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Thursday, July 24, 2008

I dun think it's that time of the month but I still feel sad leh. I also not sure why maybe Irene know what I mean lol..

maybe I feel like my career path is going nowhere and everything else is just as empty like a piece of paper. I know they always say we should look at life through tinted glasses but I tried and sometimes it's just hard to ignore all the big scratches on the glasses.

It's raining heavily now.. actually I dun understand why there is so much trouble always. Maybe is people ownself ask for it de.. or maybe I think past life do too many bad deeds le this life all the bad things happen..

Haiz nvm I think sometimes in the end I still have only myself to depend upon.

8:30 PM

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I did so many things in the past few weeks..

Went to Zouk on a wed night(somewhere in middle of June) because it was my colleague's Birthday and gave her a surprise by saying I am not going haha.. before that was dinner with Sx and the rest and it was confirmed her wedding dinner will be this Dec 25 so sweet right on Christmas Day itself =)

Had fun at Zouk but think YD drank too much too though he didnt puke he was going woozy.. haha guess what Jason and his gf was there too.. both of them are teachers how cool is that?!! I bet if they had a kid, the kid will be super brainy heh heh. It was nice knowing Jason's gf hate burbon coke like me yay its a sucky drink. JenXXX introduce me one drink call midori pretty sweet and nice.. and though she ordered like many many jugs supposedly for everyone to drink, she drank so much too till I could see her falling left and right when she wanted to dance..

Too bad a few of them got drunk pretty fast and were puking all over. =S Some guy tried to hit on AnnXX and SunXX tried staring at the guy.. duh for fun la -__-""

Poor SH's bf got drunk too.. whoops guess we were all getting too old for drinks >.<

and like on Saturday night after work we went clubbing again.. haha and guess what I saw my jc classmate SY.

and afterwards Ailing tapped me on the shoulder lol.. such a small world heh...

and to reward ourself for a hard week.. YD book a hotel room beside Zouk and so next day we had a fabulous breakfast =D~~

and on following wednesday I went Arena with my sis.. we had a fun time but I think I cannot stand clubbing so much cos the following few days I fell sick haha poor old me.. =|

And not long I just went Sentosa with YD.. It was so fun.. there were many hunks and babes playing beach ball =D~ haha Just like the show I watching on ch 8. But they really potrayed Christopher Lee as a rich hunk lol.. he's got a pretty good body for a 30 plus year old.. not to mention the Buffet breakfast was one of the best I had. They even had milo and You Tiao...

We also went to see the Songs of the Sea which was pretty crappy actually but some of the laser lights were pretty cool and fire effects were hot.. the fireworks at the last part is breath taking =) Dinner was pretty expensive cos YD insisted on pampering ourselves to buffet dinner.. geesh I feel so fat with all the food munching.

And erm I only blog halfway abt my trip at HOng Kong.. SO LAZY... okok i go rest a bit now.. life of a pig lol

5:32 PM

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