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Thursday, April 30, 2009

aiyoo.... why have i become so lazy.. y fingers cannot even move a bit faster to type on my journal =/

lazy lazy me.... is it because of the evil sweets i am consuming =(
bad sweets think they will cause some yeast infection or something candida =( but my hands still cannot stop reaching for the high caloric goodies =/

No wonder my legs getting fatter =~

I think I should really buy 4D because for the first time after 3 years in this stuuupid company I going to have DnD HAHAHA CAN U BELIEVE IT. Must be boss really strike big on 4D or his property la or stocks. bleah... for once there is DnD.. Dunno what to think.. so weird everytime want to leave already got new things happen and B told me Ir may be joining us... dots

I should just become an art teacher lor... i think I am like 50% extrovert and 50% introvert. I just feel like digging a hole and sleep inside... so tired fo work sometimes.... and really I just dunno why I feel so tired. Hopefully it isn't diabetes or anything like that =S I seem to have like a lot of the symptoms..

Luckily my grandma is feeling much better le visited her at SGH yesterday and today she went back home already 0.0 The doctors advised her to go home and not to stay at hospital anymore if she is feeling better... well cos of the swine flu... guess they rather make the hospital as vacant as possible..

I somehow miss my friends.. when we were studying that time.. life seem less complicated.. X_______x

oh dear my legs cant move.... have to go out for dinner with my boy later =D old boy boy >.<

Very long never see movie le =/ let me think not so long la last movie was the shinjuku incident not so bad... but movies really ex hor.. haha dvd now selling less than 10 dollars already. X__X

haiz 5.07pm...

Went to Phuture with the old boy on last Saturday.. was dragged there even though I didn't really wanted to go in the first place.. luckily the songs were pretty ok if not I feel like collasping on the dance floor.. was kinda sleepy but the songs kept me awake... got lot of ang mos and foreigners dress in funny costumess.. and I manage to touch the donkey's head haha =D think chun li was there too lol

wonder who I am going to work with on Friday =/ Sky went to CCk le the shop open today...

I think its good to put down all my random thoughts on the blog when I am unable to get out of my bed.. finger exercise.. HAHAHA

i dun want to go workk.... I GOT WORK PHOBIA... RESCUE MEEE... =(

4:56 PM

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