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Monday, June 07, 2010

I know my blog is so dead. Don't think anyone ever reads it anymore too.. which is perfect because I don't need anyone reading through it and putting up stupid comments because a blog is suppose to be something where you wrtie your feelings right?

I suddenly feel like I no longer have anymore friends ever since I started my stupid work which restrict me meeting my friends on weekends and after work hours on weekdays like 7pm.. I am becoming like a hermit .. wake up at 8am get ready go to work at 10am.. work till 930pm go home reach home about 10pm.. watch tv then go back sleep and every day I am repeating the same monotonous life until my offday arrives which is slightly better because I get to wake up later and sleep late the night before...

My bf wants to buy a car regardless of how pricey the COE is and even though I already nagged at him for about a week.. he doesn't care and is still going on ahead to buy the car... ok guess that means we aren't getting married. oh well.. =( five years and a car don't really know what to say..

DOn't think I will have want to have kids anymore because I think its just too costly to have a baby in Singapore.. everything is getting so expensive
.. even the houses too.. ten yrs ago they were like half the price.. they doubled up so quickly.. I don't think I have the money even to buy a Hdb...

HOw can the government keep encouraging young people to get married when they are not even financially stable?? No wonder everyone is marrying someone like 10 or 12 years older than them... because that is only when the lady is still young no worries about pregnancy difficulties and the guy has already accumulated ehough cash and cpf to buy house and have a wedding dinner...

At this rate =( I think I may not even have a wedding dinner =(

I guess its ok =/ Marriage isn't easy anyway.. did you read the article? Terrance Cao just called off his wedding too and he is already like 42? omg =\

Why is being a grown up so tiring... I just want to get back to eating ice cream cones when I was a kindergarten kid and enjoying my carefree life then... There are so many worries being an adult, I really hate it...

and my worries have been causing me to eat more than usual lately no wonder I am getting so fat...............

9:55 AM

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