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Sunday, January 02, 2011

China is really fantastic. Fantastic in poisoning people.

Have you read abt the latest news.. Now they are using rotten grains to make rice noodles by adding carcinogenic additives .. huge amts of sulphur dioxide.. maybe that's why so many people are getting cancer these days.

A huge part of the food imports come from China and seriously we don't even know what they add to the food.. and sometimes even through strict regulations , it's just a bit too late yah.. like the rabbit sweets and the toys =/

Didn't do much today forced ZW out of the house to prevent ourselves from collecting dust at home.. went to Orchard.. and apparently I WAS BEING BLAMED when using his iphone in the car.. -___- dunno how by not using his iphone would have help in preventing something that I don't want to mention again in case he starts to drown me in his continuation of maybe and what if ....

We went to the EwF Outlet located at the first floor in Orchard Central and in case u dunno what EwF means it means Everything With Fries. Not too bad the Menu was pretty normal but they had this meal set going for $9.90 nett. The meal was pretty decent and filling

The drink was pretty small in size though. If you buy it seperately it's $2.50. Looks tiny and being such a camel. I think I can finish the whole cup in a few slurps.

This is the battered fish sandwich and sour cream and onion fries.

The sandwich wasn't that bad.. the fries were ok not exactly the best... Long John fries were a tad nicer.. ha ha but the sour cream powder for the fries were good I must say =D

Ok since we were in Orchard Central I thought I Pop by the COzyCot store located at #02-24, since they were having a 70% off.. but I really didn't see anything fantastic =/

And you know right.. don't tell me you haven't tried Gong Cha.. outside PLaza Singapura.. I still find it really bad despite so many tries of the drink.. and of course we went back to Dorabee to satisfy our cravings for bubble milk tea.. one thing about Dorabee.. the pearls are a bit gooey and not as Q as those at Gong Cha but the tea they make taste way better anyway lol and since I don't really mind the pearls.. they are of too high in caloric content anyway so I try not to eat too much of it. By the way you can choose the sugar level.

Ah this is nice.. Matcha Milk bubble tea $2.90. Not that expensive considering it tasted a bit like Starbucks Green tea latte as ZW mentioned.

Hmm.. my friend gave birth to a New Yr baby.. wow she got herself a nice New yr present this yr =) The baby looks pretty from the pictures she uploaded in facebook. heh heh nice means she can still enjoy her chinese new yr goodies when CNY starts.

and if really u r running out of excuses to be late... maybe u can try this..

10:24 PM

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Went to East coast Park with ZW on 30/12/10. very cool weather =D seems like it was going to rain but it didnt..

There is this new sports lagoon where people could do water sports.. some kind of water surfing..

the water had a weird smell though =\

It was really expensive I think it was abt 35 per hr on weekdays.. weekends abt 40 plus X_X

We were suppose to cycle =X But I was afraid of Killing pple while we were on the bicycle.. so I suggested to ZW we walk instead. and yup he became very naggy and unhappy. =X

I took a few nice pictures of the beach =D

It was really kinda quiet day.. very suitable for strolling ard the beach... saw a lady with two dogs.. haha reminds me of SX's Summer, her pet dog. very cute dogs =D

We went past a skating rink... or maybe I should say Stunt area because many kids were trying out dangerous stunts with their skateboards, bicycles and rollerblades... my knees turn soft looking at them do the dangerous stunts... didn't want to take photos in case u havent heard.. teens nowdays r very rowdy... gang clash any moment ha.

And then we decided to go EAT again..

many yummy food.... crowd started coming in at 6 ..

My fried oyster with egg.. yah we llike the fried egg only... normally we try to aovid eating the oyster >.<

THe BBq STingray which we haven't eaten together in yrs

ZW love it.. he say it's delicious.. I find it not too bad too.. but so oily...

Fried salad You tiao.. not bad crispy =p

This the stall where we bought the Stingray and you tiao...

the stall beside apparently sells very good Satay Bee Hoon.. because they had this ridiculously long queue even before the stall opened.

We were so busy eating the sun set before I could take any nice pictures..

And yesterday... 31 dec 2010.. the very last day of 2010... will miss it so much X_X

Met ZW at abt 530pm.. reach sentosa abt 630pm.. finding the 987fm gal was hhard... luckily I gave her a call on the mobile.. apparently she was sitting at an inconspicuous spot at Coffee bean.. we headed over and got the tickets I won from 987fm.

Then we went ahead inside...

There was this big board where you could write down yr new year resolutions

The party map had 5 locations where you could party

.. the main arena ( stuck here mostly lol)... cafe Del mar.. Azure... Wavehouse.. and Coastes

Many scenery pictures I took =D.. really like the sun setting so pretty

There is this crazy spinning machine which i Don't want to try.. make my legs turn soft looking at them

And there is this Jumping up and down area too wacky.. lol
There were even booths where you could have yr palm readings

and the surprise from 987...

The 987fm dee jays put on a great show.. they were dancing to the Nobody song and I thought Young was pretty cool the way he came out the last few mins to rap =D Dunno why Justin lifted Vernon's A skirt =/ a bit unglam seeing his white underwear

We then took a walk ard... still many booths of food and drinks ard

and some club was trying to lure customers into buying magarita by dancing along with the music..

people went crazy at the foam party.. lol

We bought a hotdog... and margarita... yup they successfully conned ZW into buying a cup of it.. and it was so so sweet too sweet for my liking perhaps.. made me felt even thrister afterwards

haha Took a photo at this carlsberg bottle look alike machine... =D while my devil horns were still in one piece lol.. We went to the wave house... there was this brave ang moh trying out the surf a zillion times..

there was a cool hammock I noticed beside me and suddenly I felt like napping on it hope I have the chance to try it out next time =D

Then we walked towards wavehouse restaurant.. people were having a great time eating and drinking =) Afterwards we went back to the party area to chill out

We caught weird creatures walking ard... One dress up like a mega Hotdog...One alien space looking legs.. and another which looked like a white ghost trapped in cage haha

Then there was this crazy ang mo who got very high with all the dancing he climbed up to the top of the rock and danced.. made me laugh like crazy... I find it so funny I really could not stop laughing for quite a while..

then we danced to the great music and lot of funny people ard us dancing.. there were ang mohs in bikinis and the banglas rush forward to take pictures with them.

The banglas were dancing on the podium.. =|

Someone was so thirsty bought 1.5 litre of beer.


omg... and ended up we have to go queue in toilet a few times.. there was this free limited edition Vuvuzela which I ended up dumping.. it didnt seem to work.. or maybe we were too weak no sound came out when we try blowing into it.

very soon after dancing like mad and trying to avoid the banglas whenever they came close by.. the count down started.. and afterwards the fireworks were amazing..

wish they could lasted a little longer though.. 3.5 mins *.*

So we carry on dancing to the futuristic trance mixed with hip hop and pop =S before deciding to spent another 6 bucks on some 2 scoops of hokkaido ice cream took green tea and mint.. but the hot weather had already made the ice cream way too soft, like it was about to melt any moment =|

and very worth it deal.. $6 for 3 chicken wings.. by the way u have to pay $30 coupons to buy any food and drinks there..

and we carried on dancing.. and I hi-fi a stranger, smiled at some ang mo hunk wearing sunglass. YAH SUNGLASS IN THE DARK lol..

it pretty much ended with me and ZW feeling tired from all the dancing and retreating to get our stuff...

Along the way out abt 2 plus am... saw the 987 djs.. lol guess they partied enough like us too and were leaving

By the way the bag counter was a total mess.. six bucks to put the bags .. not even proper lockers.. and guess the staff cannot find the bags mostly.. and took a long time searching them on the metal shelves.. -_- if anything was lost I think i will scream at them

had to walk a long and dark way out to the casino where we waitied AGAIN for like 25 mins to get a cab....

I think the party was too happening.. my pretty pink horns broken into half =(

Have a Great 2011 first day of the yr ahead.. hope you all didn't have a hangover from too much partying last night ^^

3:03 PM

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