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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Taipei Part 2

SUddenly cannot sleep in middle of the night abt 5am >.< got a weird feeling and cannot go back to sleep.. hearing weird sounds... tried to wake my bf up but he sleeping soundly and didn't dare tell him I heard something.. tried very hard to go back sleep............. x__X

Woke up and we went for breakfast.. was pretty good actually..

there were scrambled eggs.. u could have toasted wholemeal bread.... butter buns..

what I ate..

crossiants.. rice.. congee... miso soup... some of the food I didn't try some meat... some pi dan... bacon, sausages... corn cakes... salad... fruits.. I think the fruit I liked most was the honey dew that was really different.. it was much softer and sweeter =D looks like some kind of vegetable .. but tasted really good... I like the youghurt too..

bf's meal:

Afterwhich we proceeded to take a cab to the railway station...

we taking train.. high speed rail from Taipei to TaiChung...

seats in the train..

you can order food on the train too..

=D Bought yummy Mister DOughnuts on the way.

bf got the strawberry flavoured one

while I had the Matcha doughnut.. crunchy =D~

Basically slept on the journey throughout took us about 50 mins to reach there...

checking out the location

some taxi driver tried to con us money into going to the location we wanted by paying abt 1800NT..

wth.. it's like reaching 90 bucks just for cab ride... he must be freaking out of his mind... when we mentioned we didn't want to go to the location anymore... he still forced us took a cab ride to the normal railway station.. dots..

and after we reached there he didn't want to let us go >.< pester us saying there was no more bus ride to the place we were going and tried to convince us his way was cheaper... it was like as if we were some big lobster and he refused to let us go.. zzzz

finally we manage to escape the driver's hands by making some lame excuse we were not planning to go anywhere le and faster escape to the nearest shops around... walk about quite a bit .. bought some bubble tea again.. YES!

=D and then we proceed to go to TaiCHung Park.. haha took quite a few photos there..

many horses ard 0.0

some cute ducks swimming around in the lakes...

AFterwhich we went to the Science MUseum or something... pretty cool.. and was way too big... my legs didn't break from all that walking amazing.... X__X

There was some Darwin exhibit going on.. 0.0

and some T rex in the Museum haha..... very real =D

dino bones..

other exhibits were on body health.. culture..

some old boats..

And afterwards we went to the park behind....

huge greenhouse:

and we walk for quite a bit before finding one massage feet parlour.. my bf's favourite haha.. he like to be pampered 0.0

So we ended up watching some taiwan talk show while getting our feet massaged X__x a bit pain.. haha thought my leg was pretty numbed from all the massage... it was pretty worth it.. about 21 sing dollars for an hr's massage.. something you cannot get in Singapore.. and his skill is good too...

Then we took a cab to Feng Xia NIght MArket..

wooo =D food and food again haha... didn't really shopped alot this time.. bought some thing call the 大肠包小肠 basically its like a sausage being wrapped in a rice moulded like sausage.. didn't really like pork so it was just so so to me.. my bf ate all of it up though...

We also ate some fried pumpkin balls..

pretty nice.. reminded me of our Singapore's fried butterfly... heh heh

Then soon we took a cab back... pass by some shop to buy 太阳饼。。 afterwards we proceed back to the railway station to take train back to Taipei =D

yay I can rest my feet after one whole day of walking hee hee.....

The Third Day..

>.< We must be pretty tired from all the walking because we woke up quite late.. went below for breakfast before we proceed to Danshui.. yeap =D finally

Took a bus 26 straight to Fisherman's Wharf.. heh heh and took photos along Lover's bridge...

finally the bridge Jeremy has been talking about and I finally went there =D

Then we walk ard quite a bit took photos for some tourists?? and they helped us take a picture too....

We then took a boat back to Danshui...

where we shopped for local goodies... yay haha eat again...

fishballs with noodles

test eat so many stuff till I felt so full =/ what a fattening Taipei trip lol....

and afterwards we went back to put our stuff... rest a bit before heading to WU Fen Pu.. haha another shopping heaven though it was drizzling slightly didn't really affect my mood too many clothes and bags to look at...

bought quite a few tops.... didn't want bf to get too bored... so hurried with my shopping...

yay clothes...

bought some bird egg stick and corn to eat on the way... afterwhich we went to the Hello Kitty restaurant....

cute display of lights

it's like a girl's dream come true.. >.< so amazed...

The bill wasn't cheap about forty plus I think...

bf had a hello kitty hamburger

and some sourish drink

while I ate my green tea Hello kitty cake hur hur...

it looks so cute I almost didn't want to destroy it....

My hello kitty latte.. haha

my desert jelly kitty lol

huge pink sofa in restroom

yum yum...

and then we went back to change and decide it was time to go clubbing....

we redeemed our free drinks at the lounge...at our hotel..

bar counter

I took Mojihto

while bf drank dry martini..

afterwhich we went to the club called Lava at Neo 19 near taipei 101 there..

alot of young pple in the queue... note.. YOUNG PPLE.. guys abt 600NT and ladies abt 300NT.. it was ladies night...

and besides pretty bartenders and free flow of whatever drinks u want to order.. there was also some dance performance where the gers were taking off their clothes
leaving their bikinis on them... I THOUGHT SO... until I notice a lady taking off her bikini .. but of course she still manage to cover her Ahem... I was like freaked out.. live stripping show... I think that was enough for the night and I made my way out of the club.. geesh no wonder the whole club was so filled up with young adolescents.... >><<

wow amazingly I didn't killed my bf... though his innocent.. "I really didn't know they will do that".. " it's just performance" didn't really curb my anger at the moment.. I manage to calm down eventually.. =/ if not there would have been headlines... " Singapore girl kills bf while on trip in Taipei"

anyway next morning... we had our usual breakfast below.. before checking out and we went to xi men ding for food.. the steamboat buffet we went to was a bit disappointing ... but ok.. 268 was like 15 bucks and less for each person not too bad.... standards dropped after a place becomes too popular... I thought so too

and after buying my yellow wedge and some mee my colleague asked me to buy we went back to the hotel where the cab driver was waiting for us.... and then slept on the way till we reached airport hur hur sleepy..

my meal.. chicken pilaf rice

bf's fish with rice

here's the surprise... Hagen Daz ice cream for desert for my dinner on SQ airline wooo.. belgium chocolate... =D


11:38 PM

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Taipei Part 1:

WOoo Hooo =D I am in Taipei right now keying in from my bf's laptop =D
It's only like 6.37am on the third day yupp... even though they mention heavy showers and earthquake at taiwan... on the news just 2 days or so before I went there.. the weather has been pretty good since we arrived.. =D It wasn't raining when we arrive at TaoYuan airport and we only experience slight drizzle on the first night ^^

We took the morning flight about 8 plus on Tuesday... SQ flight =p I am so sua ku if not for bf's persuasion to take Singapore AIrlines... I wouldn even have go somewhere by SQ before haha..

The seats were pretty comfy though its economy class only and I guess it was definitely better than the Tiger airways and Silkair.. more spacious?? =D They serve us morning snack of peanuts.. and I grab a copy of Straits and CLeo mag before we sit down at the window seat heh heh

The breakfast was pretty good too I had cheese omlette with ham

while bf had nasi lemak..

and their desert was yummy...

it's like vanilla ice cream encased in cute little chocolate holders..

Like I watched Hangover while we travelled there .. the show is pretty lame but ok it's suppose to be a comedy lol... but it's really a bit out of yr mind things they will do in the show...

We reached Taipei abt 1.18pm or so and we waited quite a while before we could get our lauggage on the courier belt... afterwards which we somehow didn't spot the driver that was supposed to pick us up... =( and like after 10 mins bf found him. YAY ^^

and we took his comfy car ride back to the hotel took about 40 mins or so???
The hotel is really cool looking all white heh heh..and the driver told us it's a relatively new hotel... about 2 or 3 yrs only..

we went up unpacked.. and decided to take the MRT to Xin Beitou where we can go for hot spring soaking haha...

notice this sign when boarding the mrt

the taxi driver didnt manage to bring us to the correct spot after we reach the mrt... but luckily where he dropped us off was very close to Spring City Resort....

2 pple abt 1200NT/hr in private room.. not so bad abt S$50+..

then after soaking for quite a while we went outside drink the nice tea and wait for the shuttle bus to transport us back to the mrt... which afterwards we went SHiLin Night Market

Yeah.. first thing we did when we arrive there was to eat the Fried CHicken..

it's so yummy as compared to the one in SIngapore.. and the skin is so much more crispy and saltier yum yum.. haha then we walked around the Night Market.. bought Bubble tea =D~ some egg snack in cute shapes like gun.. chicken...

bought slipper and a yellow top... and some gifts...

By the time we shopped finished my legs were breaking =( lol had a very long walk back to the hotel after we took mrt to the nearest Mrt.. and when we reached hotel lobby they were fliming some kind of show there...

Spent the remaining night watching tv... =D so cool there were like over 70 channels to choose from.. spoilt for choice X__x

Shall continue more later

6:36 AM

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