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Friday, September 12, 2008

I didn't mean to go on hiatus.. but I was so BUSY!!!

Busy with what exactly.. erm I guess work took away most of my preciousss time =(

Anyway Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon and I shall blog about Mooncakesss =D~

First of all Yandao Bought very nice snowskin truffle Mooncakes from Raffles for my family...

Rating 4/5 Yummy... =D You can actually smell the mooncake when u open the metal box.. and the fact that the mooncakes are encased in such a lovely box You feel happy on seeing it without even eating it yet =D

The Mooncakes from Sheraton Towers: White lotus with single egg Yolk.. Li Bai restaurant

Like a book 0.0

Rating 3.5/5 Very unique box with a small book of poems that Li Bai wrote ? 0.0
The mooncake was'nt that bad but still kind of a little sweet for me...

And lastly Mooncakes from Swee Heng Cake Shop ..

3.5/5 two snowskin white lotus mooncake, 1 yam and 1 durian... Haven tried the durian and yam one but was pretty satisfied with the white lotus flavour.. the filling wasn't that sweet.. pity though the snowskin was a bit on the soft side.. most probably due to the fact they left it out in the open a bit too long..

But it's four pieces for 10 bucks.. wow cheap sia LOL

So just had dinner with the rest of the gang to cleberate SH's Bday.. we had a great time at Timbre The pizza was pretty great and so was the fries.. I cannot recall the name they had a special name lol.. oh yah Louisana fries or something.. they were served with cheese and mayonnaise or something like that yummy...

We also had chicken kebab on skewer.. and some lagsana =D~

What a fattening day.. it was great hanging out with the gers cause they told me lots of stuff and what has been happening in their life lately..

Well back to a few weeks ago I did went Suntec with Yandao and there was some Game fair going on..

Star wars 0.0

Skimpy Ger 0.0 where guys can't stop taking pictures... so skinny 0.0 wish I was that thin lol

And we had Joaquim porridge buffet.. sinful -__-""

MY bowl of porridge =D

Rating.. 6.5/10.. the food were a bit cold and the desert was'nt that wonderful as last time =/ as usual there was roasted duck, chicken porridge.. lots of pork stuff.. intestine.. tau pok.... fried omelette...

And some time ago we had Pizza at Lot one 0.0 was pretty good.. the mushroom soup wasn't that creamy but very average.. the pizza was kinda good though =)

Ratings 7/10

We also went New York New York at Lot one one of those days....

His Fish and Chips... ratings" 7/10

whoops he ate some of it already lol

My very good Sandwiches =D~~ 8.5/10 even yandao said I made the right choice =p for someone who isn't very keen on bread lol

Toasted to perfection almost heh heh and the bread is wholemeal bread one of my favourites..

Our root beer float 7/10

Wow.. wasn't cheap the bill reach abt forty if I can remember 0.0

Ok.. tomorrow off again =p

11:36 PM

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