected, or "not special" are Sagittarius's particular sensitivities. Scorpio is a much softer, more private, sensitive shy person than Sagittarius is, much less of a showman, and Sagittarius's histrionics are too much for Scorpio at times. Sagittarius is usually sunny, sociable, good humored, while Scorpio is often moody and needs to withdraw sometimes. Scorpio has emotional ups and downs, while Sagittarius is fairly constant emotionally. You may be a complementary pair, though, because Scorpio is supportive and will not compete for dominance with Sagittarius, and Sagittarius appreciates Scorpio's supportiveness and sympathy. You are both very protective, loyal, and warm toward one another.

Both of you, as individuals, possess a great deal of personal charm and appeal. You are able to attract love, opportunities, money, and whatever you need in your lives rather easily. In fact, unless other factors in your charts indicate a capacity for effort and discipline, you may sail through life doing whatever comes easiest and depending a great deal on your "pretty face" or pleasing, likeable manner to get by.

Both of you tend to seesaw between optimism and discouragement, which means that your efforts to achieve goals may be sporadic, and your progress in life characterized by frequent ups and downs. Restlessness and an inability to gracefully accept limitations contribute to this as well. This doesn't mean that you won't be successful, only that there is often a feeling of being held back or not quite achieving what you wish. Both of you could benefit from cultivating contentment and patience with yourselves and with the world.

wow facebook can do a lot of bo liao stuff heh.. and i just made another bo liao set lol..

a bit messy.. haha imagine if you got all the money and u can actually buy outfits base on colors alone woo hoo =p

11:13 PM

I put this up together in facebook =D The Guess watch is nice =D~ anyone wants to get it for my birthday =D~~

7:15 AM

Monday, October 01, 2007

HAHAHA FInally back from my trip to Bintan hee =p

Anyway Did quite a lot of sleeping there and eating so now I have morph into a fat pig =(

Met bf for breakfast at Mac before heading to Tanah Merah terminal to board the ferry to Bintan..

the People who were taking the same ferry as us to Bintan

Our huge ferry Aria Bupala

On board there was this big Tv screen where we could watch repeated telecast of mediacorp dramas.. haha and the trip was like abt an hr or so... There was this Ang mo lady who smiled to me so I smiled back at her... haha Singaporeans would never do such a thing lolz... smiling at strangers 0.0

When we reached the ferry terminal at Bintan.. there was a bus ready to escort us to the BIntan Lagoon resort =p reaching there they serve us nice lemon.. drinks.. I forget what's the name again but it was tasty and refreshing.. not that sweet =p

Our nice bedroom =D

and the bathroom

badly taken pic X__x there was a bathtub hidden behind the door

And we played pool after that.. figuring the go Kart rides were way too expensive anyway...

The room was big and empty lolz...

and I was losing badly =p we had like 4 to 5 games.. but I kinda suck in pool.. maybe I need more practise lolz

And for dinner it was sinful.. we had those buffet dinner which added up to abt Singapore 80 bucks for 2 of us..

There was like some weird whitish looking soup tasting sourish and hot but my bf likes it a lot.. there was some curry chicken... some fried prawn crackers, bitter crackers.. a lot of chinese dish I dun really like eating.. but I had to say the deserts were great... especially the Green tea cake and chocolate ice cream heh I will never find cake and ice cream that good in Singapore...Oh and they had this Ice chendol.. slurp.... nice =p

There was also this mongolian BBQ which basically u can choose a few ingredients and the chef will fry in on the hot plate in front of you haha that was pretty yummy too..

We headed back to our rooms and I was glued to the tv by the Channel U show "XIn Hua FAng" which I think was pretty good since there was Guo Ker Yi and Tao Da Yu actin g... interesting love relationships they are having lol

And so Next morning we ate again lol buffet breakfast complimentry with our stay... had like congee stuff, roti prata curry chicken some very good corn kernel.. YUM YUM.. very good pancakes.. salty muffins.. "I LIKE" =D some indonesian deserts... fried omelette with yr choice of ingredients...yummy fried nooodles.. and nice low fat milk =0.. there was like Nasi Lemak... kway Teow soup... and many other dish as well... omg...

lol after eating like we haven eaten in ten days... we headed back to our room to rest .. ended up sleeping HAHAHA and then we went to gym to kinda work out... and after that we sleep again. omg can u believe our lazy lifestyle... ard late afternoon we caught the "DEAL OR NO DEAL" show on ch 5 hahah.. and bf wanted to go for a swim and tried forcing me to buy bikini which i refused lol... he had a short swim and after that i think we watched tv a while before heading to eat another round of sinful buffet dinner again..

Anyway the dinner this time was much better... had a lot of nice western food.... fried fish... wedges... pasta cooked right infront of yr eyes and you can choose yr own ingredients.. there was also this flaming fruit stuff which was pretty cool..
The deserts were great too and of course we could not resist the yummy chocolate ice cream again heh...

went back to the room after surfing net on business centre.. every 20 mins was like 5 bucks 0.0.. and after that we headed to Silk a pub there after watching the late night show on tv....

There was this band of live singers.. and I had something call Chocotini... which wasn't anything I expected at all instead of looking brown and milky it was yellowish in color... my bf had Long island tea which tasted so much better than the ones at Zouk...

Stayed a while, listen to some music... but Taiwan's 101 club was definitely way better than this... lots of eye candy and good songs? haha

and we went off abt 12 or so....

Next morning was breakfast again... irresistable pancakes yummy ...

and we went to the beach for a short walk while bf tried to suntan himself and I tried to hide myself in the shade... dun ask me why I am so afraid of getting under the sun.. all I know it makes yr skin look more aged with more exposure to its UV rays..

After the long travelling... we were finally back in Singapore... was too tired to go out at night.. and so my clubbing plan vanished into thin air haha..

Met bf on Saturday.... to go walk ard.......... and ended up in Suntec... bf wanted to try Chong Qing Huo Guo anyway the lunch hour was almost over.. we were too late haha and so we had Jap food at Bie Fu instead...

My yummy okonomiyaki (Jap Pizza)

Chicken soup pot.. my bf ordered...

and fresh salmon sashimi..

haha eating out is getting really expensive...together with a diet coke.. the actual bill was abt 24 bucks but with all the bloody charges.. Gst and service charge... the meal came up to abt 29 plus..

went to the arcade afterwards and he was obsessed with San Guo again.. could not tahan.... and went ard shopping instead... found a white top .. hopefully I dun get too fat before I got chance to wear it -.-

And later we got a hp pouch =D

I kinda like the cat infront lolz.. =D

.. and then we went to Clementi in hope of getting to eat BOtak JOnes.. but the queue was ridiculously long and we ended up at Macs instead... and later he was glued to San guo for another 2 games lol..

and all this while.. my colleagues have been busy trying to get me on the phone cos.. of this...


My customer actually sent a gift basket with flowers,ferre roche..and a bear to my shop omg..

oh manz.... anyway I didnt manage to take a look at the gifts till today.. my mum was like fascinated i got such a customer.. haha ..

Of course I sms him not to sent me gifts like that anymore, though I tot it was pretty nice and sweet haha ok my bf is going to kill me when he sees this...

anyway... I think my bf dun get easily threatened lol.. 0.0

Lincoln.. maybe u should try getting this for Amy too haha X__x

and... lastly to those of you who actually managed to read through my whole entry.. a big pat on the back for u and some advice for the gers... dun wear shoes that look nice only..

Or u will end up with rotten feet like mine.. this is my right feet.. the better condition one.. haha my left feet died..

WORK TOMOLO =( nights

12:06 AM

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