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Friday, December 31, 2010



SO what are your plans today? =D for me I will be heading down to Sentosa silioso beach countdown because I am soo soo lucky haha I won 2 tickets from 98.7fm on the Longest Lunch Break from Sarah ^^

Anyway Have been feasting a lot lately. Thinked I gained a whooping 3kg or so =( I am suppose to slim down before the countdown ended up gaining weight instead lol.

Anyway I went to meet RL and SX

on 23/12/10 had quite a good time.. we enjoyed ourselves at Somerset 313 the Handburger... =D

SX's Pulled pork

RL's chicken

My Battered dory

hee yummy.. the fries were good too..

and I chose caeser salad

with ice lemon tea.. pretty good deal.. only $8.80 before gst and service charge.. total bill came up to abt 32 bucks for 3 pple.. not that bad... and since both of them bought presents for me.. heh heh I treated them to the meal. bought them chocolates and sweets though but felt bad in not getting a real gift so i offered =p

Anyway we continued with the shopping and went to Sx's house after which we saw her cute baby Zara and her dog Summer.. played with them and my bf picked me up and sent my friend home too..

My sis bought a yummy D24 log cake back .. gift from R =D

yay!! it really tasted very good ^^

On xmas Eve.. went to eat at New York New York with bf

woo yummy mushroom cupuccino soup

Our yummy root beer float

my delicious chicken toasted bread

His Yummy firey fish and chips

We went to phuture afterwards

A cup of hot moccha latte before the partying

lol fake snow which reminds me of yr 2008 which we partied at here too =p

Songs weren't that great and as usual it was packedd...

But good enough we had red wine it;s 1 for 1 =p

and my company was great =D So I had a good time still.. Velvet was cool.. haha manage to sit on comfortable sofa...

the pretty ceiling =p

Our small xmas gift exchange

My EEyore =D

His duck vacumn lol

And the day after went for a walk along Orchard road found something new lol DOrabee.. we had almond milk tea

Ok not too bad.. but it's still a bit different from those kind fo milk tea I had at Taiwan though

And for Dinner we had the yummy Thai Cusine in the food court below HOtel Conrad.. the Green chicken curry and Tom Yam Soup..

apparently cooked by a Thai.. really tasted like authentic Thai food. I would say it's value and standard for money compared to Thai Express.. the Green curry was only abt 5 bucks?? the Tom yam soup too

Our desert Grass Jelly with nata De coco

Some pictures from the Xmas season

right outside 313

And this is my favourite xmas tree =D

Present for my two colleagues

Cookies from my boss

Merry xmas ( don't forget it's 12 days!!) and happy New yr to all of ya =D


12:18 PM

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

yay... another 3 more days and its bye bye to 2010.. bye to all the unhappy stuff and welcome in a new yr of happiness =p and joy ^^

Anyway I think I still want to make a new yr resolution despite so many attempts at having failed resolutions made for the previous years. lol

I was looking at last yr list.. shucks wanted to get my weight down.. still the same my goal shall be 43 for 2011 heh heh =D weeee

been enjoying my long break from work for a week plus already yes.. i know u r envious of mee lol

its only 10.40am.. still snuggling in bed with my cute eeyoree... haha i love my beddd.. bye bye time for shaort nap AGAIN.

10:40 AM

Monday, December 06, 2010

back home.. lying on my lovely bed once again..

Not feeling good but dun want to mention it...

10:30 PM

Saturday, December 04, 2010

So tired...

Attended my pri sch friend's wedding.. not bad the food was pretty good.. was surprised the braised pork could taste tat yummy.. haha and they had fried prawn rolls.. =D The mango sago for desert was very smooth and not overly sweet as well =)

My friend looks so hot in the red wedding dress hee hee... we took a few pictures with her and I realised my face so round again.. omg =( it's hard to slim down with so many nice food tempting me always.. and ZW always bring me go eat and eat and eat...

We caught Narnia ... the latest episode @CCK.. was so so... just find the lion seems good to cuddle very very soft fur haha... we ate at the pontian noodles again.. the poh piah didn't taste as great previously most probably cause the fillings was too soggy =S.. though the prawn mee my bf had.. the soup was very good.. =D

It's a long week ahead.. got to work till Saturday before I can finally rest on Sunday but it's going to be worth it cos I can stay work free from 19th onwards till January 2 haha.... Think this is the last yr I can manage to get off and annual leave placed together like this...

Thinking abt lot of things lately... had a lot of fun lately too.. went RSVP@ BUtter on 27 November with ZW and PAt... haha I won the tickets from SHan and ROss show on 987FM.. it was kinda cool =) free flow for 2 hours.. but course we didn't intoxicate ourselves that badly.. alcohol is fattening.. lol but nevertheless.. I had a great time.. think it's a great belated bday celebration heh heh...

Been listening to 987fm a lot recently in hoping to win tickets to 21 presents.. but its so hard the line cant get through .. sms not picked....

TOok a cab with friends after the wedding today.. the taxi driver uncle gave lot of insight lol.. he said exercising was no point if we keep on feeding our body with all the chemically produced foods.. and we should always stay happy... that's like the one main thing that really keep us in good health.. which I agree is kinda true =)


11:24 PM

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