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Thursday, January 31, 2008

I haven been blogging since like.. ancient? haha

It's very tiring ma.. work and all... it's not like I am a rich Tai Tai got time to stay at home and blog everyday =( Yesterday work until like ten forty like that then can leave the shop .. lol poor me

Luckily I am off today but got up pretty early and bought pineapple tarts from Famebakers I kinda made my order early from her so I got 2 boxes at only $10 which is a pretty good deal since my family is ravishing abt how delicious they are now =p yum yum haha >.< but still I am pretty afraid of putting on weight so I shall resist the temptation to gobble down the yummy tarts.

Haven been up to pretty much stuff.. went to catch a movie with my sis.. The one staring Johhny Depp..Sweeney Todd.. was kinda ok.. very musical 0.0"" didn't expect that at all.. but since my sister was dying to catch it.. went to watch it with her..

saw my OM at Jurong Point.. she wanted to recall me back to work today earlier in the morning.. dots like as if I haven work myself to death the past few days.. but anyway I already had appointment and told her I can't go to work..

Haven gone clubbing since New Year Eve.. so long =/ ok ok I know clubbing is bad.. and waste of money =( oh well

Looking forward to Chinese New Year where I can finally get off from work for 4 days.. YIPEE.. haha

ok.. I am lazy to blog already.. going to watch Desperate Housewives season 2 =p yay! haha wish I had Gabrielle Solis's body she's so fit and pretty =p

8:20 PM

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

SO its already yr 2008 le.. have you started on any new yr resolutions? I tried to but think I already fail badly lol.. wanted to lose more weight but seems like I end up eating more these few days haiz -.-"

Dun feel very good lately from being sick and coughing till my lungs are going to burst.

I am feeling like a door mat lately again. "step step step" good right.. if you dun need me u just leave me at yr doorstep, when u need to clean yr shoes just come wipe yr shoes on me again.

Guess its all fated. its my kharma. must be of all the bad deeds I do in previous life so now I must repay by being a doormat haha.

Yah I know I sound like a sulky depress girl. I have always been like that ma. I have two-sided personality as they call it. lol

Dun find work very challenging these few days.. just waiting for the time to pass and my off days to arrive. Has my life become very meaningless hahahaha

Must be the virus making me feel so bad =( feel like hugging my bear and crying to sleep

Did I mention I woke up with tears in my eyes one day and my eyes were pretty red from crying... lol

I actually cried in my dream. It was a stupid argument with my bf and it came to the point where he wanted to break up with me.Such a sad dream. Wonder why I dun have happy dreams anymore

12:34 AM

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