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Friday, September 25, 2009


Feeling so tired these few months =X haven been updating whoops
My blog has been so dead wonder if anyone still read -____-""

Anyway Lot of events been happening past few months... since the last time I blogged was ard May..


Been back from the F1 concert on the 24/09 =p
I was really lucky won tickets to see A Mei and Jacky Cheung just by being a fan of InSing.Com on facebook =D Went to collect the tickets with my sis on the 24th aftr going to Singapore Poly for a talk on Optix Multifocal lens.... they had a small buffet ready for us too ^^

We reached the office at ard 11 plus 0.0 wow its really isolated in Duxton Hill but to work there seems like a nice ambience... nice rock pavements with beautiful trees and small pubs ard that area.. they must be really enjoying the atmosphere of their work there.

Went to CHinatown with my sis afterwards where I treat her to Mac meal... it's super worth it deal cos from 12pm to 3pm... mac meals cost only $4.50 =p I had nuggets while she ate the double cheese burger which bring us fond memories when we were young =D hee hee

Caught Irene while we were shopping for some necessities so coincidence =D

Then we went to Raffles area where my sis wanted to check out the exchange rate for Thai Baht.. yesh she is going on a holiday with her friend bangkok =D~ silly us waited at the bustop outside FUllerton till a police came and inform us there was no bus from the 24th to 29th LOL.. roads were closed for the F1 night race X__x

Took Mrt back and just changed to get ready to meet bf to go for concert =D

LOL we took Mrt to Doby Ghaut and Not Harbour Front!!! No No Fort Canning Hill isn't near Mount Faber =X and we ate at Han's Cafe at Park Mall.. The Cheap Chicken sandwich with wholemeal bread was quite satisfying actually and the Ying Yang I ordered was good too.. bf Had set meal of black Pepper chicken with carrot soup with Iced lemon tea

and we hurried off to the main stage at the Fort Canning hill....

So many people busy taking photos.... =p and we took some too...

unfortunately i forget to adjust the settings of my camera.. so I only manage to take a few pictures =( but its good enough had a lot of fun singing along with songs that I sorta knew and waving my hands in the air when the stars appear...

First up was Da Mouth

apparently the only member i knew was Aisha the rest were not that bad.. the guy in Purple doing the DJ music was very cool too and bf mentioned the guy in white looked like the Korea Guy in the movie..

Then later came SOda Green ..

very unique group.. not really sure to put my personal comments here cos I dun want end up getting killed by their fans =X but it was okay as well....
Sadly halfway the mike had some problems -_-.. and they had to stop a while..

Afterwards A mei came and her aboriginal name is Amit 阿蜜特.. ooo
I didnt knew this until the 933 DJ said so haha

Bad mike and on some part of her song her voice kinda disappeared =( luckily they managed to fix the mike....

and the last part waiting for JAcky CHeung was really long =( They had some problems wit the stage lights and we waited like half a hour before he came on stage.. apparently they haven fix the lights yet but Jacky CHeung couldn't wait anymore he didnt want to let us go on waiting =D He looks like a Sir stamford Raffles with the costumes and long hair but his humour lighten up the long wait... =D

And later he had encore with A mei

and the rest of the performers went up on stage to sing Michael Jackson's Heal the WOrld...

had a lot of fun.. but bf had crampy legs from standing too long.. and by the way... a plastic cup of tiger cost 8 bucks and a bottle of coke light cost 5 bucks... have u fainted yet.. lol

On the previous SUnday met up with Irene, pei li and Yuxin for a short meal at The Taiwanese Cafe opened by XIn Wang... the food was pretty ok except for my Oreo peppermint drink which I stll drink finish -__- too sweet.... the fried tofu, chicken with curry and toast was still pretty okay...

ate the cake which Irene and I bought for the two gers as a belated bday celebration and the meal was on us.. =D

Afterwards caught the movie Time Traveller's Wife... was ok but still I thought the Ugly Truth was better... Maybe its a different genre altogether and I shouldnt compare it like that...

Ealier during the month had gone clubbing with bf Pat and Zhenrong and his gf.. Nisa too... dblo had very good service had fun dancing and we went to dblo bar on the first floor as well.. had a fun time and bf bought too many drinks =( cos I felt giddy by the time we finish...

Zhenrong asked us to go Butter factory the following week.. very nice place pretty view of the river. and nice bf brought me to Coffeebean to eat CArrot cake and drank some tea cos I haven had dinner after work =X

and before that??? ....

I guess I was working and working and working....

LOL dad got really lucky and won a Hamper after he bought some pills from the pharmacy =D


go nap nowww. weeee

4:03 PM

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