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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Haiz I dun want to cry.. after all I am already 25 le... but really a lot of sadness is like weighing on my shoulders these days..

Ha Ha like economic crisis sia... now everything feels so turbulent in my life... I wish sometimes I could live life simply be back to a small kid just a small cone of ice cream to satisfy my daily needs... happy with no worries...

Really.. cannot understand why my family is like that these few days.. I am happy for my sis but these days its like she's hardly at home even after her work.. she can come back like at 3am..

And I cant really say my dad is like freaking me out with all the weird things... his eyes are not in the best shape now and he needs to go for surgery.. hopefully everything will be ok and the stupid sms thingy will stop.. shouldnt say more cos its pretty personal..

I feel so worried.. sometimes like as if my family is going to collapse...

And work isn't that great too with the stupid downturn sales haven been pretty bad already and to make it worst i got weird customers coming in to shout at me duhz... like as if shouting can solve anything at all.. why cannot pple just calm down..

and my heart feels pain =/

Oh on a happier note... my bf brought me to Sentosa on the day before my Bday to celebrate with me over the weekend.. he surprise me with a pregnant Giraffe.. i say that because it has a big belly lol and Hello kitty bedroom slippers.. a Mickey mouse cup and a cute sheep that can be used as a tissue cover...

=) we had a great day and we ate at Vivo city White Dog Cafe.. shall update the pics later when I got time =D

and before we headed back to our hotel room we went Cafe Del Mar.. haha it was my first time there^ finally went to the place where I always heard about..

We had a good rest though I dreamt abt some weird white vampire alike zombies tryin to chew off human flesh.. I was happily sleeping on the comfortable bed...

Think next time I would invest in a good bed.. think it's the most important thing .. we spent like abt half of our day on it anyway...

My nice bf shopped with me for my JIe Mei dress for Sx wedding on Christmas heh heh so sweet =) and then we were being taken for carrots at Nambatei or something.. this jap restaurant is at the forth floor of Far East... so expensive.. my poor dear burned a hole in his pocket =(

And he bought me a nice yam cake to celebrate my bday... haha he's nice

And today during my off.. we went to suntec to catch Bolt.. in 3D I was a bit put off by the price at first $30 for 2 tickets but bf manage to persuade me it was worth it =D luckily we did go catch it.. I think without the 3D effect this cartoon would seem less cuter... especially bolt.. he is sucha cute dog... and loyal too.. I felt like tearing at the scene where Bolt stayed back to save Penny... but I controlled didnt want my bf to laff at me.. cry so easily =/

We went to Asian Kitchen for Lunch nothing special but bf sad its the last time he was going to go there.. cos the food tasted pretty bland to him.. Well I had nice msg soup though haha my plan to eat prawn meat was kinda ruined cos the prawn dumpling was apparently Pork dumpling -_- man I miss those wanton dumplings in HOng kong It was a whole big prawn wrapped inside =D

Saw G2000 sale wanted to buy this shirt for bf but maybe he dun want me to anyhow waste money i think =|

and we went back to his house after that which I played Mortal Combat on his cool new big LCD tv... haha the screen resolution was good.. even when watching the Star wars on tv.. I felt it was like kinda really very 3d lol...

FInally ate beancurd.. from the coffee shop very smooth =D shall try the grass jelly next time..

OK after eating so much still nothing came diaoz.. think my body is really messed up

I feel much better after typing all these rubbish out phew..

thats all my fingers r getting a bit cramped now LOL...

10:35 PM

Oh dear

I am a bad gf.... =(

Okie I shall make a change this yr for my Christmas wish... instead of being
" I wish I will be slimmer by another reduction of ten pounds of fat.." every yr..

My wish this yr will be " I wish to be a better gf to my bf..a better daughter to my parents.. A better sister to My beloved Sis.. and a better friend to those who need me.." and maybe just maybe " a better employee =X if my boss stop ill treating me =/" and " a better attitute to customers.. "

Maybe just this once I will have a Happy Christmas? *prays*

12:20 AM

Saturday, November 22, 2008

HOw did Rui En get so skinny 0.0 I want to be like her too.. haha she is so pretty Envious....

Anyway my friend keep advising me to change company diaoz... in the mid of recession.. wonder is that good or bad......

what to do with my fat legs.. and I keep drinking bubble milk tea with my colleague at work.. at this rate I will never get any skinnier...

It's pretty fun working with SH these few days.... we talked pretty much rubbish haha... shes good when shes not that bad.

Anyway another 2 days I going to reach 25 le... old me...

I know I haven been exactly good this year... that's why there is a next yr right??

Hopefully I can get much skinner by the time my friends wedding is here.. Going to be her Jie Mei.... kinda exciting..

and Yandao is finally coming back from China today.... I actually survive two weeks without him!! YAY..lol.. But guess it was easier for him.. =/ think I am like last in his piority nowdayss... =(

ok I shall try to be a better ger from today =(

7:36 AM

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