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Monday, September 27, 2010


Haha I think I have to start dieting again =/ after the mid autumn festival I think I gained another 2kg lol... all the yummy mooncakes... even though I tried to resist eating them but still could not resist temptation of the yummy calorie laden mooncakes and gave in..

had some new found facts... to me I mean haha I didnt know most baked mooncakes were made from lard... 0.0 ewww so oily haha and you know right one mooncake has about 800 calories with egg yolk even more...

I think I have to stop munching on bread at night..they add to my even bigger stomach..

I know have to cut down on sugar consumption and salt as well.. but I like to drink coffee in the morning and at night =( How am i going to stop this.....

My poor sis is not yet back... she took the wrong bus 169 and ended up somewhere between admiralty and woodlands... hope she can get back soon

Didn't go much place today went Lot one to have dinner with voidy .. we had KFC.. so oily... I had an OR fillet burger and he had zinger.. and OR is actually just a smaller version of zinger with some special sauce.... the Portugese Eggtart I had wasn't that wonderful... only ate half of it 0.0 don't think I will ever eat it again haha... wasn't good as those kind of portugese egg tarts I bought from other places before ..

Feel kinda tired these few days.. Hopefully isn't any sign of illness or anything .. Feel sleepy even after sleeping so much, Must be bcos I never go exercise... =( I think I have to get a new hobby if not keep thinking abt food..

I think recently because we have to type a lot of email in job my typing seems to have gotten pretty quick.. or is it because of chatting on msn. not very sure also .. Anyway I dont have to formally learn how to type fast which is kinda cool anyway

I am just typing gibberish now because I am bored.. lol ok have to go sleep and ponder hwo to lose all the fats haha night night

11:48 PM

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