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Friday, February 29, 2008

I am feeling terrible =(

Urghz I dun even know how the flu bug came to me =/
So weird I dunno is it the heaty food I have been eating .. like er?? fish and chips?? and Mac breakfast?? Or is my immune system simply too weak =\

There wasn't much stuff to do at work today.. the construction guys came down and try to mend the cracking ceiling before we got squashed by the fake ceiling..guess boss was afraid that any customer might get killed by falling ceiling haha...

There wasn't much people at work today.. haha was bored out of my wits and did some shelf cleaning.. and funny thing is realised my nose wasn't feeling that good and stopped after cleaning up two long rows of spectacles.. was like sniffing =( maybe it was the dust..??

finally work ended and yandao surprised me by caoming to find me.. haah thought he will be at home gaming =p So nice of him heh.. he bought a big jacket for me to wear when i mentioned i was cold.. hee hee

He bought a cup of hot tea for me to sip on on the way back...

now my nose is running like crazy and my throat hurts like hell. I hate being sick haiz...

Been sick so many times.. think i am allergic to work... I never fell ill so many times when I was studying... it was only like when i started work here bleah.. now i get sick like so mnay times in a year. geesh save mee... haha

11:59 PM

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ha Ha I love my offdays..

Wednesday after work dear came fetch me after I sms him'" Dear you never come find me today!" lol =X

We ate some nice mac fries and my favourite coke light and we stroll home .. its always so cold at night Brr...

On Thursday Yandao had no work cos of his camp stuff and he accompany me eat Mac breakfast though he could not really get up =D oh my lol... bad me =|
then after his camp stuff I met him at Lot one in the evening to catch the L movie.. the Jap guy is sure funny.. especially the way he types the keyboard and pick up stuff... it's like he cant use until his palms.. haha

And the white looking guy eats a lot of sugary stuff... and apparently is a very messy eater -.- ok ok I know that's not the whole show is about but I just cannot stop thinking how weird that guy is..

I ate fish and chips for dinner while dear had some dumpling noodle soup..

haha what a fattening day just eat and sit.. I feel like a potato now.. =/

Think I miss yandao at night =/ luckily he bribe these folks to accompany me at night

But they still cannot replace u yandao X___x

10:23 PM

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hee Hee.. yay back from spending one whole Sunday with yandao =D

Let's see on Wednesday I went to meet him on Bouna Vista after his work... whoops was a tiny bit late =/ It was nice seeing him after his work heh heh =)

We walked from the mrt to Holland Village where we checked out several restaurants before deciding where to eat. Guess what heh heh we chose Hog's Breath Cafe.. =D Didn't knew I got a chance to eat there so soon after hearing it from Shi Wei haha =p

The ambience was great and definitely kinda romantic =D
I chose a chicken wrap while he had fish of the day which was dory fish...

My yummy chicken wrap...

His Yummy fish with prawns and a very tangy sauce which I like a lot *slurp*

Oh the fries were absolutely amazing hee =p I guess they are call hog's tails because of the way they curled up =D
and the bailey's with milk was so good...

trying to tie a knot with the cherry stick in my mouth but still can't suceed =(

After the nice meal guess dear was afraid I was bored so he asked me whether I wanted to go anywhere or sing KTV.. in the end we went JEC 0.o and played games at the arcade lol... then we went home =D

SO on Saturday after my work, Yandao came and brought me to JEC where we bought tickets for the show Death of Ian Stone. And we has some fries and drinks at Mac..

afterwards we went back to arcade.. try to catch some stuffies but it was so hard and there was this bunch of guys very amused catching stuffies from the UFO catcher machine..

lol apparently one of them spent only one buck and caught a mickey mouse 0.o So lucky heh.. and afterwards they were like amused when they almost catch the stuffies but didnt and after many many tries one of them finally caught a cute stitch lol.

We were so obsessed with the toy catching game.. we miss a few mins of the front part of the movie.. whoops.. the movie wasn't that bad I kinda enjoy it hee hee =D
Even though it was pretty chim.. I thought it was kinda interesting how anyone could think of such a plot. X____x

Afterwards we took a cab home even though Yandao mention he want to go sing Ktv but I mention it was kinda expensive and coerce him to leave that thought alone.

On Sunday I woke up pretty early and met Yandao.. poor boy overslept lol and we were supposed to meet at ten am but ended up meeting at abt ten forty five or so.. we then went back to JEC where we try catching stuffies lol... this time dear was pretty lucky too.. he manage to spent only like one buck and he caught a Mickey Mouse for me =D

and then after wards we try the sweetland catcher game and got a STITCH! YES I FINALLY GOT THE STICH! wahahahha =D thanks dear.. lol and he was pretty lucky.. he manage to hit jackpot straight away albeit still having three bars away from Jackpot.. hee hee

And then we went to play some fighting games... and dear went to catch another mickey while I played his street fighter game lol... so lucky he spent like 2 bucks on it.. =D so li hai lol

and afterwards we try to catch the minnie mouse but it was so hard... and we gave up..

Went upstairs to try book a KTV room and then we headed out to coffeeshop S11 to have our lunch.. haha the centruy egg porridge I had was good.. dear as usual was eating my friends.. I dun know he has craving for those piggy parts X_X

And then we went back in to catch Minnie again.. and this time the one dollar he put in caught the Minnie.. we spent a lot in the end =/

And it was Ktv time.. heh heh long time did not sing with yandao le.. haha and even Stitch wants to have a go at the mike. lolz.. he must have found my singing awful and snatch my mike away. =X

We had nice drinks and fun singing.. and afterwards we went to Meltz Cafe at Oriental Mandarin Hotel..

Wow expensive buffet luckily dear had citibank card which entitles us to 15% off..

There was all kinds of food.. Indian cusine, Jap, western.. chinese..

nice yummy lobsters.. with prawns..

Curries... with nan lol.. and nasi brani

Yum Yum Sushi with all kinds of salad... salmon salad.. smoked snowfish.. chicken salad squid salad.. haha yummy.

But the best was the deserts hehe... there was waffle with ice cream and coffee cake.. caramel cake.. chocolate cakes... yum yum... chocolate fondue too where u can choose which fruits to dip in with chocolate or marshmellows.. oh oh too yummy.. ate before I took any pictures lol...

Ha so fulll.. =D thanks dear.. hope u had a great time with me because I had.. will Miss ya +p

11:01 PM

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

After that incident,i still felt upset on the following day to work and I was like thinking and thinking and it became hard for me to concentrate on my work..

=( I even dropped a few tears when my colleague wasn't looking but he could tell I was pretty upset and bought me bubble tea even though I mentioned I didn't want.

Yandao came at night with a cute turtle

probably hoping that I could be less sad by using it to hit him. We had a long talk still i know crying isn't any solution but maybe like I said maybe only when u know how much u can be hurt by a person then you really know how much u love him?

He was really sweet the next day and bought me a rose

and some takopachi and diet coke when I was at work.. I was kinda surprise because it was really out of the blue.

Mornings I wake up feeling a little melancholy.. because my poor heart is in pieces haha u better mend it back
=( Ouch =~(

10:15 AM

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Oh well.. i have been crying a lot lately, waterworks..

But anyway i feel a bit better now..

Celebrated Vday with yandao he bought me cute flowers with a bear in the middle. One foldable sheep with a free V day balloon lol a cute Miss scatterbrain T shirt.. guess he likes my scatter brain.. and some necklace that looks like
monk beads except its black and white and of different sizes...

Let me show you some pictures I took...

Some of my prezzies

My cute sheep..

that comes with a free balloon

The nice bear among the roses

we had a great meal at billy bombers..

My nice chicken meal with ham

His yummy salmon

SUperlicious milkshake cookies and cream.. SO FATTENING =/

with his free flow of mocktail..

With nice chocolate fudge cake,

and delicous creamy mushroom soup

I bought him a shirt which looks pretty good on him..

oh I know these few days haven been really smooth going.. but if u r reading this just want to let u know i want to go through life with u and i am not going to give up so easily at the slightest obstacle =/ after all its been three years already i think i have fallen pretty deep in luv with u.. ha =/

ACtually the best Vday gift was knowing u still love me after these three yrs ba...

oh well i think i better go sleep good night pple.. I wish u all have had a wonderful Valentine's day..

P.s i love u

1:31 AM

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