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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Ooohh Just came back...... tired legs... feet cramped from wearing the black heels =(

Wow.... Was kinda happy today had a very good meal at Kyoto Sabo AjiTei, PLaza Singapura ... Yum Yum..

Our hot Green tea...

Bf's Pork hotpot...

CLoser look spicy sour soup 0.0 not bad =D and they got bean sprots with real beans on them lolz... so huge =D

My Okonomiyaki with mochi =D~ yummy and soft... very unique like the taste heh heh

And out Matcha desert....


bought bf the game he was so into 0.0 Street Fighter four as a Vday gift .. lol
wa he was really happy 0.0 like small boy jumping ard

lolz =)

Spend quite a few on catching the soft huggable cows... but we were lucky and managed to catch pink soft fluffy stitch with 2 bucks =D

Afterwards we played a few fighting games very nice.... plyed King of fighters 3d version... Kula is very good... I like using her....

And bf let me play some street fighter games.. =D

We almost caught ps3 LOL haha X__x

And afterwards caught a very good movie... very funny and romantic and got pretty ger Shu Qi =)

Look for a Star


Look for a Star (traditional Chinese: 游龍戲鳳; simplified Chinese: 游龙戏凤; pinyin: Yóu lóng xī fèng; Cantonese Yale: Yau lung hei fung) is a 2009 Hong Kong romantic comedy film that was produced and directed by Andrew Lau. Inspired by the relationship between Stanley Ho and his fourth wife, Angela Leong, the film stars Andy Lau as a millionaire, who falls in love with a feisty casino dealer played by Shu Qi. Look for a Star was shot at the MGM Grand in Macau, and was released in Hong Kong on 26 January 2009.

Very sweet felt touched =) Very glad to have caught this movie with bf heh heh

Changed the tootie starhub Sim card.. -_- spoilt for no reason dots.. yay

10:55 PM

Jamie Yeo and Glenn Ong have split

STOMP star blogger Jamie Yeo, 32, and her husband, radio deejay Glenn Ong, 38, have announced that they are getting a divorce.

Glenn, who hosts a morning radio programme on Class 95, had announced on-air this morning that he and Jamie "were no longer together".

According to The Straits Times, there had been rumours for the past few weeks that their marriage was on the rocks and they were spotted at a recent event arriving and sitting separately.

A spokesman for MediaCorp Radio says: 'Glenn Ong and Jamie Yeo have officially filed for separation and have been living apart for a while. Their marriage broke down simply due to the couple having grown apart in recent years because of their careers and individual differences.

'The decision was a mutual one and thus the parting was amicable. They remain good friends, are still talking and continue to have the utmost respect for each other. This is naturally a difficult time for the couple and they have requested to be left alone unequivocally.'

But in a recent entry dated Jan 29 on her personal blog, Jamie, who is also an ESPN sports presenter, wrote: 'I was glad to be done with 2008 honestly. The year was great work-wise but not so on a personal level. I'm only finally admitting this because the year's done and dusted, and I know 2009 will be liberating, to say the least.'

The couple have no children, but they own a dog, a Jack Russell terrier named Fudgie.

Second divorce

This will be the second divorce for Glenn, who married Kate Reyes, a deejay from the same station in 2000. They divorced in 2003.

Jamie was widely-rumoured to be the cause of the split, which she has denied. According to a report in Wanbao, the couple first started dating in 2001.

After Glenn's divorce, he and Jamie were married in Dec 2004 at the New Creation Church.

The couple, who are known to embrace publicity, have often been spotted at media events together, openly displaying their affection for each other.

A shock

The news came as a shock to many.

One of them was Jamie's ex-colleague, Robin Leong.

Robin, who was briefly linked to Jamie in the past, expressed his surprise at the news.

He said he always thought they were "very loving". He also said he still kept in touch with Jamie, "once in a while".


EKks... I told U there is like Kharma when dealing with relationships =( Hope Ya all treasure yr loved ones and had a Happy Valentine's day..

Wow.. My roses.. bf Brought it to me when I was working.. 12 roses not sure what they mean though lol cos my colleagues asked me X__x

haha so nice of him and he bought me a Mac nuggets meal too with coke light... =D heh heh My colleague keep asking me whether I was happy.. I replied.. Ya of course =D at night after my work he came and find me and we had "dinner" more like supper at CAfe Cartel.. oh dear.. there fish and chick bites.. shrunk in size.. lol...

The day Before met him at Jurong Point and he treated me to Fish and Co...

My fish and Chips

His black pepper stingray with rice... got nice veggies too... salty haha

Free complimentry drinks when you use yr citibank card 0.0

and we caught a Mickey and Minne bf is so li hai haha....

and sometime before we went Jurong point and we caught flurry Mickey and Minnie

very lucky to hit jackpot when there were seven bars left 0.0 and we caught a fake "LV" bag too lol..

On Chinese New Yr eighth day met up with my pals for a meal at SHokudu..

We sat near the sofas with a red chinese looking table... very CNY feeling lol

Our Omelette


Teikayki Burger

The rest of the food was polished before I had chance to take good pictures haha

Some miscellaneous food pictures I had taken....

Delicious MOF ice cream black sesame and Matcha ice cream.. wow two scoops of ice cream and ten bucks... =/ so expensive sia...

Nice macrons from Cheryl's wedding

Very sweet leh >.<

Some kinda shaved ice desert I had with bf at Far East some time ago..

and a cute chip lying on my bed we caught sometime back =D

My colleague bully me ytd =( but nvm =S I shall have a big heart and forgive him X__X

9:14 AM

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Have you ever just suddenly had tears appear in your eyes while listening to a song.
Omg =(

Maybe its just PMS.

Let's pray it is.

2:41 PM

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