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Tuesday, December 30, 2008












IT IS.....




11:35 PM

Thursday, December 25, 2008

WOw.. haha so tired... Guess this yr christmas was more special than usual because my good friend of like 12 years got married.. =)

On Eve itself was busy wrapping presents still!!! haha

Pictures speak a thousand words yah... and hopefully my present wrapping skills improve ya? >.<

my dear's "present" Hope he catch my hint to save more haha =p

Audrey's present and presents for the auntie who used to work next door, for her kiddo WAnqi and her kind niece who sometimes drive us home =p

AUdrey's pressie

Aunty and her niece presents

Kiddo's pressie



Gift for mum and dad

After wrapping the presents headed down to Bpp to pass the gifts while my poor bf kinda sick I think from the weather came Bpp find me.. when we finally arrive at Jurong Point my shoes were killing my feet and so he bought open toe heels for me =D thanks bf

and afterwards we went to Billy Bomber's where we supposedly thought there was a 20% off for their christmas set using citibank card.. diaoz kena cheated... when we foot bill.. the waitress actually mention it was for the special surf and turf meal which I never even saw mentioned on the menu!!! ..

Our clam chowder and Mocktail

My cuppucino

Our seafood combo

Afterwards it was still raining duhz... but we took cab down to Zouk before that bought a gift from kiddy Palace for my sis hee hee Hope she likes it.. bf help me make a choice saying PB was cuter =p

Zouk is terrible lol... the queue for Phuture is soo long it almost reach the bridge at the back and further more was kinda drizziling

Surprisingly we got in like in about 25 mins lol....No chopping in line at queue haha and here is our invincible chops lol..

The fake snow at Zouk...

Surprisingly saw Mei Ying at Zouk haha.. she was with her colleagues and friends..
danced a while phuture was not that crowded.. countdown was 0.0 without countdown lol and it was christmas already.. songs were soso...

I had lychee liquor which is pretty good.. vodka orange and long island tea... haha I secretly pour some of mine into bf's glass while he isn't looking.. =X

and we danced for quite sometime before heading back abt one plus....
bf was hungry and we stopped by the 24 hr coffee shop to had soup... and noodles..

.. erm


Ps called me at 7am which is the time I am supposed to reach there lor.. oh my god... luckily I didn't screwed up my friends clash gate party if not she kill me for sure.... with courtesy from my dad's cab.. if not I sure cannot make it in time =/ furthermore she lived in anchorvale.. lol my dad was driving at 120km/hr shhhh..

I manage to blend in just in time the groom just arrive with his brothers.. =D he got like 9 of them?? and just nice they were asking the first question heh heh

What is SX's favourite bear... liao.. its like so hard to spell... Rilakkuma bear and of course the groom got it wrong la... and as I was shouting punishment as well.. they call me a spy =( lol... and say that I was one of them ..

Guys:" Hey got one more 'xiong di' join us"
Me:" nooo.. I am with the gers ok.."

hahaha anyway it was good join in the shouting and demanding that the ang bao should be bigger cos I could actually see how many ten dollars;Billy, one of the brothers was trying to stuff inside haha

Kelvin the groom did the rest of the questions pretty well.. I think there was another question he got it wrong.. and they had to do the punishment of turning ard on the floor ten times with an umbrella.. they almost force me to do it >.< cos I was the only ger outside of course my Jie Meis in the house.. sayy noo she cannot haha heng =X

by the way I was the one who think of the punishment lor.. the turning ard with the umbrella.. -__-

Finally can go in after they give the final big ang bao heh heh then they started the underwear game where the guys were supposed to form a message saying " kelvin ♥ S x heh heh.. each underwear got one letter.. and each time they got it wrong after ten seconds it was forfeit with kissing.. =p from the groom brothers..

they had to draw lots from a bowl and then kiss the part where they drawed until.. on Kelvin's face wahahaha like lips ears or whatever.... and meanwhile I was helping them take video because all the guys had to help in the forming letters part.... only three times and they complete the message.. heh heh....

Then came the last part where the guys were supposed to wrap Kelvin up in wrapping papers... haha and present him to Sx in the room they really anyhow wrapped lol.. so big and messy lol

Hee was fun... and afterwards me and RL took Billy's car to the groom's place.. where they had tea ceremony and SX changed into her Kua... the traditional red dress.. and they had the tang yuan while sitting on the bed and kid rolling on the bed lolz..

ate jelly and shared drink with Lianz took pic and we left again to Sx house.. then we all get ready to leave to Marriot hotel... Sx sis was nicely dress in green dress too =) I guess especially for the christmas season heh heh and before we left had some food her mum prepared or bought..lolz luckily =D hadnt had my breakfast yet!! >.<

SO we were each given a goodie bag heez for being her jie mei =)

and the necklace SX bought for us to wear at her wedding =)

and then we visited the day room beside the suite.. which is complimentary heh heh and put our stuff in the room before we went down to the reception place... the suite for the couple was huge and pretty wow they can enjoy tonight LOL.. =) very comfy too

Shi Hui, me, AMelia and Peishan got ready at the reception to be the reception ladies... heh heh and ask pple to sign the guest book and give out complimentary parking coupons..

Quite alot of the groom's colleagues were kinda late haha but ok all manage to go in at about the time they indicated... and here is the Rilakkuma bear in case you are wondering what is it lol.... one of SX's pals bought the bear for her heh heh

Nice roses placed at the reception..

The groom sis bought small gifts for everyone =) so sweet...

ta da... 0.o

it actually gives off a very therapuetic scent heh heh ^^

then finally went inside to sit at the table when all the guests arrived...

hee hee gifts at our table.. because still got empty seats at our table I manage to get 2 gifts.. haha

a nice coaster with the words LOVE imprinted on them...

and a salt and pepper shaker hugging each other

Daniel was surprise to see me I think cos we haven met in like many years haha 0.0 think he was disappointed I had bf for 4 yrs le? =X LOL haha

Anyway the food was pretty good... and I enjoyed the first dish there was some fruit salad with prawns dipped in it in a champange glass of some sort surrounded by abalone clams, jelly fish, sushi, some rolls with man guang wrapped in it..

and next came.. shark fin ... even though Billy and RL mention it was a bit starchy I find it normal but I didn't finish it also haha... the steamed fish was very good =)

and then came the second march in where SX appear in a brown dress and a cute headband with like two antlers sticking out.. haha and the groom was wearing the xmas hat which we all had too... and wore it at the reception..

Haha the groom had a surprise for Sx.. heh he actually bought the 500 plus ring which she has been eyeing and asking him abt it lol.. so sweet xmas gift =D

and then we had to go on stage and shout yum seng with the couple lol...

and after that we went back to eating... yummy...

didnt really like the vegetable though lol then the roasted chicken was good and so was the live prawns haha and the ee main but I didn't finish too.. and lastly the red bean desert which was pretty well done.. not too sweet..

AFter stuffing ourselves with food... we went back to the day room to calculate the ang bao money we got from the groom when they gate crashed.. heh and was so pai seh... Billy had to wait for me and RL =X send us back cos he lived at Teck whye so he didn't mind sending us back...

Kelvin was a bit evil and they kinda teased about me and him.. so since they had so much fun teasing I just go along and play with them haha and took photo with Billy too.. think he was very shy? 0.0

Anyway afterwards I took some more photos with SX and Kelvin and we go back... and on the way back.. we just chatted rubbish.. and Billy asked for my namecard I didn't have it with me.. so I wrote a "namecard" for him.. haha hopefully when he want to make spec will come my shop lol..

YAY back home.. where I napped like I was dead for three hrs haha

Hee can't wait for the pictures to be out =D

by the way MERRY CHRISTMAS PEOPLE =D Hope you all have fun opening up presents tomorrow.. BOxing day.. sheesh In fact I forget about boxing day and open most of them already... but my sis bought present for me too hee hee.. so I leave it for tomorrow YAY

BYe BYe =)

11:55 PM

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I've had a little bit too much(much)
All of the people start to rush.
Start to rush babe.
How does he twist the dance?
Can't find my drink or man.
Where are my keys, I lost my phone.
What's go-ing out on the floor?
I love this record baby, but I can't see straight anymore.
Keep it cool what's the name of this club?
I can't remember but it's alright, alright.

Just dance. Gunna be okay.
Just dance. Spin that record babe.
Just dance. Gunna be okay.
Dance. Dance. Dance. Ju-just dance.

Lady Gaga:

Wish I could shut my playboy mouth. (mouth)
How'd I turn my shirt inside out? Inside out babe.
Control your poison babe
Roses with thorns they say.
And we're all gettin' hosed tonight.
What's go-ing out on the floor?
I love this record baby, but I can't see straight anymore.
Keep it cool what's the name of this club?
I can't remember but it's alright, alright.


Colby Donis:

When I come through on the dance floor checkin out that catalogue.
Can't believe my eyes so many women without a flaw.
And I ain't gonn' give it up, steady tryna pick it up like the car
I'ma hit it, I'ma hit it and flex until the til done until tomorr' yeah.
Shawty I can see that you got so much in the jean
The way you twirling up them hips round and round
There's no reason, I know why you can't leave here with me
In the meantime stand, let me watch you break it down.


Lady Gaga:

I'm psychotic synchypnotic
I got my blue burners and phonic
I'm psychotic synchypnotic
I got my brand electronic
I'm psychotic synchypnotic
I got my blue burners and phonic
I'm psychotic synchypnotic
I got my brand electronic

Go. Use your muscle comin out work and hustle
I got it, just stay close enough to get it
Go slow. Drive it, clean it like so clean it's been molesto, I got it, and your popped coll'


1:30 AM

Sunday, December 21, 2008


wow just like that my big break is overrr.. tomorrow work again lolz

Anyway sis was off on Thursday as well =D
so I forced her to accompany me to Orchard where I checked out the saloons at Far East PLaza.. wow competition is sure tough man.. most of them like come out of their shops to quote u prices...

Got one saloon Frances and Jean looks very nice from the outside.. pink and whitish think the saloon manager is Yvonne or something.. they quoted $110 to color my whole head.. and 80 bucks just to touch up.. maybe my hesitant face or something.. got one guy suddenly appear and say if I want to do my whole head he can discount for me at $80 bucks 0.0

Erm and he mention my hair very little =( maybe my hair keeps dropping wehhh..
Anyway I told them I consider first...

Then walk ard suddenly saw the Sassy Image hair saloon.. where I saw the ad... online.. true a young guy came out of the shop and quoted me 60 bucks only for my hair length and they use Matrix color a product bought over by Loreal.. but I asked him how long will it take he said two hours plus or three hours.. so I left with my sis because I was meeting the gers later and didn't want to be late...

Oh well.. went to walk ard and realised the Coffee Bean at Taka was closed =S.. sad... then I went to hunt for Coffee Bean outlets with my sis.. before that she hadn't had anything for lunch so her tummy was growling.. so we went to Taka Basement and she bought a jap cheese Pancake..

Luckily we managed to find a Coffee Bean outlet outside Paragon =D and I treat my sis to Mocha and Carrot cake yummy. haha X__x wow I can see my buldging tummy X__X

The nice cake

Nice mocha think Coffee Bean is still the best =D

Then she see me play PsP a while... before we went to Heeren to check out the shops...

And not long... I accompany her to The LV boutique to meet the guy she's dating =D think he is call Raymond.. of COurse I didn't go up Straight hide in one corner see.. wow he is pretty tall lol...

Then I went to Orchard Mrt to wait for Irene and the rest.. WeiFen spot me then came along PeiLi....

We went to Breeks first while poor Irene was stuck in office.... apparently something did not tally and she was forced to stay back to make sure everything is in order....

So we went ahead and order food... while we ate we chat a lot.. it was nice... =) I had a great time talking to the gers... Yu xin could not make it this time round hopefully I can see her soon...

And finally on Friday went to dye my hair at the Sassy Image hair saloon..

made an appointment through the hp cos no one picked up the phone when I called.. 0.0 so it was the boss hp.. and he helped me booked an appoinment mentioning he won't be ard so I could look for any hairstlylist..

So course I chose the guy who quoted me the price ytd..he attended to me quite alright.. Sam he did a pretty good job in making sure my color was evenly dyed =D quite satisfied with his service and we chatted too..

and the boss is pretty young actually 0.0 and Sam was a bit sian haha cos his boss suddenly came and most prob Sam will have to cut his hair later.. then i told him he should be happy boss look up to him.. His boss got dyed brown hair too 0.0 young and hip should look quite good too dun dare to see too long LOL

was very happy =D I had mocha brown hair when I came out of the shop..
then I was happily walking ard shopping lol... got two skirts two headbands .. and gold earrings for Shu xin's wedding =D

Then I went to visit Sunny a while in his shop then I walked ard some more before bf came.. haha nice of him he got off work early and I met him at Far East we had dinner at Ramen Ten 0.0

Not too bad I kinda like the salmon and the fries were nicely done =) not too hard and just nice soft in the inside crisp on the outside

Bf had spicy ramen.. nice soup base =D

and afterwards we went to Takashimaya where bf bought stuff for his colleagues.. and he manage to saw his NUS friend.. '

Guess got SALE... bf bought a nice bag for me =D

another pic =p

Love it so much.. thanks dear =D

and afterwards we took bus back.. and ate nice choc chip wafer ice cream on the way back hee hee =p

Well today X__X sat was the last of my long break..

Wrapped the presents for my colleagues got them ready and dished MoMo chacha my mummy cooked and brought some for Seen Hui..and my bf

SPrained my leg along the way .. =.../

Then met up with bf for the YES MAN show lol haha not so bad la and my salted popcorn was nice too lol..

Jim Carrey is really talented though..

Went to Jurong Point's Lai Lai Niu ROu Mian at the basement for dinner

Bf's Beef noodles...

Fried tofu as side dish..

Bubble red milk tea...

Oh forget to took a pic of cold tofu with pi dan... anyway saw something crawling inside.. =S got them to change after it was half eaten.. =( dunno maybe we already ate two of the stuff crawling inside already =~(

Went past Monsoon Spectacle shop and caught a glimpse of Shuan Chen =D

walk past another time and he happen to look in my direction and he smile just as I look at him =D

Ok.. two times is enough later people thought I am stalker =/

Walk ard some more and we went arcade... dear got arcade addiction... caught a big bunny.. which was much easier to catch than at Lot One...

HA love the bunny =D bf was really good caught a lot of sweets and we got the bunny pretty quick.. thanks bf =p

yay time to go lala land... wish i will have a very sweet dream tonight ^^

12:59 AM

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hez so finally meet up with the gers in TCC to discuss on what games to play when the groom arrive for SX's wedding day =D COol yeah =p My first time being a Jie Mei..

I met SX ealier as it was my off day.. we arrive at the cosy TCC and we went inside to book seats and order drinks first had a good long chat with her.. apparently even though we didn't talk to each other that much since like few yrs back.. we still could click very well on the same wavelength it's like telepathy.. and she knows what I mean and feel when I mention certain things and shares with me how her work and life has been lately.. maybe before this life we were sisters? =X I feel happy talking to her..

This is my cuppucino I ordered... not too bad I practicaly finished the whole glass... maybe I was too thirsty? lol

And I had this Mushroom and CHicken Sandwhich with wholewheat bread.. didn't have the bread.. was kinda hard.. and SH helped me finish up the tortilla chips at the side..

This is SX wedding card... and she gave us a necklace each to wear on her wedding day..

Nice design long card lol =p

went back home after that

and next day on leave.. YAY

haha dad came back feeling panicky abt his new earpiece not working so I went with him to Jurong Point.. we had to wait for the new earpiece no stock.. roughly in a week time..

JP is pretty big with the new link set up...saw SHUAN CHEN haha he is suave okie.. he looks good in his shirt cum sweater outfit.. I was too shy to say Hi to him.. he looks good up close =D~ Michelle Chia is so fortunate to be getting married to him

He was in his new shop Monsoon spectacle shop.. looks nice and right beside him was the shop Twister.. set up by Lee Guo Huang and Eddy aka the famous guy who does celebrities hair

Went inside the shop for a haircut having promotion now by their leading hairstylist only $20.50.. pretty good head massage I got and the haircut was not too bad.. got the V shape I wanted at the back.. but I worry after washing mY hair dunno will the effect still be there a not or will be one big messy lump...

The hair dresser Sean was quite friendly we basically chatted quite a lot of stuff.. and he even told me how his work is and stuff haha

Eddy ask me how was everything before I left the shop though I felt Sean cut my hair not much I didn't really mention but I told him his service was very good. haha well he was trying his best I guess and he threw me a lot of advice on how to care for my hair..

Bought my yummy Yam bubble milk tea and walk ard the shops... could not finish lol... pop by my sis spec shop and force her to finish it for me... haha she got a cute spec which I kinda like.. maybe will get it from her =P

then I was like very bored and didn't want to go home yet.. so I practically walk all over Jurong Point even the outside MRT shops as well... walk until about six pm decide to meet bf tonight because felt i should after all the weird talk ytd...

unfortunately his company was ill treating him and lol he only get off work at about 8 plus and got cab ride at 830pm.. luckily my legs didn't break from all that walking...

A funny thing happen when I reached Choa Chu Kang Mrt.. a guy suddenly stopped me and asked me questions.. at first I thought he was asking me directions abt how to go somewhere.. then I realised he was asking something else..

X guy: " sorry very sorry Just can I ask you something?"

Me: " ...??" look on face

X guy: "Can I just get to know you?.. sorry sorry to bother you.."

Me: " Sorry what did you say again?"

X guy: " sorry to bother you.. I was just trying to know if I could get to know you better.."

Me: " er... sorry..." I smiled in an apologetic way

X guy: "Oh sorry to bother you.."

With that I quickly walk into the nearest shop beside me.. oh oh hope he didnt feel bad.. but it's just that you can somehow tell with some pple you just cannnot click even as friends. He was like way out of my social kind anyway.. He was presentable but he just was not my type.I applaud for his courage because I had those kind of fierce looking face when I dun smile lol..

maybe my haircut is really nice ha. LOL

waited and waited finally bf arrive lol... went to Delifrance to eat because seriously the set meals are a good deal.. for 7.80 or 11.80 before gst or service charge you could get a set meal, soup/salad, desert and tea/coffee..

and they got pretty good service now with free bread and butter and water served before our meal arrives.. total was 23 plus after gst and everything... the desert selling for abt 5.50 a slice so my bf and I actualy eating 2 dollar plus of cake each.. looking at the size.. worth it la =p like foodcourt price le a few dollars more.. and cappitaland card got rebate .. haha =D

Bf brought me to the arcade and caught a Stich Head for me and A sun Wu Kong for himself.. haha cutes. he got very good at catching small toys out of a certain machine..

and afterwards tired me and him went home

Another weird dream wake me up that's why i am blogging so early..

bad dream.. =/

7:03 AM

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

When I first read about Quarter life crisis I was basically laughing.. because I was thinking like how could anyone feel like emotional over their age when they are only 25. I mean it's like young you know... Mid life crisis yeah I understand you already halfway there and moreover some people only live up tp 60 plus or 70...

But maybe just maybe if you think about it... I am also like 1/3 away from the end of my life.. because I am definite I cant live until 100.. I mean who can in Singapore... It's kinda stressful right.. with all the high cost of living and medical care.

That means I have already lived 1/3 of my life..
and suddenly the realisation hits me..
SO what have I achieved so far in my life...

Oh gross like I need further emphasis on like I am in a job with no great prospects.. Good?? I dun think it comes even close... and I am still unmarried.. wait wait lets think about it.. marriage is good but you dun want to marry just any guy because there are those who got married and well.. divorced which means you have to get married AGAIN??! I think the second time is much harder though I SWEAR they make it sound like so easy on Desperate Housewives.

And lets take a look at maybe erm how have my soul been doing??? OK I am not that religious either I am not a devout buddhist nor a catholic nor a church going christian. Ask me whether I believe in gods.. I do.. just that maybe I believe more in Buddhism and along comes spirits, ufos... I mean I have no reason to deny their existence after hearing so many "TRUE" stories about them.

SO basically after living through till 25.. I am still back in square one. Ewww.. thinking about it just makes me go crazy. =(

I know I am just going along with life.. which is not what I want. I wat to be in charge of my life not flowing along and seeing how things goes.

Maybe that's why I have tell myself 2009 will be different.. I mean I will be inclined to just go with the flow.. but I think I need to remind myself there is just this much to life and sometimes you really cannot predict when is it that you will be gone. it's just that mysterious..

oh well.. MAYBE this can explain why Britney was suddenly single.. married, divorced, married again to another.. 2 kids and single again.. well take a look at the great part. at least she experienced so much in these few years which is really quite the achievement for someone her age. And maybe there is no good or bad experience. I think we all learn something along the way.. something you maybe dun feel great about is just a learning or preparation for something in future that may come aong.. and when it does.. maybe all that learning and experience comes in handy.

OK enough talking about my supposedly quarter life crisis..

I took some pictures on my bday celebration with bf.. WE went to sentosa for my birthday and we had a great stay in Sentosa Rasa hotel... no believe me you cannot hate there.. nice sun.. nice beach.. love the seA.. though sadly to say it started to rain like after we checked in but of course our mood was not spoilt... got umbrellas from the counter and we went to vivo for a nice meal.. this time I had a bday dinner treat from bf. Went to White Dog's Cafe...

This is the very creamy and thick mushroom soup. You can basically feel the texture of the soup.. lots of mushrooms hmm.. good soup about 8/10. i would say.. but Marche still is like the number 1 mushroom soup for me.. the taste is hard to explain. it's very yummy =)

and of course for our main course. BAD ME.. haha no pictures taken because maybe we were busy gobbling up the food.. I know we had this great meal like a side dish... that was fried.. ok basically I got very short term memory.. and some nice main course.. I had fish and chips if i remembered clearly.. bf had some great meat that was like chicken. black pepper or something.. I had this nice chai latte.. =p and dear had some alcholic coffee.. this is the first time heard him praising that the coffee was great.. duh bet it was just the alcohol.. it's like bailey's coffee or something.. we went back after the meal and on our way back we stopped by Cafe Del Mar...

haha nice after hearing abt this place so long.. it's actually the first time I went there. I had some drink that was kinda bitter =| and dear had this nice mojito.. very yummy haha... we shared this scoop of vanilla ice cream which was very good.. bf like it a lot..

afterwards we went back to the hotel where he sang me a bday song before we sleep lol.. eat and sleep on such a comfy bed somemore.. >.< so nice haha =p

By the way bf was just back from his China work trip and he bought me some gifts from there...

a tissue holder disguised as a sheep which I basically hug to sleep nowdays lol

a Mickey mouse cup

a "pregnant" giraffe.. so cute =D

and A pair of Hello Kitty bed room slippers.. nice workmanship 0.0

the next day we had again the fabulous buffet breakfast.. I mean I always enjoyed it.. the milo is definitely one of a kind.. very good like from the original milo van heh heh....and you could have scrambled eggs with cheese and mushrooms.. or just your normal sunny side up.. and nice waffles... with hotdogs... and even asian cusine like prata... and there is this indian food.. the whitish stuff resembling very fine bee hoon stucked together.. u can eat together with the bright orange kind of sugar.. very nice fruits... banana yum yum haha and u could toast yr bread and have cakes... dear had porridge too if i remembered clearly and you tiao that was good =D nice and crunchy yet not too hard...

such a full breakfast man =X and guess what we could still sleep after that lol..

afterwards.. we went back home and met later again in the evening had dinner in this jap restaurant.. which was so expensive considering the small portions they gave us... never again =( its like on the top floor of FAR EAST PLAZA..

and we shopped ard trying to find a nice dress for my friend's wedding and we did =) got a good deal in fact was very happy.. though i think bf had a hard time... guys cant do much shopping when it comes to clothes.. i think it bored their minds out lol.. but he was nice enough to accompany me =D

and later was kinda upset thinking maybe no one bought a cake for me.. my bf bought me a yam cake which I chose heh heh from Angie's choice had almost got Hagen Daz ice cream cake.. 90 plus to 100 plus.. told my bf to forget it.. there was no way I was going to let him spent that much eating a cake. LOL

My cake =D

and bf bought flowers for me too pink roses =D

Not bad right.. my bf quite romantic after 4 years still got give me rose.. HAHA happy ^^

My dad and sis bought me a bday fruit cake too.. wow nice I got 2 cakes this year lol.. and my sis got me a necklace very sweet of her =D

Next day was spent celebrating with my friends.. sec sch pals.. had a great time with them at Cafe Cartel Plaza SIngapura.. was suppose to go to Aston's Specialist for dinner but the queue was extremely long at Cathy gave up lol..

We had a nice meal.. and the bread is still yummy =D was okay spent about 70 plus after 15% off from my Visa Debit card.. THANKS PAT haha if not for the card I signed up with the step up account.. I wouldn't have any discount lol

took lots of cute pics with the gers and afterwards accompany PS to her bf's workplace in Demsey.. the cafe with Ben and Jerry's in it.. I think it's call CA' =) haha shes pretty sweet she got me a voodoo doll and some cute clippers.. to clip documents together.. and her bf made a small earl grey tea cream buele' for me =D very nice a mini cake =) and he wrote very cursive and nice letters to wish me happy birthday.. and we had chatted a while and they waited for the bus with me X__X so pai seh haha and he treated us to drinks too so pai seh heh heh

when I was back to work.. seen hui and raymond bought a present for meee =D heh heh it was a cute gift a nice accessory holder.. like a set of small drawers with cute pictures and mirrors on it.. to put all my accessories.. =D and Dayah actually came down and find us and treat us both to Swenson's ice cream cone.. wa first time eat its cone ice cream heh heh =)

lol.. and on Mon.. Hari Raya Haji... went Heeren.. trying to shop for my bday gift.. but no luck with Fossil shop they dun have the design I wanted for my watch.. and the wallet I checked up online they didn't have it in the shop too... we ended up eating at Pasta De waraku which was miserable protions for expensive food.. won't be going back there again.

Walked ard town area then to CCk where we had Mac for dinner... no luck in present but had bought bf a Levis jean for his bday.. Hope he likes it

haha on Dec 10 bf had took leave cos we finally 4 years together... =X meet him at the bus stop and coincidentally saw one of my customers had a real good chat with her before my bus and bf arrived... we took 190 to town area and dear surprise me with red roses =D

took the pictures of the roses after a day so some already seemingly dried at the top =/

Ate at Aston Specialist with dear waited quite a bit before it was our turn but it was worth it.. =) good food at reasonable prices... I had milk while bf had IBC rootbeer heh heh

dear ordered cream of mushroom and I had BBQ hickory char grilled chicken with coleslaw and corn on the cob while dear had Teriyaki Chicken VERY GOOD =) I love the coleslaw was unable to finish the portion pretty big for me =D

The Mushroom soup

Dear's Teriyaki Chicken.. some how I am reminded of the song Teriyaki Boys..

My BBQ Hickory char grilled CHicken.. YUMMY

and we went to PS afterwards where we caught this cute anime on how these clones are made to fight in battles and they dun grow up =S and they dun die unless in a battle.. some of the theme was a bit adult theme but it was ok overall cause I guess they edited away parts of it..

didn't manage to get my gift there... and we went back CCK but SK didnt have the design I wanted... maybe was getting a bit sad with all the walking and no returns bf went into arcade and caught me a cute little Mickey haha =) nice of him

using 2 bucks only.. he's a pro now =D

and to remember this day =P forced bf to get me a cute hp pouch

cause didn't want bf to waste his money on fat minnie.. =( no fat minnie for mee =~(

and finally when i meet up with dear on friday we finally got the necklace I wanted was not the first design I chose, but he also felt this one was nicer than the first one we decided... there my necklace

My first necklace from a jewellery shop after being with him for 4 years. made me happy +D I should say estatic hee hee THANKS BF

and we ate at Delifrance afterwards where bf gave me an hr lecture on recession AND RETRENCHMENT..
=( maybe the necklace had an after effect X__x

and we caught THE day earth stood still =D pretty good.. with keanu Reeves still looking that good after so many years

ARE YR EYES DYING YET... lol =p very long entry eh even my fingers r cramped now..

7:16 AM

We're driving slow through the snow on Fifth Avenue
And right now radio's all that we can hear
Now we ain't talked since we left, it's so overdue
It's cold outside but between us it's worse in here
The world slows down
But my heart beats fast right now
I know this is the part
Where the end starts
I can't take it any longer
Thought that we were stronger
All we do is linger
Slipping through our fingers
I don't wanna try now
All that's left's goodbye
To find a way that I can tell you
I hate this part right here
I hate this part right here
I just can't take your tears
I hate this part right here
Everyday, seven takes of the same old scene
Seems we're bound by the laws of the same routine
Gotta talk to you now 'fore we go to sleep
But will we sleep once I tell you it's hurting me
The world slows down
But my heart beats fast right now
I know this is the part
Where the end starts
I can't take it any longer
Thought that we were stronger
All we do is linger
Slipping through our fingers
I don't wanna try now
All that's left's goodbye
To find a way that I can tell you
I hate this part right here
I hate this part right here
I just can't take your tears
I hate this part right here
I know you'll ask me to hold on
And carry on like nothing's wrong
But there is no more time for lies
'Cause I see sunset in your eyes
I can't take it any longer
Thought that we were stronger
All we do is linger
Slipping through our fingers
I don't wanna try now
All that's left's goodbye
To find a way that I can tell you
That I gotta do it,
I gotta do it,
I gotta do it
I hate this part
I gotta do it,
I gotta do it,
I gotta do it
I hate this part right here
And I just can't take these tears
I hate this part right here

2:56 AM

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