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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I am feeling so so so restless..

I can't seem to concentrate on watching the drama serials =/ and I cannot seem to concentrate playing games online =(

it's like my mind is running all over the place...

My dad was just telling me how my cousin is earning 3 k plus a month with her Business dip.. in a finance company and the benefits were pretty good .. suddenly feel like a useless person haha.. my cousin is those type who keep playing at sch last time now also earn so much ..

And my friend was telling me his friend business dip earn like 10k a month without comission some more.. haha

and i am still stuck in miserable pay in miserable company. doing miserable stuff getting scold by miserable customers lol...

Ok the only thing is not so miserable is that Huang Jun Xiong walk into my shop on Tuesday and talked to me haha... he's really tall and good looking He got big big eyes =D~

and then back to the same sad life =/ OK today was pretty ok too cos the cow came my shop and bought me "prima deli" waffles... ok they didnt taste the same as the last time I had them but it's the thought that counts.. he even bought me and my colleague bubble tea... and then after my colleague drink finish he then mention he dun like Green tea.. what the -___- then ask me choose some more duh...

I should be more ambitious I know.. =(( I should be striving to earn more and support my poor family.. but here I am stuck in a rut still so undecisive ...

and what should i doooo now haiz

11:48 PM

Monday, August 18, 2008

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11:46 PM

Friday, August 08, 2008


Hmm i think my ankle still hurts.. clumsy me accidentally hurt my ankle when walking in my heels on Saturday =|

Went for a long jog.. erm ok it wasn't exactly so long abt an hr and fifteen mins.. last time I used to be able to jog like 2 hr plus.. but this time my knee cap hurts.. I dunno is it the lack of calcium making my cartilage worn out..

Well on Sat went to Vivo with yandao after opening an bank account, we went to Orange Lantern to eat.. the food was pretty good but a tad expensive.. especially the six dollars chendol =/ It's call Tri Color drink or something.. think my bf almost killed me haha we could have got it for like 1.50 elsewhere X___X

I had the Chicken wrap heh I love it lots of lettuce =D and the veg salad was pretty unique =P bf had the Chicken pho noodles the soup was super nice.. heh

He bought me a RipCurl wallet after I felt that other branded wallets are too ex.. =/ I wonder should I have asked for a LV wallet instead?? lol anyway I know bf wun buy for me =( it's too ex..

Afterwards we caught the MUmmy 3.. haha we smuggled fruit jellies and CAlbee into the movie lolz.. and we had coke light =D~ yum yum

The movie was soso... I thought we should have caught Money No ENough 2.. should be way better heard pretty good reviews on it..

Later we went to the arcade to play some games.. there was this new game where you threw balls and when they hit the screen there will be response.. its like a huge touch screen activated through ball slamming lol... pretty cool... proud of us we did pretty well.. got some A and B and an S for super i guess on certain stages.. lol

Later bf had to buy some tiger balm oil for me cos my leg was hurting quite a bit =(
and then we went to Zhong Huan for dinner.. bleah nothing special except for its bowl glue to its soup bowl..

Later Pat arrive and we went to St James with him.. So many people went haha.. I think his friend Jasmine and Jas friends Nili and her bf... Zhenrong and his colleagues... and Ya lin and her hubby was there too and their friends... the homosexual guy was pretty funny on stage but he did mention jokes that were very RA.. haha but was kinda funny..

Drank some did not drink a lot.. was pretty tired and so I didnt talk a lot too maybe bothered by the fact I still had to work on Sunday... =(

Left at abt 1 plus slept at 3 -____________________-"

Sunday work with new colleague.. busy until so tired lol the crowd came in so late >.<

Wednesday I accompanied my mum and sis to Chinatown.. to shop for some stuff my sis wanted to get.... walk home from Bangkit 0.0"""

Thurs work with YC again.. haha he's pretty funny we chat a lot of crap today.. and guess it's because he isn't so bad looking a lot of gays like to harass him.. it's pretty funny when he tells me the stories lol.. and he looks way more mature than his real age..

time to sleep =( wish i dun need sleep lol what a waste of time haha

1:36 AM

Saturday, August 02, 2008


HOw am i suppose to sleep in this bloody hot weather even after I on the air conditioner I cant even feel the cool breeze.

haha It's already 2.37am and I haven sleep =(

I manage to catch the latest episodes uploaded on the web.. 0.o The TCs drama serials that I surprisingly followed through haha I thought the 心花朵朵开 was a pretty good drama series well.. besides acting really well.. the story line was kinda realistic and if all doesn't work for you maybe Felicia's Chin pretty face will keep you glued to the show =D

Ok my brain is suddenly dead =D

GOing to Vivo with Yandao tomolo YAY =D

2:36 AM

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