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Friday, May 29, 2009

Hiak Hiak Hiak.... Currently on a three day break from work =X
Ends Friday but oh well I did have a lot of fun already =p

Tuesday was the Dinner and Dance my colleagues were looking forward to.. We were so excited over the event we even pulled down the shutters at 4.40pm to go upstairs for some last minute shopping =X and before that I was buying earrings and bangles HAHA soo excited =D

SH bought a clutch but she didn't bring it to the Dinner and dance in the end..
We had to rush home after closing the shop at 5pm... so rush... my sis helped me applied eyeliner and mascara which I never applied before =X haha yah I never apply it before my wholeeee life haha...

Then I settled the rest of the make up myself.... after which I rushed to the saloon where I met SF.. she was being dolled up by the beautician over there while the china guy helped me did my temporary curls.. haha I quite liked them =D

SF regretted letting the lady dolled her up... lol she complaint the make up was too cheena.. making her look even more like a china lady....

X___x we were kinda the few last to reach York Hotel... Sky was.. dunno maybe waiting for his dad???? finally he came to pick us up haha.. actually if we share cab we wouldn't have be that late... dots...

but it was ok.. when we reached there... we seat at table 6.. with the Clementi outlet staff and Queensway..

Nice decor lights

Then Guess what... haha Table 7 beside us had two stars... Lin Xiao Pei and FOo Fang Lin.. not sure how my boss manage to get them here but most probably they are from City Harvest as well...

Haha first dish...

didn't manage to take the rest.. everyone wanted to eat a bit paiseh to take also LOL

Then there were awards for excellent service.. long service awards...

top sales award went to Jennifer =X

Then there was singing competition where the winner walks away with $500... was hoping to get the top prize.. 3k but no such luck for me and my table mates.. lucky Diana and Jenni got it lol...

And I was busy taking photos.. didn't manage to see until Jovina.. towards the end we were busy running away from J who was apparently a bit drunk and started to say weird things and we were scared he will mao shou mao jiao we all run very fast haha..

Manage to take pictures with my china colleague as well.. she's a tall pretty babe heh heh..

Afterwards.... Sky was dying from gastric pains.. so me and seen hui and him went to eat at Bukit Timah along the stretch of food stalls..

They chose Teochew porridge house where Edward and me eat like few yrs back then..
I didn't eat.. wasn't hungry and had some drink...

and guess what .. a fight almost broke out and this chinese guy had chilli being poured all over him by some black who keep threatening that he is going to kill him.. lucky for us... they didn't really fight... if not.. maybe SH would have fainted...

Next day... was happy to meet up with Irene and PeiLi haha so sorry gals.. was a bit late... lucky two of them didn't faint under the hot sun.. we went to minds cafe.. to play board games.. and I thought it was a good deal.. from 2 to 6pm only $5 before gst and service charge...for games and free flow of drinks and its meals were like 6 bucks during these happy hours...

Our yummy fish and chips and the game Giza.. explained by a very weird bespectacled guy =\

Irene look so happy haha =p

PeiLi busy with smses..

and time flew... we also played Pig Pile..

=X think you should know what I was trying to convey..

at least this time the game was explained by a cuter guy and he introduced us quite a number of games like... slamwich.. and and.. some hot air balloon game where our hot air balloon keep crashing and some game where we had to race by building our own paths..

then we went Central where we meet up with Weifen for dinner...
the oily chicken soup Ramen at Matsuma or something like that...

it was ok.. reminded me a bit of like maggie mee.. but really the pork slice was cooked very nicely... the meat portion is really quite tasty... but like Irene said only one slice of pork and so much spring onion with some veggie.. not very cheap.. considering nothing else inside..

Afterwards we were comtemplating to go Double O to get free drinks but it was way too early so we went Ya Kun for coffee and drinks instead.. we sat there almost an hour plus chatting.. haha =)

And yesterday I met up with bf... we went to Jurong point and caught the Giraffee I had been eyeing for some time already =X

A bit expensive =( we spent like thirty plus on it..

and then out of pure luck I managed to catch this furry pooh with one buck wahahaha

we had dinner at Long John Silver.. and trust me you wouldn't want to try the fish grilled set.. that's my first time and last time eating that haha -___-

A flurry Mickey we caught some time back

haha ok such a long entry.. >.< by the way the last week I was at Genting.. it was so COLD.. haha I thought I had fever when I was back in Singapore due to the extreme weather change my body had to adjust..

basically eat sleep play.. so good what more can u ask for haha =p~~

4:57 AM

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